Life goes on
Slips through the hourglass of time
And everything in between the lines
Things could have been so different

There’s nothing like a Key West sunset. The energy of the day winds down as expectation fills the air – and the next thing you know you see pink water!

As life goes by on a carousel that seems to spin faster than ever, it’s impossible to not look back and reflect on life.

I can see all the roads and remember when big decisions had to be made. Choices…

Life goes on no matter which road you choose, and though you can’t go back and change it, you can imagine what life would be like had you made the “right” turn. And by right, I mean the opposite of left, not the opposite of wrong.

I was in my early 20’s the first time I had the inkling that life didn’t just happen; that at the very least we were somehow in agreement with the circumstances…DRAMA!

We are so powerful. WE decide what our life looks like and then we make choices as we direct the scenes, pull the best performances out of the players, and at the end of the day reflect on our progress.

I’ve been so busy directing and making changes that I realize I haven’t spent much time reflecting…at least not on constructive reflection. I try to make life decisions in a way that will eliminate regrets in the future which is why I have not spent much time there.

But life sometimes presents a magnifying glass into the past and we can’t help but take a look. I am thrilled to say that in reflection of a couple of huge decisions I made years ago, I see them through rose-colored lenses, just like the pink waters of a Key West sunset, and I say a prayer of gratitude.


I read a quote by Leah Guy, who has a course on Daily OM called, “From Self-Destruction to Reconstruction.”

“We are beings always in motion on a planet that is in motion. Nothing is ever the same, although we perceive it to be the same or similar, which helps us feel safe and comfortable. The truth is, we are always moving toward something or away from something.” ~Leah Guy 

Yes. Reflections, choices, and change can be reduced to something as simple as that. We can feel what is energetically and intellectually aligned with our true (truth) persona, and then make a choice to either move closer to it, or to turn and run the other way.

I turned and I ran. And I ended up at the southernmost point of the United States of America just in time for a pink and purple sunset!

Life is good.


I send you a prayer that you will always be able to discern your truth, and that the decisions you make will be ones that not only support you in the moment, but will withstand the test of time.


Lorrie <3


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    1. Hi Val 🙂 I’m so happy to share it. What an incredible sunset it was!!
      I hope you are well. I will be blowing through your neck of the woods…wish I was staying longer so we could try to connect…but I don’t think it will work this trip.
      Many Sweet Blessings to you <3

  1. A deeply profound post Lorrie that spoke to me on many levels. Time is indeed slipping by however it’s true that our choices, thoughts and actions dictate our reality. And when we live from faith rather than fear our world opens up in miraculous ways. You ran and ended up at the southern most point of America. I ran and ended up at the northern most point of Australia. Yes, life is good and how blessed we are! Wishing you more magical sunsets my friend, love, peace and a joy filled July. xxx 💗

    1. Ah – Miriam – I think all that running made us closer to each other!! 🙂
      Oh, that Faith vs. Fear dichotomy! It’s so very real, isn’t it? The difference between the two is stunning in all ways…Physically…Emotionally…Intellectually. I always considered myself somewhat brave, and yet through this healing process I have been able to see how fear has dictated my life in sometimes huge ways. But that is the thing with life – I get to decide that I no longer wish fear to be the deciding factor in my decisions – I totally allow my FAITH, which is larger, to guide me – and that’s a beautiful thing!
      I wish all good things for you, friend. Yes – many Sweet Blessings in this new month also <3

      1. Love your response Lorrie. YES my friend, we’re the ones who decide to take the reins and the power back. Always! xx

  2. Beautifully written Lorrie. I did a runner a long time ago and found myself in the exact same place within myself, but just a thousand miles over there somewhere. So I changed me instead. Do you know I’ve been around the world and never left my apartment block 😂 Great post dear lady, I hope your travels within and without go to many beautiful places my friend 😀❤️🙏

    1. Mark, I LOVE this message! And I am certain that you have been around the world – most probably a few times 😉 Inside and out – as above so below. I touch places that feel so vulnerable and yet so important, and I know I am on the precipice of truth!
      I had the opportunity to reflect on a couple choices I made years ago, and it’s funny to me that I never thought to do it before. It’s like I made those huge choices which impacted great change, and even though there were struggles and times of strife, I just never even considered what life would have been like had I taken a different road. Really looking at it made me realize that I never reflected on those choices, because I never…not even once…thought that I had made the wrong one. And that’s a beautiful thing!!
      I hope you are well. I hope that life shows you her beauty, and that whatever choices you must make are ones that offer you peace and JOY! <3 _/\_

  3. You have so many nuggets of wisdom here, Lorrie – mind-blowing, actually! It is so true that there are many paths. When we are young and inexperienced, we hardly know what our truth will become. I am grateful for everything that has led me to where I am today! And I feel confident that you feel that way, too!

    1. I do, Judy…I do! And I know you do, too. When we are young we think we know everything and as time goes on I realize just how much I didn’t know! But, I also know that I have always had a light of faith that lives deep in my soul…and I have always had the glimmer of truth about it. I am grateful for that knowing…for that connection.
      I so appreciate your comment, and I thank you for always supporting me! I hope you have a super wonderful week ahead, Judy…all good things <3

    1. Yes, Ann 🙂 When I really started to figure it out, it was a bit frightening. Not because of the future and what is possible…but because of the time that I didn’t have a clue!
      Sure hope things are well in your part of the world 🙂

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