23 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 6/11/15

    1. Yes!! Hariod, it is one of the most strikingly beautiful trees! I can be driving down the road and suddenly one appears and I can’t take my eyes off it (not good if I am the driver 😉 ) The color is so vibrant! Have a beautiful day ♡

      1. I’m fairly certain it is a ‘Royal Poinciana’ tree. It also goes by ‘flame’ or ‘flamboyant.’ I particularly like ‘flame tree’ as it so aptly describes the appearance. ..and attitude!! 🙂 I am not usually in Florida this time of year so this was a real treat to meet her 😉

      2. Thank you Lorrie; I looked it up on Wikipedia and found this snippet:

        “In the Indian state of Kerala, Royal Poinciana is called Kaalvarippoo which means the flower of Calvary. There is a popular belief among Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala that when Jesus was crucified, there was a small Royal Poinciana tree nearby his Cross. It is believed that the blood of Jesus Christ was shed over the flowers of the tree and this is how the flowers of Royal Poinciana got a sharp red color.”

        1. Wow! Hariod, I did not know that and it is an amazing bit of information that certainly would explain the magnificence of this tree! I had heard that Jesus’ cross was made from a dogwood tree and the significance of the four petal flower being the cross…the little red center representing blood…and that the tree would never grow large enough to ever make a cross again.

          Thank you so much for adding here, Hariod! ♡♡

    1. Haha! Love it, Brad…I think we were both responding to each other at the same time…and posting about beautiful flowering trees and herbs!! Vibrating together 🙂 Thanks, Brad!!

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you 🙂 Your confirmation that it is indeed a Poinciana tree let’s me breath a sigh of relief!! It quite possibly could be one of my favorites now that I have seen them in full glory! They are starting to lose their vibrancy just now 🙁 but they make you stand up and take notice! Thanks for stopping by ♡

  1. I have never seen such a tree with flowers of that colour. Just stunning and evocative Lorrie. What a beautiful sight to light up your day as you drive along. Poinciana tree…I will have to remember that.

    1. Hi Lisa! It is amazing how many there are down here. I am in a car and just passed 4 since I started writing this to you 🙂 I hope people who live here take notice of them…it is hard to imagine that they would miss it. Hope all is super in your world! ♡

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