The Monster Under the Bed

Better to sleep

So Soundly

Dead to the world

Not a muscle moves

A lifeless ragdoll

Buried deep in candy cane dreams

Floating by on clouds that look like waves

A dog barks in the distance

Perhaps to place a warning

To scare the monster

And make him retreat

Echoes of the yelping

Not sure if they are his or mine

I hope he’s not hurt

I appreciate the attempt

But would never want someone else to feel the pain

I know how to do this

I know how to survive

I am strong

Not strong enough to fight off the monster

But strong enough to live through the night

And to never let him know that I was there!

Healing has a mind of its own. I set a course and out of the blue something pops up…something I though I already “put to bed.” But what lurks under the bed will not be denied!

My job is to face the monster, grab it by the freakin’ tail and whip it out from under my bed! My job is to stand up to the darkness by shining my light and honoring my truth. I am a strong woman who has done much healing work and I will continue on the journey and I will share my truth.

What is looked at in light loses its darkness. What is spoken and shared loses its secrecy and once it is exposed it loses its power. When secrets lose their power YOU gain power. Your energy changes and you become open to the love and support that is ALWAYS available to you.

I send healing white light to you all. May you find the inner strength to deal with your own monsters. Don’t be afraid, and always ASK for help. I promise once you do, your whole world will change!


Lorrie <3


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24 thoughts on “The Monster Under the Bed

    1. Yes, Brad! Thank you. Your presence always feels kind and loving and it is really nice to have a fellow journeyman along for the ride!
      I have recently experienced, myself and through others, love and support when we ask for, and are open to help.
      Hope all is well in your world <3

  1. So good expressed, dear Lorrie 🙂
    It is important to face our fears, otherwise we might never move ourselves and develop into, what we could have been.
    When the not so positive part of the past are knocking at the door, it is up to us, if we dare to open that door. This can also be part of the PTSD experiences.
    In such times, it is even more wonderful to just hold on to our animals. They never judge – only show their love and support.
    Wish you a new and bright week <3

    1. Hi Irene! Thank you so much for your thoughtful, and caring response Irene. It for sure can be debilitating…and PTSD is a very real frightening experience. I love that you said to hold on to our animals…I think they understand what is going on and you are right…they offer unconditional love.
      I hop you have a.wonderful week too…and hope things are moving forward with your plans!

      1. Thank you Lorrie.
        I feel, that my animals have been there for me, every time I ever needed them, which I appreciate so very much.
        I’m moving forward with my plans, thank you.

  2. Dark poem but brave to write it. Life isnt always sunshine and warmth and your words expose that truth. You are a beautiful writer and beautiful soul and i always wish you sunshine and warmth in your life every day because you are so deserving.

    1. Awwww….my friend💜 Thank you so much for your kind words, for your understanding, and most of all for your light! Your words are truth and you are living it…and doing it with beautiful grace. We all have our journey…and i am happy that our parhs have crossed! I wish all good things for you☀️🌻💜

  3. Things have a way of circling around, it’s true. Eventually we integrate them and they vanish… Keep going, Lorrie! And it’s so true that asking for help is actually a way of facing it! It’s not always seen that way. But to ask for help is to admit the circumstance, admit the difficulty, but also to admit it doesn’t have to be this way… It’s amazing to me that amidst our dreams of difficulty, we somehow carry with us the heart of healing wherever we go…


    1. Thank you, Michael. I can feel the healing energy in your words and I k ow that is because of your kind and caring heart💜 If I have learned anything over the past few years it is exactly what you wrote about asking for help. Humans (egos?) somehow prefer either ‘it’s not happening or ‘I can do this myself’ approach. Maybe I’ve learned more about asking because I have learned more about myself and the limiting thoughts that used to hold me back. It’s a wonderful journey! Happy you are in it😉

    1. That makes my heart sing, Georgina😁 What a wonderful journey we make when we can connect on a soul level. Sweet blessings, my friend. May you always feel LOVE!

  4. Such a bittersweet post abut fear – and a state of mind that I can relate to – strong enough to survive but not enough to make monster go away. I try to co-exist with him and get to know him better. Why does he like it here when I quite frankly think I would be hunky dory without him. However through these conversations, but he teaches me about fear and what that is and why he is hanging around. I am just continuing to know myself better – some days are better than others but all days are good. Lotsa love, Harlon

    1. Catching that love, Harlon…and it feels good! 😉
      Do you know…that to this day as a 58 year old woman…I still won’t let my arms or my legs hang over the bed!!! Now, there’s probably some serious therapy that could happen as a result of that statement…but for now…I honor it and I don’t judge it!

      It’s crazy, YES? This journey seems so frightening yet in those moments when I can truly banish fear and just roam around in love I see how ridiculous the fear is.


      We’ve got a way to go.
      Much love to you H arlon 💜💜

  5. The image you create of standing up to the darkness by shining your light and honoring your truth is a powerful one that makes me want to stand up and cheer, YES! We ARE strong women! We continue to heal. Life is full of healing love.

    1. And when we join together with love and light we help each other in ways that can’t be forgotten! Thank you, JoAnna💜 I feel stronger because of your support…and that is very cool!!
      Hope things are going well for you🌝

  6. It’s amazing Lorrie how the path of Courage, strength, and compassion is really through the woods of fear, weakness and judgement. For all of these things are constructions that we make to limit us or that our spirit made from design before we were born. We can not compare our lives to others and what anyone is up against in terms of their healing journey is so unique to them. When we can step outside of ourselves and hear that voice, that call for help, like your poem the dog’s bark… or was it you? You said “thank you for trying…”. I think loving ourselves for all our efforts is important. Walking the path through our fears takes us into great healing power and strength and we learn about transformation. May you always have the courage, and see your strength, know your strength, feel it in the entirety of your being, and on days when you remember that you might not be over something, remember that’s still the intensity of your strength in another dimension. Keep going, keep offering, keep being lovable you. In a way I can understand fear as a regular path I walk, I’ve always lived outside of my comfort zone. There are days when I say “enough” and I give my comfort zone to me, knowing that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I know I’ve served my time. Blessitude to YOU sweet friend 💜

    1. Dear beautiful, Ka! What a wonderful response…and I am so happy that I did not read it until this moment because it is the perfect time for me to have been blessed by your words!! I have been busy caring for a loved one who had major surgery and so I have been off the radar. To come back this morning (oops…afternoon!) ready to post and to find your words was a gift!
      As you will see in my post today (when I get it posted!) I am walking familiar territory and realize that I am “not over” some things…just as you mention above. But your words are like a tonic to my soul…and I want you to know that even though I realize I am not over these things, I have made space to live with them and I take action steps to be in self-love and to heal!!
      So grateful…so blessed!
      Much love to you and your family, Ka <3 <3 <3

  7. We CANNOT process grief without giving it a voice. We have to walk through it, be it screaming, crying, frightening, traumatized – we must feel our wounds in order to heal them – and we must speak of all of our secrets in order to live in our truth. Mmmmmm I love you … you have grown greatly over the past 6’ish years my beautiful friend, you’ve done much work, far more than I. I said mmmmm, because what you shared was so true that it was Yummy. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, my friend…I have traveled through many truths these past years…and I am full of Blessitude for the healing. You, have also traveled…so much…so many things! We all get to where we are meant to BE…in our own time…our way. I will always send you loving thoughts and wishes for healing. Tale good care of yourself…you know as well as I, that it all starts there!! Much love💜

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