For the raindrop, joy is in entering the river…

Travel far enough into sorrow, tears turn into sighing;

When after a heavy rain, the storm clouds disperse,

Is it not that they’ve wept themselves clear to the end?


Must we weep deep seated tears of pain that well up from the depths of our soul, to free the chains; the bondage of our being, so that we can finally be ‘wept clear to the end?’

We are not different. We cry and bleed the same. In the face of a storm with sustained winds of 150 mph barreling towards us, we all feel the same fear.

We all forget about our possessions as we try to find a way to cling to life. Perhaps, in the few golden moments of silence between preparations, we question ourselves as to how we’ve spent our time here, and maybe we bargain that we will do better after this great event…should we get the chance.

The fear is palpable. It starts out as a very egocentric, selfish need to take care of yourself. I watch as angry people yell and juggle position at a gas station because they fear the gas will run out before they fill their own tank. It is every man for himself.

But then, thankfully, I see people helping each other. Strangers who would never have noticed each other before strike up a conversation while waiting in line at the grocery store that has mainly empty shelves. They look at each other with a knowing that we are all in this together and then wish each other safety and well being.

We are all the same. We may not believe in the same political party and we may have very different views on how to live a life.

But when faced with the possibility of sure destruction, of limited time left to live on this planet, all of our differences drop off of our shoulders and fall to the ground. What is left is a human standing naked; a soul doing the best they know how.

Mother nature is in pain and shows us her tears. Life is fragile and our time here is truly limited. If weeping can clear us to the end then I will continue to do my part. I will also pray every day that we recognize our oneness, and that we soon come together.

Hello my friends. Sending lots of love and light to you all…I’ve missed you.

The video above was taken this morning. The ocean is starting to amp up its energy as Hurricane Dorian marches westward. It is hard for me to believe that a week ago I was on my paddleboard in perfectly calm, clear blue aqua water.

At this moment it appears we will not receive a direct hit which stirs my heart with Blessitude!! It has been a tough week dealing with logistics but mainly dealing with fear. I reminded myself that where there is love there can not be fear, but honestly, looking at the radar and imagining what could happen made that hard.

I felt a sadness this morning as I walked along the beach. I took in the sights and knew that the next time I would see it things would look very different. The rough surf has already created a ledge that makes it almost impossible to get to the water.

I saw so many remnants of sea turtle eggs and my first thought was, “Wow, so many nests have hatched.” I hoped that maybe I would see one hatching while I was there. But what I found was so sad…the sea had exposed many nests and the opportunistic birds were served a delectable buffet!

The next shot blew me away. An entire sea turtle nest is exposed by the ledge and you can see a vertical shot of the eggs in the nest. Unfortunately, the two exposed nests I saw were on the buffet and blackbirds couldn’t have been happier. The Mama turtles work so hard to put their babies in the sand. They say that she waits in the water near the nests for them to hatch. And even more amazing is they say she lays her eggs on the exact beach that she was hatched!

I send my best wishes of safety and love to all who are in Dorian’s path. Mother Nature is such a force…one we would do well to understand…and protect. We’ve only got this one planet!


Lorrie <3


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    1. You are so right! I often think about how the animals fare in a monster storm like this. And…I saw a homeless person yesterday and wondered if he even knew it was coming…and what would happen to him.
      Stay safe…thanks for writing.

  1. The Universal Energy has indeed been stirring things up and it has been harsh and very unrelenting. Even though I am not in the path of this hurricane life for me has been strongly hit with high winds. Stay safe, Lorrie. We do not know what the next moment brings and yes life is so very short. BIG (((HUGS))) You are in my prayers!! xo

    1. Thank you, Amy. Feeling your love and knowing you are praying gives me a good feeling inside! I think we have been spared a direct hit…the Bahamas…not so much😥
      Hang in there my friend…we can do…ANYTHING!! We are that strong!!!

  2. Hi Lorrie. I’m so glad to hear that you’re safe and likely not in the direct path. I’m not sure I would want to live in FL, but it’s good to know that people are coming together to help each other.

    Maybe soon we won’t need a crisis to come together. Hugs and blessings my friend. <3

    1. Wouldn’t that be nice!
      Thanks, Brad. I won’t lie…the stress of a hurricane is not fun…but the other 50 weeks a year are paradise!! 😉
      We got the mandatory evacuation order today. It feels like we’ve been waiting for this forever!
      I worry so about what has happened in the Bahamas…there will be certain destruction.
      Hang in there Brad…and think good thoughts!
      Thanks for your care🌝💜

  3. Stay safe and God Bless you, your family and everyone in the path of this monster hurricane. My parents live in Florida and were directly hit by Charlie years back. They will miss the direct hit from this one. They are putting their house up for sale in may and coming home next year. They have had enough.

    1. Oh Wow! I get it…it is paradise most of the year but the uncertainty and the fear these storms create is a lot of stress!
      I’m happy your parents are not in the cone! Thanks for your caring words, prayers, and support! How great it would be if she turned out to sea.
      Happy Labor Day!

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you…peace would be really nice🌝 It is difficult to find a place inside, even with all of my faith, that feels real peace right now. It is a monster storm and I prayer for all who will be affected.
      Thanks for your good energy…I can feel it!

  4. You have taken this harsh reality and the beauty that is in life and woven it together like a tapestry of hope. We do not know what the future holds, but we know we will help each other through it. I’m sending you lots of love and big hugs plus angels to protect you and those you love.

    1. Hi JoAnna😁
      I got a big smile when I saw you here…thank you!! Your loving energy reached its target…I feel you here in your words.
      We have been spared the wrath of Dorian and the energy of gratitude could not be stronger. My heart hurts for the Bahamas…such devastation. That is one powerful storm and she just stayed put…pounding them unmercifully! I remember Hurricane Wilma…it was so scary and it just kept going on and on.
      I think yesterday, when we were pretty certain we were in the clear…it didn’t feel real! So much preparation…days and days of anticipating…and then waiting…bracing for impact. I am Blessitude and it has somehow renewed a zest for living inside me!
      I pray she stays off shore and that you are not terribly affected by her. Be safe…heed warnings…prepare for the worst and hope for the best!
      Much love and light💜

      1. I’m so glad things are calming down where you are. We drove 7 hours inland to the mountains today. It’s the first time I have left my home during a hurricane so it feels strange with family and friends still there. But I’m thankful to have this option. Much love continues for you. Thank you for your support. <3

        1. Sending good thoughts…good energy. A hurricane thrusts us into gratitude…for all we are and all the relationships and connections we have. It shines a spotlight on what is important, and what is not.
          I pray for you and your family, Joanna. Be safe…be aware.

  5. Very good post of enlightenment. Reminds us that we need the planet to survive, to take care and be mindful. Nice closing remarks

    1. Welcome Kevin! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking your time to comment😁 I am currently waiting for a Hurricane tomorrow…can’t help but think Mother Nature is expressing her pain.
      Stay well…and thanks again!

      1. Welcome Lottie. Be safe and well. May it pass safely. Yes indeed. It’s mother nature releasing the pressure we’ve been exerting on it. Thank you to. Wishing you Blessings and wellness.

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