The Beauty in Nature Moves My Soul


Emotions erupted

Out of a clear blue sky

The beauty transformed in a moment

Touched by Spirit

A moment that would not be ignored

She unleashed a bellow

That echoed through time

Created a wind

That was swift and strong

A motion picture

That would stand the test of time

Stillness surrounded her

In gentle blue

Rays of light

Filtered the pain

And she surrendered

To the seed of Love

That was planted in the beginning


Last evening I went to the pool to do my daily exercise.  The sky was an incredible blue, and the air was hot and balmy.  I looked over the pool house, and I could see the beginning of a beautiful light show.  These clouds came out of nowhere, and Mother Nature orchestrated an intense show, with digital sound included!  I stopped to look in wonder, and a cacophonous explosion rocked the serenity, and saw me fly out of the pool!



Lorrie ❤


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69 thoughts on “The Beauty in Nature Moves My Soul

  1. Lovely….nature truly is the best medicine, or at least complimentary 🙂 We’ve been experiencing some intense lightning and thunder storms and I must say when it comes to special effects, no one can quite compare to Mother Nature. Thank you for bringing your nature to me. Love, Harlon

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    1. Hello my friend!! I somehow read more into your last sentence 😉 and I like it! I have been accused of having my head in the clouds…and it seems that it is one of my favorite things to photograph so I may be inclined to agree. It is not such a bad place to frequent!! Hope all is super wonderful with you, Harlon! ❤ ❤

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  2. Wow Lorrie! What a gorgeous sky and poem. The storm sure inspired some fiery feelings and words.
    Nice to hear you are out playing, swimming and connecting to beauty. I could use some playtime!


  3. Quite superb imagery Lorrie, both photographic and poetic; and I wonder, did you really ‘fly’ out of the pool, or am I perhaps overestimating your powers a little? Go on, you can tell me. 😉

    H ❤


        1. Hahaha! Kind of like the plasticity of the brain that finds other neural pathways…? I WISH!! I did have a dream that I was flying once…just me…I did not have wings. It was so real…I thought I was awake and flying around my bedroom!! And no…I was not taking drugs 😉 And, I am happy to say I hit a few tennis balls yesterday (not very well) but it was wonderful! I am not allowed to “play” while on this medication, but a little hit and giggle is just what the doctor ordered. I have a very, very long road back to competition 😦 But I will get there!! Thanks for the laugh, Hariod! ♡

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  4. Beautiful Lorrie. I used to live in North East Brazil until recently. You would have loved the sky there. It was amazing. I don’t know what it was about the sky there, but it truly is magnificent.
    Those clouds look so billowy and fluffy white.
    🙂 ❤


  5. Such a wonderful poem you have shared here Lorrie.. And what a magnificent display of changing wonder minute by minute our Clouds in the sky bring us.. And you have shared a wonderful magical display..
    Wishing you a Magical week.. Love Sue x


    1. Hi Sue!! 🙂 Thank you so much for adding your energy here! Yes…I love the ever changing sky and the beauty it presents to us….it is like a giant canvas and I see it as art!! I hope your summer is going beautifully…wish I could eat some of the lovelies from your gardens!! Much love and many blessings to you! ♡♡

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  6. Reading your poem is energizing… what a beautiful sky… but I think it’s just a little bit of huge skies within your generous heart 🙂 ♥


    1. Ah! My dearest Frédéric 🙂 Thank you for your super sweet words, you always touch my heart with your loving kindness. I send you wishes for a wonderful day, filled with light and live!! ♡♡


  7. I was laughing with you on this one… I know what you mean about flying. I still remember an incident when I was a boy, waiting for a piano lesson, when I hopped from the parking lot down a short embankment into a creek bed. This is what boys do, right? Get their feet all muddy before practicing their scales. Scales will prove shortly to be a horrible pun, because I landed within striking distance (another bad one) of what I still believe was a copperhead snake. I don’t know what happened next, but I think the world ran in reverse for a few frames, as I apparently jumped directly back out– do not pass go… I’m quite sure a good blast of thunder could scare a hippopotamus into a 40″ vertical leap…

    I loved your poem, too, and the movement of the BANG of the sky into the opening of the heart…

    And tennis…!! It’s all coming together, Lorrie!

    Much Love


    1. Ah! Michael! I loved your story and you painted a visual that I could see so clearly, and that would most certainly have evoked the same response from me!! Oh, and the vertical leap from the hippo….yes…had me laughing on the floor!! 😉

      Thanks my friend, a laugh from the belly covers the heart with love ♡

      I have a few of your posts that I am holding in a sacred place, because I believe I will read them in exactly the perfect time for me. Or, maybe, I am hoarding them, keeping them in a safe place so as to keep you near? Or, quite possibly I am operating from a place of fear because your words always shine a light on truth for me and I just may be in a place of denial right now.

      Well…there…at least I have started the process of unraveling this mystery. I have a stack of your posts lying in wait and your new one from last night. I’m a bit shocked that I am writing this all here, but it is truth and I believe a piece of a larger puzzle that I am currently making a picture out of! Please know that I am here…and I will be there…soon ♡ Thank you my friend…I know you will understand.

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      1. Hi Lorrie, all in perfect time… I hope my posts are more of a gentle turning of our view towards something mysteriously good that we all share, rather than a study in contrast. I’m feeling as though our need for contrast is fading… we’re simply leaning towards truth, sliding the tall grass out of the way to see it a little better… Pointing together, at what is meant for us to discover in unison…

        Much Love, Lorrie, my friend!

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        1. I love this response, Michael! I think it is a beautiful thing, “our need for contrast is fading!” My contrast is self imposed and I am working hard to not work hard! I guess what I am saying is there is some resistance going on inside me. I am in the middle of learning a rather gigantic lesson, and even though I know I will come out the other side more whole the ‘growing pains’ of this one are very uncomfortable.

          Please understand that you are so very important to me. The fact that I would create a distance from you is evidence that I am reverting to old victim energy, because your energy is beautiful and your words always elevate me to new heights of spirituality.

          The good news is that I now recognize what is happening and I will shower myself with love, and that will enable me to shift this energy that used to grip me from all angles. Much love and heartfelt gratitude for all the light in your soul!! ♡

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  8. I like how you shared the two different perspectives in time, both so spectacular, reminding me why my favorite color is blue. It amazes me how the sky can change in the blink of an eye.


    1. Yes…JoAnne!! The same way our lives can change in the blink of an eye! I’m so happy you could feel both dimensions and I’m so happy to have you in my life!! Many blessings dear friend! ♡


  9. The beauty in nature shows the beauty in the nature of our Lord! He is an awesome God and we can only imagine His fullness in talent and love…



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