The Gift of Forgiveness

A flower blossoms

The essence of forgivenss

A gift from your soul

I had a lucid dream last night. The difference between this kind of dream and all the others that float by on a ticker tape, is that you can feel the soul of the participants and the message is crystal clear.

In the past I have only experienced these kind of dreams when the other participants have passed. To my knowledge, the soul in my dream last night still walks the earth, yet I have often felt it no longer lives.

The pain I experienced in my relationship with this person was deep and palpable. I didn’t understand it, and I felt blocked when I tried to forgive and move on.

When we can’t forgive we “hold on” to our pain. When we hold on to our pain we leave something behind and as our healing journey progresses there is a piece of us missing.

During ‘Lucid Dreaming’ the dreamer is aware they are in a dream state and therefore can direct the path of the dream. This dream was different, or at least it felt like it was. In this dream the other soul felt like it was in complete control and we communicated on a level that did not require words.

The feeling of love, and yes forgiveness, unfolded like a flower blossoming in warp speed. And though my first thought was to question it, I was overcome with such raw emotion that I could not have stayed in a place of ego even if that was what I wanted (which I did not.)

When I woke this morning, I felt different. I felt lighter and I felt like my heart was open and that it could love more! I felt happy. And I felt peace.

Knowing you need to forgive…and understanding how to forgive, are two very different things. I stood in my own way for so long that my soul decided to take over and offer me the gift of true forgiveness.

I send out a wish to the Universe that your soul helps you when you don’t know how to forgive. May you all learn the gift of true forgiveness and the ability of your heart to love more!


Lorrie <3


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43 thoughts on “The Gift of Forgiveness

  1. What a beautiful gift from your soul Lorrie! I’m delighted that you were able to forgive and release the other person and pain. May peace continue to blossom in your heart and life. To roses, love, and forgiveness. Big hugs my sweet friend. <3

    1. Thanks Brad 🙂 The feeling is quite amazing. I have known for a while that this is necessary but I just couldn’t get past the pain. I want to get past the pain…ALL OF IT!!
      I am Blessitude that my soul decided to step in. Hope you have a brilliant day filled with love, light…and possibilities! <3

        1. I’ve done a lot of thinking on this subject…do we try to ‘fake it till we make it’…? Or do we allow life to take place organically…in its own time. I also wonder why we are willing to hold on to the pain…
          Don’t mind me…rambling 😉

  2. What a beautiful post from a beautiful soul <3. I had a similar experience except I was awake although it kind of felt like a dream. I couldn't forgive someone, even though I tried to, and then I saw a picture of him as a kid and I was flooded with forgiveness for that little boy and even his mother who contributed so much to his adult behaviors that were abusive and toxic. They were all just trying their best with what the knew and how they grew up is what the overwhelming feeling was. I'm not free from the pain/anger/sadness, but it certainly helped me move forward and get a better perspective on the big picture.

    1. So strange…When I first read your response it was only the first two lines! So now that I have read the entire response all I can say is…WOW! What a beautiful reminder that we were innocent children…and who can’t love and forgive a child! Perhaps you just authored a strategy on forgiveness!
      The other thing you said is that everyone was doing the best they couls…and that has been the root of forgiveness for me. We are all different and yet we are the same. We should give the blessings we would like to receive and watch as the world changes her energy.
      Thanks so much for sharing this important story of forgiveness…and I think I was supposed to read your whole message just now…perfect timing!
      Hope you enjoy the reat of your day💜

  3. What a beautiful way to forgive, Lorrie 🙂
    I think, that sometimes we need to be ready to work ourselves through the pain, to be able to forgive. This demands time and often also distance, both mental and physical. When we feel ready, anything is possible.
    When I have this kind of dreams, it is not always, while I sleep, but sometimes too.
    From early age, I also had those, when someone crossed the rainbow bridge.

    1. Hi Irene…how are you my friend? You sound fabulous and I can feel good energy from your words.
      I will admit that some things have come up lately that I did have to work through…but what happened last night was a pure gift from my soul. I also believe that the soul of this other person HAD TO BE involved! Our souls met in another realm and I can only wish that they feel the same love, peace, and freedom. And there is is…When I still felt my pain I did not wish these beautiful things for that person. Forgiveness moves energy in a huge way…and i am Blessitude!
      Thank you so much for adding your soul energy here, Irene. It does not surprise me that you also have these kind of dreams. Much light and love💜

      1. Hi Lorrie, I’m okay, thank you.
        Much are also going on in my life, too much to write about here, but I do my best to live a happy life every day.
        Until now, it hasn’t been necessary for me to involve other souls in the forgiving process. I have been forgiving for me, not the abusers, to free my own energy and love, to be able to continue life.
        Love & Light for you too <3

        1. Awww…sending lots of food energy to you Irene! You have such a wonderful response to life. It is not always easy…and yet you always lead with live and try to live the most of life that you possibly can! I am in your corner…your cheerleader! And I agree…forgiveness is for US…not for the other person but the most wonderful thing happens…it ends up being for them too in the end. It ends up being for everyone!

  4. What an incredible gift from your Soul, Lorrie. Wow!! Forgiveness is key to being able to move on with life. I couldn’t be happier for you that you woke feeling so much lighter. May that lightness expand on and on!!! Many Blessings!

    1. Thank you, dear Amy! Feeling “light” is such a wonderful thing🌝 It really made me think about how we squeeze out love when we hold on to anger and resentment. I truly tried to forgive this person…for many years. I can’t possibly imagine why I would want to hold on to the pain…this feeling is much better!
      Here’s to being able to move that energy much sooner…to learning how to forgive much easier.
      Sending you sweet blessings for a wonderful New week 💜💜

  5. Ah Lorrie you hit on something so important “knowing you need to forgive and knowing how to forgive.” This is something I don’t struggle with in I’d say 99% of my existence as well as with others – but there’s that 1% that I know I need to forgive yet haven’t been able to find a way to, as each time I try to they invade my life and bring with that invasion each memory, each feeling, each reason for which I could no longer forgive them and needed to let go, albiet with love. Though I know I’ve let go with love, I also know … if I’m going to be genuine as I share or to myself … that I’ve yet to forgive them. Forgiveness is so important, not only for our own higher good, but for the other(s) as absolutely nobody knows the reasons of what’s behind the actions, behavior or personality of others, we are each swimming through this life against a few waves and some without knowing how to swim at all. My 1% weighs heavily on my spirit, it’s not in alignment with anything I practice, believe in or live my life like, yet it’s a pandora’s box, so it’s quite the quandry.

    That aside my lovely TinkerBell, I am very happy to hear that you were able to find forgiveness in the dream dimension. I agree, vivid dreams as such don’t happen often, but oh how Yummy they are when they do. I’m sure you do feel much lighter, I wish I could have seen/felt your energy when you awoke. I’ve often smiled when things of that nature have ocurred, I bet you were smiling. It’s GOOD to see you smiling.

    May your lightness continue and linger on throughout your entire experience “here.”

    Much love sweetheart – much love & light to you. 💗💗💗

    1. Hi Kimba🌝🌝
      Yes! So what you speak of in that 1% is so very true. And even though we know how much better it would be for us ALL if we could come to a place of forgiveness…we hold on to the pain and continue to wallow in it. Obviously, at least for me, the pain was caused by someone I never thought would do it…and it happened lightening fast! So maybe it has more to do with the fact that we can’t allow ourselves to feel better because we so fear that it will happen again!
      I still feel so very good about it!! Yes…light and SMILING! I was also happy to share this post (It was not in my plans to post yesterday but I just had to share something so wonderful!)
      I hope you are super well! I see you posted and that is where I will be headed for some much welcomed Kimba creations!! Your energy feels good to me. I feel a peace…possibly that you have come to some understanding…and if that is true I am over the moon foe you. I know that the struggles are real and that it is not always the easiest thing to be able to just get out of bed some mornings.
      Much love, light, and deep peace back to you friend 💜💜

      1. Yes my love – I have found a peace within all of the physical difficulties, chaos & more – physically (and more) it’s one challenge and stress after another … yet spiritually, I’ve grown in abundance and live in acceptance, not question – there are no more questions, there is only “that which is.” <3

        I'm so happy you saw my comment, I've been very spotty on WP (anywhere really) since returning to WP, keeping busy, trying to truck on, so the fact that we came on together was, and is, as always … perfectly synchronistic … we have been since the day we met. I love that about us. xoxo

        I'm THRILLED for you to have been able to let go, forgive, share about it and find peace (((hugs))). My 1% is a tad bit different, thus I'm afraid shall remain a struggle far longer … as it has proven to repeat itself each and every time I have chosen to forgive for decades – and the scars and direction of quite a bit of my life were caused by much of it. I try though, I know you know I try … I do pray for them. I know that's not forgiveness, but it'a also a form of love (to me). I do love them, I just can't forgive them enough to erase the pain and stolen moments of my life they have no awareness of causing no matter how many times it's been explained (broken record type of thing). I am NOT happy that someone hurt you at all, but I am happy that it was only that one time … much easier to forgive, though pain is always a challenge no matter how often or what kind. I love you for finding your way to forgiving … then again, I love you for so many reasons, and for no reason at all. <3 xoxo Big Muahs! You should so come to Orlando in the future – not for the parks (I struggle a bit), but to chill, giggle and stay up all night have deep talks about EVERYTHING hehe). Guestroom and guest bathroom is all yours whenever you'd like. I'd love to see you honey bun – the typing thing is difficult when it comes to many subjects we need to mull over and hug out. Love Love Love you so! Thank you my dear friend – sending me love & light is wonderfully welcomed, but the deep peace send was enormously appreciated.

        You are a beautiful star, whether dim or bright, you are a beautiful star!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Sue! I feel so much more prepared to accept those feelings, and that is a beautiful thing! It is a wonderful life, full of possibilities, when we connect to the Duvine!
      Much love and light to you💜

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience and the valuable lessons it offers. I still sometimes go to my analytical mind that has provided comfort for much of my life, but your dream of the soul helps me realize that I don’t have to figure everything out with intellect to allow my soul to receive divine guidance. I’m so happy for you and look forward to forgiving the big and little things waiting for this gift.

  7. Your post gave me the chills. I understand the different kind of dreams you speak about and have had the type where you know you are communicating with another soul. Incredible post and loving experience you have been blessed with! God bless!

    1. Thank you Kirt! So blessed and full of gratitude 😉 It was very powerful and the feelings have not changed since. I believe if I ran into this person I would be able to kiss and hug them hello…and that would not have been the case 2 weeks ago.
      I am happy you have had those kind of dreams…you know it when it happens…and you don’t ever forget!
      Sweet blessings…and yes…may God bless you always🌝

  8. Dreams can give us an “in” and an “out” when we aren’t able to access these movements in our waking consciousness. I agree it really is a gift when we are led through a process and ultimately find greater peace, especially when it’s something that we’ve been working on for a long time. There’s peace in acceptance, (even accepting not being able to forgive) which sometimes leads to alternative ways for us to be reached. I agree with Brad that feelings being allowed to flow helps us be free from them. It’s amazing how we hold part of ourselves hostage when we are tied up in energies based on circumstances and issues from the past we can’t see beyond. Wonderful food for thought here, Lorrie. I feel very happy for you that your soul gifted you with this breakthrough in the form of a dream. sending you lots of peace from my heart to yours.

    1. I can feel your peace, Ka! I can always feel peace from you and that is a beautiful thing! Life can be hard but like you said we make it harder sometimes. I set out on this healing journey over 8 years ago now…I am shocked it has been that long. And even though I sometimes want to put judgment on the amount of time it has taken…I think that, “Hey…you should be much further down the road,” I have to stop myself and go to that place of love and kindness. There is a huge past full of things to sort out and deal with…and at this point I know that it takes place in perfect Divine time!
      Thanks for adding your energy here. Sending lots of good stuff to you! <3

      1. I hear you! I’ve been overcoming my “point of view” about how long things should take. You know, we do that all the time and have return to that place of acceptance and unconditional self-forgiveness and also I think 🤔 remove ourselves from the attachment to what things – what “healing” looks like. What is the goal, but this continuous unfolding awareness that has no ends and no bounds but unlimitlessness in its growing capability to love and be loved. In our capacity as transcendent beings. Much love 💗 Happy weekend, happy flowing….

        1. Ah! Just LOVE your words…thoughts! Perhaps letting go, which is known but so hard, is the key that enables us to move unhindered…to float through time and space and to heal in perfect love. The feelings of peace and freedom are incredible when we walk our journey in this knowing. Makes me wish I learned it all earlier…makes me wish I could teach it to people when they are younger. But each soul is here to express itself in its own time…in it’s own way…and whatever that is…IT IS PERFECT!
          Much live for a wonderful Sunday and week ahead💗

          1. Thank you, Lorrie! I could say the same about wishing I had learned earlier, too. What I realize is that it’s impossible for me to have experienced my life any other way. When we free ourselves of “time” in this way, realizing that “earlier” isn’t even what we think it would mean, we stop dangling these unrealistic past possibilities and open up our future that helps redefine our past, over and over, as if teaching our former selves, we gain more for our futures and those we touch. You are right that perfect is exactly what we end up with! 💗💗💗💗

            1. Much love to you beautiful soul! I just love connecting to your energy…such truth! Life is a beautiful adventure when we realize our role. And even though each person has a unique journey…the basic blueprint is the same 🙂
              The baby was just delivered by C-section! Sweet baby girl <3 <3

  9. Such an interesting dream you had there, Lorrie. I think some of us hold on to pain because we feel we can change what has happened. Sometimes we can’t change what has happened and forgiveness is the way to go. Great message – knowing when to forgive and how to forgive are two different things and when we learn both, we can move on from what’s holding us back.

    1. Hi Mabel! Thanks so much for adding your thoughts here. I never really thought about thinking that I could “change” what happened, but of course you are right…there are so many things that I would change if I were able!
      I’m not sure why we hold on to the pain…perhaps we wear it like a comfortable old coat for protection. Or maybe it is the energy we have surrounded ourselves in for long that it is like a habit that we are not even aware we hold on to.
      All I do know is to work through the pain and heal is the most incredibly beautiful path…and I continue to walk.
      Sweet blessings to you <3

    1. Hi Joanne…welcome! Yes…clarity is a huge asset and I find that it shifts. I guess the key would be to take a look at how our emotions affect it. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a footprint 🙂 Sweet Blessings!

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