There’s no set time limit
We all experience it differently
Some won’t want to talk about it
Others won’t be able to stop
The relationship is one that has many facets
And therefore many feelings
Be it best friends
Or someone you oblige
There is a connection
That can never be broken
On a day that is designed to celebrate moms
It is sometimes hard to remember
That all of us don’t have our moms in the physical realm
And some have mixed emotions
While there are fractures in the landscape called pain
As a piece of you went with them
You must also know that a piece of them
Stayed behind with you

The unpredictability is what seems to hurt so much, because we can’t count on a time limit for the deepest pain to be over. NO. Sometimes the deepest pain sneaks up on you and takes your breath away.

The other thing about grief is it is not something that ever ends. There’s no finish line up ahead with a yellow tape to bust through. This sad feeling and the longing to see and touch your loved one never completely goes away.

There seems to be a lot of judgment around the way people grieve. Some will be able to move on in what looks like a carefree, non-caring way. I would warn that it’s best not to judge this because we have no idea what this person may be feeling inside. Not everyone is comfortable sharing their grief, and some may feel such a pressure cooker of emotions that they are terrified that if they spoke about it, they would truly burst.

On the other end of the spectrum is the person who, no matter how much time passes, lives in their grief so deeply that they can’t move on. These people are so pained, and they cannot hide it. They are clinically depressed and no longer care about living their own lives.

While these reactions appear to be opposite ends of a continuum, the thing I would warn is that they are really the same. They are soul in pain over the loss of a loved one and they are trying their best to navigate the new normal.

I hold a space for healing ~ a space for healing in whatever time frame someone may need. I’d love to take away the judgment and allow everyone the ability to deal with grief in their own time…their own way.

I do know that it can feel like a piece of you died and left with your loved one, but you need to remember losing that piece only made room for the piece of your loved one that will always stay with you!

I miss my mom every day. I look back and wish I had done some things differently, but on the whole I am good because while she was alive I was very aware that she wouldn’t always be alive. I was so aware that one day she would be (mostly) gone.

I send out wishes of love, light, and happiness to all the mothers out there on this Mother’s Day 2023. I send a warm hug and compassion to all those who have lost their mom, or who had very difficult relations with their mom. It can be complicated.

I wish you peace as you navigate the wily road of grief, and there’s an open invitation if you need someone to talk with – all you need to do is ASK!


Lorrie <3



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6 thoughts on “MOTHER’S DAY PAIN

  1. Beautifully written Lorrie, and it is a difficult road. A love so profound is ever a balancing act, to understand in our hearts what it all means for us. But like our mom’s it is a beautiful thing to nurture ourselves and others on that journey to reach that place within that is acceptance. They will always be with us as you said, never completely gone, in whatever they have left us…good or bad. And yes, even the bad is showing us a journey of understanding so that we can find that love, without it we would be lost. A great post dear lady, may that connection be as it should…love always connecting ❤️🙏

    1. Hi Mark! 😊 Thanks for always adding words and energy that go directly to the center of what I was thinking when I wrote the piece! You are amazing…so spot on in all that you see…feel!
      I agree, good, bad, indifferent…it all means something. It is up to us to find our way with the tidbits we take along the journey.
      I hope you are well…walking your own journey in truth 😊 Sensing lots of love and light!!

  2. Beautiful words of healing, Lorrie! I miss my mother every day – a mother’s love is like nothing else. I will sing a song for her today.
    Sending you much love and light, my friend!

    1. And I am so sorry I missed that song because I am certain that it touched every heart who listened!!
      Thank you, Judy 😊 I miss my mom every day also. I don’t thinknitnis something that goes away. I just thought about all the people who will celebrate…and even those who don’t feel like they have something to celebrate…and thought I needed to write about that.
      I hope you have a brilliant week filled with so many good things!! 😊💜

  3. Hello my friend ! Ah Lorrie, I’ve a message for you from my mother and yours – where they are, they’re now very good friends you know, and they KEEP AN EYE on us……………. I’ve made a nice picture with it but can’t post it here… I’m going to send it with twitter with a dedicace… above all, don’t be sad…………….. much (maternal) love to you 💙


    1. My dear dear DEAREST!!! Thank you for this beautiful response…and I totally get that our mothers would be friends!! It makes me happy because my mom had reasons to think that she couldn’t have friends. It comforts me to think they talk and reminisce and watch over both of us!!!
      I hope you are well dear Frédéric. I will be looking for the tweet…can’t wait!!! All my love and good energy to you. Make it a great weekend!!! 💜🖤😊🌻

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