I Walk With Love in my Cells


I have just come out of a time where I was bombarded with negative energy.  It is really amazing how when it starts to go downhill, you are on a slippery slope and your energy slips right along with the negative energy that surrounds you.

The trick is to recognize that this is what is happening.

The other trick is to be able to keep your energy light and white once you recognize it.

I am a child of love and I was put on this earth to spread the message of hope and peace.  I shall come in contact with souls who are lost on their journey and it is my responsibility to be a shining beacon so that they may walk to the light.

I accept my responsibility with open arms and I will always try my best in every situation to come from a place of love.

I slipped a little the past few days.  And I forgive myself.  I am righted and I feel the beautiful light of love in my heart.  My wish is that I can show it to everyone, including the people who tried to derail me.

In Blessitude I walk, with love in my cells.  I know where I am going, in fact, I have never been more sure.

Love and peace to you all on this beautiful Sunday morning.


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13 thoughts on “I Walk With Love in my Cells

  1. Love and peace to you as well Lorrie! We all stumble and fall little bit, just have to get right back up again 🙂 Hope you will have beautiful and blessed Sunday filled with happiness and positive energy!

  2. I think that you found the perfect answer by realizing “when” it is happening. So many times, I put things off that i don’t want to deal with. Thanks for the reminder♡
    Great post!

  3. Wow.. this is incredible. Such comforting wisdom here… We do slip, but we can forgive ourselves, and remember why we’re here. And the concept, this title, to walk with ‘love in my cells’. Powerful! Thank you. Bless your heart! xo Gina

  4. I am stirred with such emotion right now. I truly love this forum and the wonderful people I have been so lucky to connect with. Gina, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the timing of your contact and all the wonderful words you have sent to me. Thank You…Thank You…Thank You!
    You are special to me…Lorrie

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