Making Waves


It was the flattest, calm ocean I remember seeing in a very long time.  It was crystal clear and I could see fish swimming in the shallow edge.  The day was hot and humid, the mercury rising into the low 90’s.

The stillness was reflected in our mood as we walked and talked.  The beach was full of people walking, dogs jumping into the still waters, a fisherman or two casting lines in hopes of catching something big.

My girlfriend suddenly changed the topic to a very emotionally charged subject.  Before I knew it, we were both raising our voices, the prior reverie was broken.  It happened in an instant.  At the same moment I realized our energy had changed, I also noticed there were waves lapping at our feet.

I told my girlfriend, “Look at these waves.  We changed our energy and we changed the ocean!”

She said, “Don’t be silly.  A boat had to have gone by and made these waves.”  We both stopped and looked.  There was not a boat within miles of where we were standing.  And there was no movement in the ocean in any place other than right in front of us!!

I know.  It sounds a little crazy to think that we have the ability to “make waves.”  But I saw it with my own two eyes. 

The beach had been so serene.  The ocean and the beachgoers all shared a beautiful peaceful energy.  We disrupted that delicate balance with our energy and waves appeared…only in front of us.  Maybe it was a coincidence.  Maybe it was not.

Either way, it makes me think about how our energy can affect our environment and the people around us.  And it makes me want to work really hard every day to be aware of the energy I release to the world!

In these times of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and riots,  I send a healing prayer and beautiful white healing energy out to those souls who are in need.  I pray that we can band together and create peaceful waters.

P.S.  My Father’s biopsy was last week.  Much to the confusion of his doctors, and the delight of our family, the mass in his lung is NOT cancer!!  🙂 

The Momma is doing so well 🙂  She told me yesterday she had to hang up because she had to go to yoga!!!  God Bless her!! ❤

I am scheduled for knee surgery in two weeks 😦  I put off going to the doctor because I thought it was Lyme’s raising its ugly head, but it turns out I have a torn meniscus.  This is another bad effect of this disease…when something is wrong you automatically assume it is caused by the Lyme’s.  You are conditioned this way because of all the times you went to a doctor and were told they don’t know what is wrong with you 😦

No worries…I am working hard on my swimming strokes (instead of my tennis strokes) and I am working hard on my energy and positive thoughts…”I’ll be fine!”

❤ Lorrie 




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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

45 thoughts on “Making Waves

  1. It gives me so much hope for our world to read your positive posts and all the positive energy in the comments. I wonder if water in particular is good at picking up our energy, because there is so much water in us. I also wonder and marvel at the feedback the waves gave you and your friend. It seems the waves’ feedback had a positive effect on you two, as if the Atlantic joined in your conversation! I’m wishing happy waves of healing to you and your family, dear Lorrie.


    1. Hi JoAnne…it’s so good to see you 🙂 I’m happy you liked this one…and I think you are correct about our bodies being made up of so much water!! And I always seem to be so inspired when I am around water…ocean…pool…in the shower even! I hope all is super with you…have a blessed weekend!! ♡♡


  2. Dear Lorrie – so great to read and hear from you – Your positive energy is the best therapy…reading, hearing to music is a powerful therapy!!


  3. Hi Lorrie,

    I loved the way you wrote this. I felt, for a moment, the ocean responding to you and your friend, and it made me laugh. It’s like a huge power tickling the stomach of a cat, the way the ocean said “Peekaboo!”… So gently. So easily missed. So much like this is so easily missed, and your openness to it is inspiring. Glad to hear about your parents, and wishing you the best for your surgery. Lyme’s definitely has the effect you have written about… it causes so many false starts and nagging doubts. It is not only debilitating physically if it gets out of hand, but emotionally as well. Good to have a heart such as yours to radiate light through the fog…!



    1. Thank you, Michael. I wish I could tell you that my heart is always able to cut through the fog!! I have my moments that is for sure 🙂 The really annoying thing is I waited 3 weeks to see the orthopedic doctor because I have had symptoms in the past and all testing pointed to it being Lyme’s. So this time I figure I will wait it out and it turns out to be a torn meniscus!! That is when the emotional stuff can get to you. I thank God every day for the spiritual journey I am on…the paradox is it enables me to handle this illness…but I probably wouldn’t be on this journey without the illness! Life is like that…Hugh?

      Thanks for the good thoughts for my parents, as well. They truly amaze me 🙂 I send you much love and many blessings…and I hope your wife is doing really well with LD. ♡

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    1. Hi Angie 🙂 Thanks so much…my surgery is next week. I am doing all of the testing required for surgical clearance…and more importantly, I am doing all the mental prep work 😉 I’m happy your husband healed so well…and I thank you for sending me your beautiful energy…it helps…it really does!! I hope all is super duper in your world 🙂 🙂 ♡


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