Walk Through the Pain

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Walk through the pain

one tip toe over the line

you are safe

you are loved

Walk through the pain

you will see how nice it is to be on the other side

it’s light and it’s pretty

Walk through the pain

there’s no need for fear

this is the place of great love and joy

the place where your heart can heal and feel it’s self-worth once again

Walk through the pain

and see beauty

the world is full of flowers and rainbows and wonderful creatures

Walk through the pain

there are many who have walked through before

and they are here for guidance if you need them

they are here to offer a hand

offer a heart

offer a blessing

Walk through the pain

and honor the true essence of your soul

you are beauty

you are love

you have the capacity to live the life of your desires

to do

to be

whatever you can imagine

Walk through the pain

and decide that you are a miracle

and you will live up to it!



written 6/8/14

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22 thoughts on “Walk Through the Pain

  1. So lovely Lorrie!! 🙂 I think this poem will find its way into the hearts of those who need to hear these words, and you will become that hand that leads them out of pain 🙂

    1. I hope so Line. It hurts my heart that there is so much pain in the world. As much as I continue to grow, and understand, I am not immune to the pain. And I understand that we need to experience the pain so that we can understand the happiness…but sometimes it is really hard to pull ourselves out of it. I wish I could find the magic answer…the way that we can experience what we need to, but have a “safe” word that can make it all stop. And as I write this there is a light bulb of understanding that WE DO HAVE THAT….. We need to call on Spirit…to guide us…to fill our hearts with love. I understand that and I feel better already. But I worry for those who don’t have that faith…and I wonder how they can be helped. I am rambling 🙂 Much love to you dear soulsister. Thank you for always being there!!

      1. I know what you mean. But compassion born from empathy is very powerful. You can help many. You just need to pick up a starfish and start tossing them back into the sea 🙂 What I do when I am deeply distressed is to go into a meditation. I will simply say “I need to feel loved, make me feel loved” , I keep saying this like a mantra, and then very soon something happens. It is like this warm embracing feeling spreads through my body, and I can sense a presence in the room, someone loving me beyond human love, it is so beautiful and blissfull that it makes me tear up. Then I feel safe, and yes, I feel loved, loved beyond the limitations of my body and this earth. You can try it if you want….I don’t know if it works for you, I mean nobody has taught me this, it is just something I do 🙂 You just need to keep your heart and soul and mind open, and be very, what can I say…..tuned in emotionally 🙂 I think the best thing we can do for others, is to make them feel loved.

        1. You truly are an angel. Thank you for your very inspiring meditation…I think it is wonderful 🙂 And I will try it…I already have…just not in a real meditative state. I appreciate your love and your help Line. And I love love love the last line of your comment: “I think the best thing we can do for others, is to make them feel loved!” Yes…I agree wholeheartedly!! Isn’t that what we all want…it scares me sometimes when I see how far away from love most of this earth’s inhabitants have moved. And it slowly slips away because we first start to lose love for ourselves. Have a really great…well you are probably sleeping like a little angel right now…so when you wake and read this have a really great day 🙂

          1. You know what I am thinking Lorrie, that so much of our focus, our attention, has shifted from inside to outside. In Hinduism it is called Maya, and even though I am not a big fan of that concept, I think it serves a prupose of telling us that if we only live on the outside, if we are only guided by outside things like TV, Commercials, Movies, Muisc Vidoes. peer pressure, fashion, the hunger to own, to conquer material things, to be famous- to conquer people’s admiration, and even to be loved – to conquer people’s love, then we turn our attention away from that wich is inside, our soul, our true guide, our integrety, our essence. We start living from the outside in instead of from the inside out. You know, in olden days, people had stories, legends, to connect them to something that was bigger than themselves, to moor their souls to, so to speak, today modernism as cut those moorings, and I think, that is a good thing, but it seems many people are not ready for that, instead of being free, they have become lost, grabbing hold of anything, something, to find their way back to belongingness. And too many look for a harbour on the outside, not within. The stories they create today to make sense of it all, is about image, adopting a lifestyle, goth, hippie, emo, rocker, artistic, etc etc, something is adopted from outside and then they adjust their inside to fit in. My point is that people today attach themselves to Maya, not to their soul, or to the everlasting web of Love-creation, and Maya can offer pleasures and fun, but it cannot offer Love. And it will not last forever, so people adopt this “Enjoy life to the fullest beacuse it is not going to last forever ” approach, an approach based on fear, fear of death. And a life philosophy based on fear will only create more fear, not joy. And the more people fear, the more afraid are they going to be to dive into that unknown, that soul within. And to love onself truly, I think, there is no other way. Besides that is the whole purpose of modernism, isn’t it? To make us not only adopt a belief system and a set of values, but for look for our own beliefs within, to connect to the essence of life thorugh our souls, not only through a book or traditions. To make life easier, to give us more free time, time to explore the msytical realm, the purpose of life, we do not need anymore to hunt for food, or wash clothes in a river. Modernism has given us time, not to shop and gossip and watch TV, but to explore life, to exlore the purpose of life. So, to sum up this rather long comment, many are feeling lost, and have adopted a life philsophy based on fear, even fear for life itself, and when our life is based on the foundation of fear, it cannot find Love, fear will make us selfish and self-absorbed, it will make us become lost in ourselves. That is why we need to help people feel loved,, not by loving them, but by helping them to find love within themselves, so that life will no longer be based on fear. Only Love can set us free. 🙂
            This is what my poem about that boat on the ocean is about 🙂

            1. I Love this Line! And I agree completely. It is so sad to see children these days with video games in their hands and no physical activity at all. They don’t get out and play in nature and have to use their imagination to make up games while playing with “friends.” It is true that we end up moving as far away from love…of self, of others, of spirit…and let so many other things take precedence. I was feeling lonely and lost ….not sure of my purpose for a few years…prior to my renewed sense of purpose…which is to LOVE…myself first…then all other people…things…spirit! I don’t feel so lost anymore is all I can say!!! Much love to you…I hope this day finds much love for you to have and to give!! Lorrie

    1. Sweet Louise…Thank you! It hurts my heart to see others in pain…sometimes so much I don’t recognize that it isn’t mine. I guess that proves that we are all connected! Much love to you…Blessitude 🙂

  2. Walk through the pain…. Lorrie what a powerful hymn to hope, courage and trust! I love the rythm and the energy of your poem. Thank you, and love to you!

    1. Oh my dear friend! Much love to you as well…thank you for your beautiful words. I know it is hard to believe that we can get through the pain sometimes….but we can…and we do. And we usually learn something very important when we walk to the other side of it. If my poem helps one person I would be so happy. Have a beautiful day 🙂

  3. wonderful walk through your heart, offering us to come with you and leave the pain behind. As you and Line mentioned, that can be hard. This is a sweet invitation. Interestingly, a similar post/ poem was wandering through my mind this morning. I might let it go since you covered it! blessings,

    1. Brad…DON’T LET IT GO!!! Please….write it…I would love to read it 🙂 Everything has already been written…but not by you!!! I think it is awesome that we were in the same energy today…it has happened with Line on more than one occasion and I think it is beautiful!! Much love to you!! Lorrie

      1. thanks Lorrie, but I ended up busy today and let it go. I’m glad that we were in synch. I’m giving myself off from writing today and will approach the muse tomorrow. 🙂

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