The Scent of Contentment


Go With the Flow
Go With the Flow

I am all that I am

because of you

I have learned all

I watched and I listened

from the days in the womb

through all the years until now

your loving grace billowed out into the universe

my guiding light

it shines on me

a beacon to myself

always behind me lifting me

holding my heart in your hands

you taught by example

your strength so visible

perseverance so viable

I learned the good the bad the ugly

and I learned what to do with each

to have such a gift is a miracle

to be a part of such love – awe-inspiring

I honor the one who has given me life

the mother the father the light

I honor the one who sustains my life

day in day out

touching my heart with a whisper of kindness

reminds me of the journey I walk

over fields through streams climbing mountains

my heart is alive with the wonder of possibilities

my days are filled with beautiful surprises

that come in a second and leave the most beautiful scent

the scent of contentment

it lingers it creates it believes

it just is





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