Ever tread so lightly

In the landscape of my soul

So that I may walk among flowers

And smell their thoughts


Ever tread so lightly

That I may hear a secret

That is whispered in the wind

That the melody of my desires

Come back to me again


Ever tread so lightly

That all is not lost

That everything plays a role

In the story that unfolds


Ever tread so lightly

That I remember who I am

That I remember who you are

That I remember the connection

To the symphony of colors

That which created the story

In the first place


Ever tread so lightly

Move without sound

Hear with my heart

See with my soul

And know no bounds


As you read these words may you have a memory of the Divine Spirit that you are.  In light of the turmoil that erupts in our midst, may the light of our love and our peace radiate to the injured parts of our world, and let there be healing.


Lorrie <3


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76 thoughts on “EVER TREAD SO LIGHTLY

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring Song! The sweet nuances of those flowers are wonderful… thank you Lorrie♥

  2. We do need to tread lightly and with humility and love! Let us find the sense of wonderment in each other as you have so magnificently written of here! May I reblog? <3

    1. Carol…Thank you…Yes! I’m so happy you are in this energy…and so grateful you would like to share this on your blog. I send you lots of love and blessings ♡

  3. Beautiful pictures and Soulful words. Thank you for such a lovely blessing this morning, Lorrie! <3
    Radiating peace and love to you, dear soul!

    1. Ah! Mary…I am so happy you stopped by and felt blessed. May you walk through the weekend with love surrounding you like a soft blanket ♡♡

        1. Grace is good…I like Grace!! You know Brad…the older I get the more I think our learning is accelerated by the struggles we face…and the more we need to b learn the more challenges (and I mean that from my own perspective.) Much love to you my friend ♡

    1. Hi Hariod! Thank you 🙂 I was not aware…but Googled ‘Yeats tread ever so lightly’ (and have to admit I was a little afraid 😉 ) and ‘The Clothes of Heaven’ came up. Is this the poem you speak of?
      Just finished watching Wimbledon women’s single final 🙂 It has been a crazy fortnight!
      Hope all is well with you, dear friend ♡♡

    1. Thanks, Val! I really love the word ‘soothe’ in this instance. It reminds me of peace…and stillness…the place where we connect to our higher Spirit!! Many blessings to you…I hope you have a beautiful weekend ♡

  4. Lorrie, I have not read your work in a while, and when I read this, I was stunned. I was touched down to my very Soul, for the Truth woven in your words is Eternal. Your growth has been huge, for in order to write words such as these, you must understand. Powerful, Divine, Absolute Truth you have written. Bless you!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Amy ♡ Thank you dear soul!! I am so grateful for your words here…and yes…I have gone through much that has been a great teacher. I know that our purpose here is to learn and to move back to the Divine. I feel it every day and if I can infuse these feelings into words and photos for others to see and hear…then I am thrilled!!! I’m so happy you left YOUR beautiful energy here, Amy! And I hope that the lessons you have hold close in love ♡♡

      1. It brings such JOY to my Heart to know that others on this beautiful Planet have as their Purpose to remember who they are, and by so doing, sharing here on WP that remembering to assist others to remember as well. Bless you, Lorrie, for being faithful to yourself. Growth is not ever easily obtained so I applaud your efforts, dear One. Shine on!!! <3 <3 <3

        1. So nice to see you Amy! I agree with you…we are so lucky to have found a place here to share this growth with each other. It is not easy to move to Truth…to discard what is false and shed the coat of the ego…but it is so WORTH IT!! I send you lots of love and beautiful energy ♡♡♡

  5. Beautiful and profound, Lorrie. Love how you smell the thoughts of flowers, and hear your desires returned to you on the wind. These are the moments when we know we are in unity with everything I think, and you have captured the grace of it so perfectly here. I suspect your last paragraph was moot for many if not all who read this, for by the time we reach there the memory has already opened into a full bouquet!

    Peace and Love

    1. Thanks, Michael 🙂 Yes…when we connect to the energy of creation as one…yes unity. And I love that you used the word “grace.” To me, that expresses this feeling so perfectly. And I am full of Blessitude for the grace that is bestowed on me. Thank you for the beautiful energy you leave here…hope your weekend was wonderful ♡ (and I did get to hit a few balls! 😉 )

  6. Such beautiful thoughts dear Lorrie, and those Hydrangeas are beauties, And yes we must all join together in our prayers and thoughts for healing to the world right now.. xxx

  7. Hello Sunshine, this is a beautiful post, from top to bottom, and most certainly timeless and timely.
    I’m going to go out into the garden now and look at the stars and sing the song “What The World Needs Now, Is Love Sweet Love” by Dionne Warwick. As always, inspired by YOU! Love, Harlon

    1. Please, please, please…VIDEO IT!!! Harlon…how awesome it would be to see you tip toe through your garden singing Dionne Warwick!!! Ok…I got the visual…and I can honestly tell you…IT MADE MY DAY!!! 😉 Thank you so much for your love and support. I’m so grateful for our connection ❤

  8. We are soul sisters. First, thank you for this. Second, a photo’d this same beautiful unfolding most days for weeks yet YOU did, too and placed the most amazing words to the pics. <3 how the simple things become the important and what we can learn from nature.

    1. Oh…thank you Molly!! The words just flow from my pencil…from my heart. I’m so happy they spoke to you. And in so agree how the simple things become important…and learning from nature is paramount! Blessings dear soul ♡

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