The Soul That Was Placed Inside This Body That I Wear




It lives

resurrected from the tombs

It flies

over mountains

through clouds made of love

It’s free

to break through barriers

that were placed on it

locking it down like a prisoner

in solitary confinement

It had so much time alone

it almost went insane

It stood on the sidelines

and watched my ego rock my world

So many vile, tasteless, useless events

things that drive the soul deeper

into a bottomless pit

the pit that swallows you whole

disallowing contact with spirit




shackles be gone!

The soul that was placed in this body I wear

is now in charge

Thank you for a body to move

But I will tend it with love

From now on the hard shell

of useless hatred is dissolved

And there is free transfer of love;



and given again.




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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

43 thoughts on “The Soul That Was Placed Inside This Body That I Wear

  1. I recently wrote about learning and how our body is a carrier for our brain. But even more importantly as you’ve so eloquently stated here, our soul is the important cargo that manifests in the physical world with this body that we wear. Gorgeous words and imagery. You have a great way with words and we’re blessed to read them. Have an amazing day!!
    – Zac


    1. Hi Zachary!! Thank you so much! I love that this spoke to you …especially if you were kind of vibrating at the same level…you know…thinking about very similar things! I will get over soon yo check out what you are writing! Much love! ❤


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