When Love Walked In


When love walked in

I felt its presence

I heard its voice

And I wanted to be like it

When love walked in

My heart grew larger

My ego got smaller

And I felt happier than I ever had

When love walked in

I felt fear walk out

The constricting hands released my throat

And I drew a sigh of relief

When love walked in

I embraced it with open arms

I held it with sacred hands

And I offered it up to the Saintliest Angel

Thank you for lifting me higher

Than I’ve ever been lifted

Thank you for the abundance of Spirit

the likes of which I had not known

When love walked in

I got really comfortable living in my own skin




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30 thoughts on “When Love Walked In

  1. So beautiful.
    As I was reading this poem today I was immediately reminded of the Day that the Lord came down and personally touched my heart and softly whispered to it, “I know YOU, Melanie, and I love you.”
    My life did a 180 that day and has continued to grow and become more beautiful. That is what your poem today made me think about.
    I love how your words just open me up.
    You have a beautiful gift and I am so thankful and blessed every time you share it.

    1. Oh Melanie. ..Thank you!! We for sure have traveled very similar paths…it’s so obvious every time we connect!! Thank you for your beautiful words…I cherish them and you move me to tears. Bless you, dear soul…fellow traveler!! <3 <3

  2. When love walked in… What beautiful verses and story. I’m glad love walked into your heart. You resonate and share your love so freely, many of us are blessed. Thank you Lorrie! <3 Somedays I walk with love, some with fear. it's a journey for me. XD

    1. A smooch on the cheek and a big hug!!! You are so welcome…but I thank you too…my love is brighter when it bounces off of you!! Enjoy this ever so wonderful Sunday!! <3

  3. When love walked in…
    The repetition of this line gives the poem a very rythm, a kind of pulse… heartbeat… I love your poem… and its message of gratitude:
    “Thank you for lifting me higher
    Than I’ve ever been lifted
    Thank you for the abundance of Spirit”
    yes, gratefulness, it is so important!
    Ah… just another gem of positive and energizing poetry by my blue soulmate 😉 THANK YOU –
    Have a wonderful week,
    take care
    LOVE, and as I’m able to use my two hands, I’ve written a very special HaikY for you

    A Haiky for Lorrie:


    1. I ADORE YOUR HAIKY!!!! 🙂 Thank You!!! <3
      And I am thrilled that you are able to use both of your hands!! I pray for your continued healing every day!!! Yes…my blue soulmate!! Thank you for your beautiful words…yes…I agree…there was a certain rhythm or beat to this one. I'm not sure I captured it visually the way you might have…you are genius at that! <3
      I am so grateful for you! <3 <3

  4. A wonderful post on gratitude, Lorrie! 🙂 You’ve got the right attitude — it comes easy.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you and yours! <3 Peace and luvz, Keith

    1. Thank you so much Keith!! I am still reeling from your post…brilliant…divine! Thank you for that beauty on this holiday weekend! Hope you are in a beautiful place and that your weekend is super!!! <3 <3

  5. Oh, this is so so so lovely Lorrie!!! I adore this poem!! 🙂 <3 You are so beautiful! 🙂 Your journey is truly wonderful! 🙂 I am so happy to be here to see it unfold! 🙂 I am sending you all the most precious Love in the world, sweetest sister! <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh Trini! Thank you so much. I have missed you! I hope you are settled where you need to be and that your energy will continue to shine brightly! <3 I so appreciate your support and love…you are an amazing soul!! <3 Much, much love to your Lil' Sister!! <3 <3

          1. Yes we are. Guess it depends what kind of love we are looking at on any particular day.

            How’s every little thing with you? Haven’t talked in a while…


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