41 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 6/10/15

  1. A very striking combination of images and words that create a very powerful synergy – and a very dynamic conclusion. Powerful & beautiful – like you 🙂 Much love, Harlon


  2. Ohhhh, lovely Lorrie. And I like how you used yellow in your text to match the color of the flowers.
    Where was this, that there should be so many flowers spread out across the ground?
    Bless you.
    🙂 ❤


    1. Hi Staci! 🙂 Thank you so much…and yes I did use the yellow text…I wasn’t sure if it was annoying…or hard to read…but I decided to keep it 😉

      This tree was where my Mom lives. I was getting into my car and I saw all these flowers…there were so many more than I could capture with my phone camera! And it just seemed to drop all of it’s flowers at one time…as you can see most of them still look alive. We have amazing flora and foliage here in Florida…there is always something beautiful to look at. I will have another post tomorrow that will give you a different color!! ♡

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