There is a light that shines on the depth of humanities goodness.

And until we see it clearly we will be misled down a path of destruction…NO ONE WINS!

There is another way!

A way to banish fear…It’s called LOVE!

We must come together and realize that we all count!

There’s not one of us who matters more than another…

Countries included!

This is a very different post than I originally intended, but as I post what I feel in my soul this is the result.

I can’t get the lyrics: “All we are saying…Is give peace a chance,” out of my head. John Lennon was so ahead of his time.

Lightworkers of the world UNITE! We need to pull our collective light together and shine it so the entire world can see! Do not fear that you are one person and can not make a difference…TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



Lorrie <3


Happy New Year…Happy New Decade! Perhaps I will share my typical New Year Post another time. I truly hope you all feel peace…and love!

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52 thoughts on “WHAT ABOUT PEACE?

    1. Thanks for adding your wonderful energy here, Louise! Hope the New Year finds you full of creativity and that you are settling nicely into your new normal 😉
      Sweet Blessings

    1. Hi Kristen! I don’t know what it would take for people who are so entrenched in the negative energies to turn around, but I do believe those who shine light can amplify…together. Like turning on a light to cast out darkness.
      Hope you are well…and that this New Year 2020 holds miracles for you 💜

    1. Thank you, dear Irene💜 We can shine brighter when we connect our energies. I’m so happy we have connected here, Irene. I send you sweet blessings 💜

    1. Yes, Brad😁 I love “peaceniks!” Sweet blessings to you…I hope the holidays were wonderful and that the new year started with lots of love and peace. 💜

        1. I’m really happy to hear that Brad 😁 I, too, feel so very hopeful it will be a great year. Now I just have to not get bogged down with politics and worrying about retaliation…easier said than done…but I am trying to be in every moment and not worry about what may…or may not happen.
          Always send my best to you 😁💜

  1. You are a kindred spirit and vibrating on the same topic of peace and love that has been on my mind in the face of news from over the world lately. Thank you for your Blessitudes!

    1. Makes me happy to know we are on a similar page, John. Sure wish I knew what to do…it just feels like things are amping up in the wrong direction.
      Here’s to keeping peace and love in the forefront!

  2. I’m with you Lorrie. We, the awake ones, need to stop feeding fear, and instead focus on goodness. It is here, and always has been. Joining the frenzied ones only perpetuates fear. That’s not what we want. And yes, like you, John Lennon’s words speak to me regularly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to IMAGINE. We are the answer to the worlds mess ups. Oh, how I wish we could meet up someday, after all of our years of connection. Let me know if you are coming to California anytime!

    1. I so wish that too, Teresa!! I don’t have any plans in the works…the closest I may get this year is KANSAS!! And that’s not close 😉
      I agree with you…I have been pushing the fear away by concentrating on love…giving love…receiving love! Seeing the beauty in the world as love!!
      Imagine….is also one of my favorites. So funny….when I was young I lived Paul McCartney but as I age I fully grasp what John was all about. I listen to the Beatles often…never gets old.
      Many blessings to you in this new year. And if you ever come to Florida….

  3. A beautiful post Lorrie and your words resonate deeply.. When people begin to understand it is ‘We’ who generate our future by the thoughts and actions we create…

    If we continue believing in the destruction and downfall of our planet then that is what we will manifest.. But if we unite our thoughts in that ‘Peace’, ‘Unity’ of ‘Love’ in that vibration of renewal, respect and reverence for ourselves, others and our planet, our Earth Mother, then we will be amazed at the power we can generate in creating a brighter better future for ALL on this planet..

    But it’s up to Each of us to Unite, Change our own belief patterns and connect in ‘Co-operation’ not ‘Conflict!

    When we can do that, we then bring John Lennon’s vision of Peace into Being..
    ‘IF’ We can ‘Imagine!! ‘..

    Have a beautiful 2020 my friend, and keep that 2020 vision alive.. <3 <3 <3 🙂

    1. Ah, Sue! I’m so grateful for your words and gentle encouragement💜 And you are the second person to bring up ‘Imagine’…one of my favorites! Just imagine…I do. And I am working hard on being in the moment and holding on to that 2020 Vision (which is what my original post was about.)
      I believe as you do, that we need to ‘Come Together’ 😉 and unite this energy. We both know how powerful that will be!! It just seems like the magnification of the opposite is running rampant…and it is hard not to be sucked down that rabbit hole!
      I know you hold this energy so well…and you truly inspire me. Here’s to a wonderful year, my dear friend 💜

      1. That is why its important not to get sucked in dear Lorrie.. Its intended to bring negative reactions lowering our frequencies.. We are all part of a bigger picture than we are shown.. So know when we hold no Fear.. Those who are running the negative show have no hold over us.. Knowing what I do is too hard to condense in a few words.. Without scaring the living daylights out of everyone.. lol… But just keep yourself in a bright bubble of love… Try not to judge what is being ‘played out’, because it is all part of a script long in the pipe line.. But there are those benevolent beings who are doing their upmost to intervene and stop our own destruction…
        Keep positive, turn off the news.. Walk in Nature and connect to your ‘Higher Self’ to feel the peace…
        And keep saying .. All is well in my world.. and you will be surprised at how peaceful you begin to feel…
        We are empathic beings and will be sending our compassion and love in many quarters.. Know as you send your love even into those dark hearts, you are helping balance and hold the vibration of love over evil..
        Much love and I hope this helps a little.. <3

        1. It helps…INCREDIBLY!! Thank you! I feel I know this…and have had many instances where I know it to be true. But it is a pull…a struggle for… truth…? I just see so many things happening all around us and I need to unplug. No news…no internet etc. It helps but it’s almost impossible not to catch some of it.
          I am so grateful for our connection…when I feel your energy…I have a KNOWING…and it feels okay to let the events play out…as long as I keep my side of the road clean.
          Sweet blessings, Sue. 💜

          1. Agreed it is Impossible not to catch a lot of it.. But the trick is not to absorb it.. OBSERVE it, Allow it to flow through you, See how those caught up in the negative, the trauma, the struggle all like you and I chose to be part of being here right now.. And We are all part of that Whole.. In fact they are perhaps teaching us to be compassionate.. They are teaching us Peace, they are teaching us love via their very opposites.. All is relevant ALL of it.. When you look at the world through a different perspective, you begin to see we each came to raise our vibration.. Learning to let go of past Karma, and work our way into loving ourselves.. When we release and let go and see from that observation we can only change ourselves.. But by doing so we change the whole.. So allow things to BE… What will be will be.. Lol
            Whatever will be, will be
            The future’s not ours to see, ( just sometimes lol )
            Que Sera, Sera… 🙂 <3 🙂

            1. Haha…LOVE IT!! “Just sometimes”…I get It! 😉 Thank you. I just got home and I read this right away and it is the perfect thing in the perfect time. Love when that happens…which is always because if I really trust then I know that EVERYTHING that happens is in the perfect time.
              Happy to be traveling this road with you, Sue 😁 Hope the rest of your week is fabulous 💜

    1. Thanks, Val😁 I have looked up to your incredible spirit and energy since we first met here on WP. I know you walk the daily walk…may you do so in love and peace 💜

    1. Thanks so much, Kirt. I have to insulate myself at times from all the news. The instantaneous transfer of news is a blessing and curse. I am grateful it allows us to connect so easily with each other…but then it also allows for a CONSTANT barrage of negativity.
      I send you and your family so much light and love. I hope the new year holds many blessings.

      1. Thanks Lorrie! I learned a few years ago to not watch the news on TV….I scan headlines on line to read up and keep abreast that way…the other is just pure negative overload on things I have zero control over.

        1. Yes! Kirt…such truth. I am doing a better job and have to say feel much better not buying into the negativity. I used to think I had to know what is going on, but honestly…there is nothing going on that u would like to discuss with anyone! So scanning headlines is enough. And other than that I want to live in my bubble of peace…and love! Thanks for adding, Kirt. Hope January is being kind to you and yours 😁

        1. Hahahaha…that made me laugh!! YES!! I remember my mother always said there are three things you don’t talk about…politics…money….and religion. For the life of me I can’t understand why people WANT to talk about politics now. I have a relative who bombards me every chance he gets…I just got off the phone because someone was knocking on my door…PERFECT TIMING!! 😉

  4. YES! I have this quote from Dr. King rolling around in my mind: “Peace is not merely a distant goal we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends by peaceful means.” In the US, we need a Department of Peace. But we can start in our own hearts. There’s plenty of work to do in mine. Thank you for the inspiration! Blessings and peace to you, Lorrie. <3

    1. Ah! Thanks so much, Joanna! 😁 Love the quote…it means so much. And yes…a Department of Peace!! Wouldn’t that be awesome. Thanks for the kind words and well wishes…I, too, need constant work in this area but when I have it…oh boy does it feel good!!
      Many good things I wish for you 💜

  5. I just laughed, but not in a funny way, in an “of course” type of way. You have no idea how often I’ve posted that song on FB over the decade + that I’ve been on it. It’s one of my go to songs. There surely is another way my sweetheart and while I do hope very much that we will be in this existence once it becomes the only way known, even if we aren’t, we are certainly here in this timeline during a major shift in vibration that’s growing more than it has since all of the truth was lost many a millennia ago. Yes fear must be banished, as does greed – though if you pull apart the architecture of greed even that stems from fear. Funny you brought up “COUNTRIES INCLUDED!” I say this often, because it’s my perception and how I feel – how “I” feel, not how my mind feels … “we’re one of the smallest and youngest planets that we’re aware of, within but one reality and dimension among many we are unaware of, and we separate our little planet in our little and young reality into Countries? Into States?” We’re one world (illusionary or real for the purpose it might exist) … it’s one world – it’s illogical to me and opposing to my soul that we divide our one world into fragments as we do – like a wheel of cheese, it’s senseless. How are we to stop the division of all that lives, while it’s acceptable to divide our own world into fragments?

    As I say, live by, perceive all by and often post about – LOVE IS THE ANSWER … including to removing these most ridiculous boundaries of division. The Light Workers are on overdrive my love … we’re witnessing something beautiful happening in the world … but no one can wake up those who do not know they’re sleeping. I’m dumbfounded at times at the mere fact that any are still sleeping with so much of true reality and “truth itself,” in so many aspects is now known openly (one of the very few things I appreciate about technology) – so engulfed in old scripts and broken records to see, to feel … but since hearing seems to be less affected … then let’s keep chanting the song. “All we are saying … is give Peace a chance.” <3 xoxox MUAH

    1. Wow, Kimba! And when I got to:
      ‘but no one can wake up those who do not know they’re sleeping.’ it hit me like a ton of bricks…and then I felt peace and I knew that if I can only live in the moment…each perfect moment…and remember that all is perfectly perfect…if someone is sleeping then he is supposed to be sleeping…then all is right in my world!
      Sending you all knowing…and thoughts of love and kindness 💜

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