Where Is Your Power?…Self-Reliance

A stairway to...

Walking through a dark haze

I turn a corner

On a quest for



I am looking for a reason


And lonely steps

Follow a circuitous trail

In the distance

I see a staircase

With no end

And no beginning.

I see the truth

Which has always existed

It’s my path.

It’s my journey.

And I have all that I need.

I click my heels three times

And say

I’m finally home!

I feel this deep connection. It’s quite unlike anything I have felt before, and I really like it.

I feel connected to myself. I feel reliant on myself. I know that all the years I looked “outside” for this feeling, all the years I thought I was reflected in my circumstances, never brought me to the true essence of ME.

I am self-reliant (this means that I am responsible for MYSELF) – which means I am NOT responsible for others.

I am self-reliant (this means that I am responsible for MYSELF) – which means others are NOT responsible for me.

When all is said and done folks, this is one trip we experience in this earth plane (maybe.) The bottom line is that we are 100% responsible for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) we do (or don’t do.)

When we reach the end of our journey, there will be judgment…self-judgment. How could there not? We will analyze our days here and as our soul gets ready for transition, we will either feel good about the journey, or we will have regrets.

Most will experience a mixture of the two, especially depending on if – or when – they realized the power they have to direct their lives on a daily basis.

I’m feeling quite powerful and ready to take on the rest of my life…How about you?


Lorrie <3


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38 thoughts on “Where Is Your Power?…Self-Reliance

  1. A breath of fresh air while reading this dear Lorrie… When we come to this realisation the weight is lifted… When we understand the Power we each hold within and begin to use it and not allow victim self to rule… We can change our steps as we climb ever upwards in our enlightenment.. <3
    Much love dear friend <3

    1. HaHa…and we even respond to each other in the same moment!! I LOVE IT!! You talk about the weight!! I have gained physical weight over the past two years, Sue…and I have not been able to move it. Yet, I feel a terrific weight has been lifted of late and I just know that I will be dropping the physical pounds soon. I am most grateful for all I learn and I know the timing is perfect (which is PERFECT because I’m sure the old me would have judgment that it took so long!)
      I send you much love in return…and gratitude for this energetic connection <3

      1. Haha…. yes its wonderful when this happens showing us we are all connected… And I know you will continue to feel lighter in spirit and it will soon be reflecting in the physical…
        Sending Huge Hugs my friend… So loved reading this and knowing you are feeling so much lighter.. <3

  2. Sounds like enlightenment. Wonderful discovery to learn we have all we need for our life journeys.
    Onward, and upward with love and blessitudes!

    1. It does, indeed!! Ha! Imagine that, John 🙂 You have been a part of my story for a long time, and I am grateful. Yes!! Tally Ho (not sure why I wrote that…but…I did!)
      Sweet blessings for a wonderful week ahead…hope you both are doing super!

    1. Thanks so much, Brad 😁 I know we travel through hills and valleys…it’s nice to connect on this level and feel really good about where my life is headed.
      I wish all good things for you!

    1. Hi Ka! I’m so happy to hear that you feel this kind of peace…and you are correct…it comes from a different relationship with my self😉 It’s a really nice feeling.
      I hope all is well in your part of the world and that this new year will show you many things. Sweet blessings dear friend💜

  3. Staying HOME is a journey, one that requires focus every single day. I’m so happy for you, Lorrie, that you have come to a place where you are comfortable with you. That is awesome! Every single moment good or bad or whatever that took place in your life has brought you to this place of NOW. Isn’t that exciting? There are no mistakes. There are no errors, just learning lessons. Congratulations at achieving something that so many do not. Welcome to Selfhood!! xo

    1. Selfhood!!! Yes…and Amy…being comfortable with myself…yes! You nailed it. And it feels good…really good. It has been years in the making…and there were times I couldn’t even articulate what I was after. The long journey HOME…is full of love and acceptance. I know it is a place that requires thought/awareness to stay there…I am happy to know the feeling and I am happy to work daily to continue to feel it. Thank you dear heart…I love how you read between the lines and get directly to the feeling!! 💜💜

      1. I can read between the lines, Lorrie, because I understand. You mirror me in so many ways! I feel so good about me and man, let me tell you, that has been a long time coming as you well know. There is one situation of late that I have to tackle and I will do it. A man at the gym who I’ve been rubbing elbows with lately has been telling me what to do regarding my health. I do not want to be impolite but he is of the personality that only he knows what is best. Next time he does this, Lorrie, I will look at him and tell him if he does not stop, I’m sorry but I just don’t even wish to speak to him. I know what is best for me. Not him and not anyone else. I’ve worked too hard to even allow anyone to “think” they can tell me what to do. Uh uh. Doesn’t fly with me. Nope. Not any more! Feels good, doesn’t it? LOL

        1. I love it, Amy! And yes I know you understand…it’s like we are twins😉 I have also had two men in my life lately who think they can ‘bully’ me with their opinions (because of course their opinions are the only ones that count.) I have been kind…because my old way would not have kept peace…but it’s like they are trying to get me to react…and I won’t lie, Amy…at times I want to!! So far I have not…but I don’t know if that will last. So I get it! I would just say to you…and to me…that we should handle it in a way that feels right to us and that won’t make US feel bad.
          Sending good energy…always 💜

          1. I too have been kind, but it is getting to a point I will say something, Lorrie. I don’t like acting like this … it is very uncomfortable. But, I’ve learned to do this in my own home and I will learn to do this, aka standing up for myself, in other situations as well. Sending good energy to you!! xo

            1. I get it Amy. It makes me wonder what is behind this…as we know it is always something that is a learning opportunity. The way I see it, we have both come so far in the self-love and respect departments and we both have men who are ‘testing’ our resolve. We try the route of kindness and it only ramps up. WE are attracting the opportunity to us. I don’t want to go down to their level and act in ways that are no longer comfortable to me…and I really believe that is exactly what they want! Maybe the answer is as simple as stating that we don’t desire to be involved in this kind of relationship…and then mean it. Sometimes what ISN’T said is more powerful than what is.
              I send you so much loving energy and strength to handle this the WAY YOU WANT TO…NOT THE WAY YOU ARE FORCED TO!

              1. Going down to their level is not the answer, Lorrie, you are so correct. If this behavior continues, I will firmly say that I know what is best for me and yes I may make “mistakes” but those are mine to make as I learn what it is my body requires. It irks me that some people think they “know” everything yet in my opinion, that only shows their deep seated insecurity. It got so bad one day that I felt as if I was hounded and literally ran from the gym. That day I just could not handle anything more stressful then what I already was dealing with at home … a very sick cat.
                I will keep you close to my heart as we both figure out how to address this. You do realize this “lesson” is just a step up in us standing firm in our Selfhood and proclaiming this is who I am and sorry you have no right to go there. Yep. We can do this!! (((HUGS)))!!! xoxoxoxo

              2. Amen to that, Amy. I know what feels good…and what feels right for me…just as you do. And I spent many years doing the opposite. I feel now that I will do what is right for me…and it’s too bad if that doesn’t work for them!
                We are strong ass women, Amy. But even more than that, we are women who care deeply and would give the shirts off our back…but no longer at our expense!

  4. Deep thoughts , very introspective and thought provoking. Thank you for your thoughtful words, dear friend.

    1. Hi Lonie! Awww…thank you😁 I really feel a great shift and its nice. Thanks for always seeing the best in me…you make me want to be a better person! Much love…miss YOU! 💜

  5. Ah yes my dearest Lorrie. I am SO HAPPY that your vibration and awareness has reached this place. I’m moving ever closer than before, but still a few steps behind … I shall arrive there during my current experience (this lifetime). To put a little twist on your ending … maybe not self-judgment as much as hmm, missed that lesson – maybe not regret as much as “oops I’ve got another redo coming.” <3 I LOVE YOU so very much. I'm still waiting for the 3 hours that keeps us apart to finally vanish into reality that time is a mere illusion so that we can at last walk upon the beach together and have the deepest of deep conversations my wonderful soul sisTar. <3 I love you honey. It's belated … and I'm not quite sure when I'll be back yet (a few more months just got added onto my "situation") … I just popped on to put up a few tiny words about tragedy and the love is brought forward and wanted to spend as much time catching up with as many as I could before departing from the screen again. I love, love love you! Love, Light & BLESSITUDES to you my very dear Lorrie.

    1. It’s so nice to hear from you, Kimba. I’m sorry to hear that you will still be away for a bit, but I send you all good positive energy to help you move through whatever you are now facing. I send you lots of love through the cosmos and thank you for the love you bestow. Life has a way of moving forward even when we sometimes think we can’t. I know you will keep walking forward…and I know you will get where you want to go!! 💜💜

  6. I agree, to rely on oneself is the best. I’ve actually always done that. There was nobody else sometimes and actually my dad taught me that since a very young age.
    I think we should not get too deep into analyzing ourselves, that can be very problematic and cause new issues with people who are already upset or feel depressed. I have seen lots of people passing away without having any chance to analyze anything, they didn’t even know what was happening. My mom in one of the last conversations told that she could not believe all almost 90 years had passed, but she had to think whether it was for real or just seemed to her. She could at least remember everything. There are also people who lose all memories, and that is tough.
    Internet has caused many to feel helpless. Well, we have everything we need. We just have to open the subconscious mind and try understanding it.
    Wishing you all the best!

    1. Hi Inese 😁 Yes! You bring up such valid points…and I bet there are many people who come to the end and feel the way your mom did! I agree that not everyone should analyze so deeply…that it could be unhealthy if they don’t have the necessary support. I think, more than analyze, maybe I mean to be aware. To have a better awareness on a daily basis exactly what it is we are trying to do…and vice versa…maybe what we don’t want to do.
      I know you are a strong, self-reliant woman…your soul shines through your blog and in the words you write!
      Many sweet blessings, Obese. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your energy 💜

    1. That is awesome! To be in touch with the power, to really GET that we have the control we always yearned for…WOW!
      Thanks so much for for adding your energy here. Sweet blessings 😃

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