I Remember…An Odyssey ~ Emancipation

This post is a part of a series of writings during a time of deep healing and transformation.  The following are links to the other writings in the series in chronological order:  Introduction & Haiku, The Funny Thing About Truth, The Journey To…, He Said I Have Anger, The Long Sleepless Night, Broken Arrow, Safe, Alone, On The Verge, Shred, The Thread, Vindication, Another Inch…Perhaps a Mile, Emancipation, Forgiveness

*Disclaimer:  Some of this subject matter is sensitive in nature.  Please read and explore in safety.



When all the pieces are there and the dust has settled

I am able to separate





Yes, I am able to extract the layer of lies

That were told to me

And came from me

And I see the woman who thought it was better to hide

Who felt shame and guilt for something that was not her fault

No…not her fault at all

She was caught up in someone else’s sickness

In a mind that spent many years




I feel that I have connected

I have connected




Like a lightning bolt

It all connected

From the pull

Of a tiny



And the fear that kept me in the dark for so long has dissipated

Into thin air

The child who couldn’t handle the memories

Doesn’t have to

Because the adult she’s become

Loves her

And will take all of the memories from here

And while I couldn’t be there to protect her THEN

I am here NOW

And I AM strong

And truth dispels fear when surrounded by love




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37 thoughts on “I Remember…An Odyssey ~ Emancipation

    1. Thank you dear Hariod <3. I am really good. This recent healing has prepared me for the current road I am traveling. Much love…and safe travels. I hope it is a beautiful vacation ♡

  1. There is something so special in these words you have shared. I will need to come back and read this again. Healing truth can be elusive at times.


    1. Oh, Theresa…I wish it wasn’t …I wish that every soul who needs to be healed find loving grace and ease of healing!! Thank you for being here throughout this journey. Your presence is felt and much appreciated ♡♡

      1. I just had to comment again. I can remember really struggling with algebra in school. The teacher would try to explain the steps that needed to be followed to solve a problem, and sometimes actually got the idea across, and while in class I could work the problem and get the answer right. Then later at home I just couldn’t remember that crucial thing.

        In life we truly need a divine perspective if we are to have peace, but like algebra I can get it for a moment, and then it’s gone.

        “The child who couldn’t handle the memories

        Doesn’t have to

        Because the adult she’s become

        Loves her

        And will take all of the memories from here

        And while I couldn’t be there to protect her THEN

        I am here NOW

        And I AM strong

        And truth dispels fear when surrounded by love”

        We need that adult version of ourselves to help the child in us to cope with those memories (both distant and recent), and to cope with our present issues, as well. Your words were comforting to me.

        Thank you for your kindness,


        1. Dear Theresa,
          I am so grateful for your response. You give me confirmation that posting this series was the right thing to do. My thoughts all along were that I was unsure whether to expose myself (and possibly others.) But all along I thought that if by posting these words, this journey I had, it could help even ONE person…then it would all be worth the risk of being seen. My heart connects with yours and know that I send you beautiful white healing energy through that connection!!

          I spent many years trying not to be seen…perhaps even by myself. But my essence was always there…and I KNOW who I am. And I am no longer afraid to live in that truth. I wish for you peace…and freedom. And I am ALWAYS here…always willing to connect and help if I can. We all have times, as you wrote, that enlightenment is elusive. I think those are the times that our batteries are being recharged…getting us ready for a huge surge of love and understanding!! Much love and many blessings to you, Theresa!! Happy Easter morning…rebirth! ♡♡♡

  2. Yay! This is wonderful! I hope you don’t mind if I re-blog it, to save it on “Loving Me, Too,” and hopefully spread the healing love.

    1. Thank you my dear friend ♡♡ Healing love…that is what it is all about…isn’t it, JoAnne? I am so grateful for the love I am able to feel…it just grows every day!! Happy Easter morning to you. May your day be full of love and laughter <3

  3. Dear Lorrie, I suppose on some level we don’t know each other, yet on another level I can sense or feel, I think (not sure which) that we do know each other. I feel a connection with you, that’s all I really know – I am happy to hear you express your connection to yourself. you’ve connected to someone who is real and genuine, who deserves loves, who is capable of loving; and that’s the same person who I also feel a connection to. Happy Easter and Blessitudes, Harlon

    1. Harlon…I couldn’t agree with you more!! I “feel” it also and that kind of connection is always special! It makes me think that we have traveled together in other lifetimes! 🙂 I thank you my friend for your beautiful words. There were many years that I not only didn’t feel love for myself, but also spent much time in the abuse arena. I am so grateful for all that I have learned and it feels good to celebrate being me!! And it feels good to connect with people who feel so…”comfortable!” Thanks my friend…you brighten my day every time I see contact from you ♡♡ Happy Easter!!

  4. Thank you for sharing in such a beautiful and striking way, what many of us have experienced or are still experiencing at some level. What a journey we are on:-)


    1. Hi Bernadette 🙂 Thank you for your kind words! And yes, we each and every one of us is on a journey…and it is miraculous!! Thanks for stopping by ♡♡

  5. “…And truth dispels fear when surrounded by love.” Fear, hatred, evil…these are all things which are dispelled by love because God is love. He can’t be in the presence of anything which isn’t pure, and so His light “shines away” all corrupted things.

    We are made new in the body of Christ. Raised up from baptism, we have a guarantee of life eternal with all of the joy, peace, and comfort we can’t even begin to imagine here on earth.

    So, fight on my dear! You are cleansing your soul of impurities which are now gone. Believe me, God will go before you and dispense judgment for you in that final day…


      1. Remember, the Lord fights all battles for us as we walk with Him. He has already given us a victory over sin and Satan!

        He will make all evil bow down before Him one day, and then destroy it forever. How much more justice can we ask for…

        Remember, call on me if you need to!


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