My Power Does Not Scare Me


I stand in my truth

And I rock back and forth

As I analyze the days 

In between my journey of feeling a need

And standing in my POWER

And I say, “Wow! What a ride!”


The awareness was a long time coming

As the landscape of my perception

Born itself in minute increments

Coming down like rain

Sprinkling gently from the sky

Barely perceptible at first

And you think

“Is it raining?”


And then the truth of the power that is me

Shot out like a lightening bolt

And there was a familiarity 

That could not be denied

And a heart that said

“Yes. This is truth.”


I walk through days that can change

Like a stormy sky in summer

And through patches of barbs

That get stuck in my feet

But I know as I plant each foot

That I am walking to the beat of my heart and soul

And the choices I make

Are ones I can not only live with

But I can live IN


My power does not scare me

As it once did

Just as the idea of growing up

Once brought me fear


My power lights me from the inside

Where I feel that connection to Spirit

And I walk an honest journey

Led by the choices of my soul

And my soul will never steer me wrong!


Lorrie <3


I feel such a strong, yet gentle, energy as I write this. There is a peace I have rarely known, and it feels good. Maybe I am growing up. Or maybe I am just growing.

All I do know is that life is not easy. But it is easier when you realize your own power and you listen to the guidance from your soul.

Oh, and it helps a whole lot to have FAITH! And FEAR is FAITH in the WRONG THING!

I wish you all to recognize the strength that lies deep inside you…to really honor your power…and to listen to your soul!

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Sweet Blessings my friends!

Lorrie <3




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35 thoughts on “My Power Does Not Scare Me

  1. Kudos Lorrie. I feel your peaceful confidence and am delighted that you are growing into your power and truth. May we stand in our power (love) and listen to our souls. Hugs and blessings…

    1. Thanks, Brad! I’m happy to share this feeling as I believe we can connect to good energy and it stronger for the whole. It’s funny to me that we would be afraid of how powerful we are…especially control freaks like me 😉
      Sending good thoughts 💜

  2. Beautiful thoughts as I grow older, slip back and forth between those feelings of power and needing to remember to ask for help sometimes.

    1. Oh…for sure! Part of the power I think is knowing when it is time to ASK for help 🙂 And that appears to be the hardest thing for some people.
      Hope you have a Sunday filled with light and love <3

  3. Powerful and insightful post, Lorrie! Your comment on Faith is so pertinent to allowing our souls to thrive and find peace and joy! Hope you have a great week!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kirt 😁 And yes, I agree wholeheartedly…fear restricts your soul. I spent enough of my time hanging out in that energy.
      Blessings to you also for a wonderful week 😁

    1. Yes! It sure does, Michael! I wonder how I even functioned buried under the weight of it.
      Thank you for your kind words. I truly am a work in progress.
      Sending lots of warm wishes your way!

  4. I am thrilled you are at last standing in your power Lorrie.. And yes each of us are continually growing. As we peel back the layers of time that have kept us held prisoner within or own locked emotions.
    Stepping out into our new found energy is indeed liberating..
    So pleased you now find yourself in this wonderful place Lorrie..
    Sending continued blessings your way my friend <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Sue 😁 Thank you so much! The journey is real, and although it has been very difficult at times I would not change a thing! You have been a blessing to me, shining your light to enhance the way, and I am so grateful, Sue!
      To be standing in my power and be able to honor it is such a wonderful experience.
      Here’s to life…BEAUTIFUL LIFE…and realizing we create It!
      Much love to you, friend! 💜💜

  5. I love that you are sharing your journey of empowerment Lorrie because it will help others to stand in their power. It is interesting that we all fear our power yet it is what sets us free. Thanks for your wisdom.

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes! It does set us free, doesn’t It? Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I hope you are correct and that it does help someone. It is such a paradox, but so incredible when we find this key.
      Hope you are well 💜

  6. This is a strong and powerful poem and post, Lorrie, the importance lies within a sentence of these strong words: “I am walking to the beat of my heart and soul” ~ this is just the type of attitude needed to create something special. Wishing you a great day ahead.

    1. Ah! Yes, how wonderful 😁 I am excited to create…ALWAYS! I look back at hard times in my life when my creativity was sleeping…and I don’t know how I survived…not the hard times, but rather the times I didn’t create!!
      Thanks for seeing this…and sharing 💜 Hope the rest of your week is lovely.

  7. What a beautiful, yet powerful poem, Lorrie <3 Your art is amazing too, please show us more of it! Hugs XXX

    1. 😁 Thank you, Tiny! I appreciate your kind words. I will share more of my “Zentangle-esque” art. I find it very strange that for someone who loves color so much, I do black and white art! Go figure!
      Have a great day, Helen 💜

  8. I love this title and message. Fear is having faith in the wrong thing. Yep, I’ve been there and can always use a reminder to put my faith in God, the Universe, and my own power, too. It’s exciting to know we can get better at this and mostly avoid the barbs that get stuck in our feet. May you walk in warm sand and energizing waves.

    1. Ah! Yes, Joanna 😁 Thank you _/\_ THAT is my favorite place to walk…and I am Blessitude because It is available to me! In my experience, there is nothing that a beach walk can’t make better!
      Hope your remodel went well and that you are okay. I know how going through all the “stuff” brings up other “stuff” and I send a giant hug and hold onto you until you let go! I read that somewhere that that is how you are supposed to hug someone…hold them and don’t let go until they do…then you are sure they got what they needed 😁
      Hope you have a great weekend 💜

    1. Thank you for this incredibly beautiful AND EMPOWERING! testimony! I am Blessitude that you have had such a reaction…and that you came back to tell me😁
      I am in deep exploration of what this all means, and will have a follow-up post tomorrow.
      Wishing you connection with your power…and a really fantastic weekend!

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