The journey is filled
With love and truth from Spirit
Blessed beyond measure

I am Blessitude to be able to walk on the beach again. I always knew it was an integral part of my healing process, but didn’t realize just how much until a foot injury kept me off the beach for two years!

duck cloud
Do you see a duck in the clouds?

It was such a beautiful day. The water was silent and wild clouds filled the sky. I saw a glimmer along the water’s edge and walked over to see what it was. Five long silver fish were swimming close to the shore. As I stood and watched, they seemed to stop and look back at me.

beautiful sea
She was serene…

I started to walk and, crazy as it sounds, they started to swim at the same time. I stopped and turned to my right, and they stopped too! I started – they started…I stopped – they stopped. I thought, “I’m walking with fish!” And then immediately I thought it was better than “swimming with the fishes.” That was when I knew I would write a post and name it ” Walking with the fishes.”

beautiful sea
If a flower can grow in beach sand…

Life has been a mix of love and light, and fear and challenges. I know where there is love there cannot be fear, but trying to tame the wild mind and keep it from drawing concentric circles out to infinity is sometimes an impossible task.

I suppose to be able to feel love and light at all is a huge improvement over my past endeavors. Maybe life is just like that, and it is up to us to see the good – even when it is hard to find.

I’ve been struggling with where I want to go in the work that I do. I have so many unfinished projects and go in and out of wanting to put myself and my work “out there,” and wanting to shut everything down and run the other way. I joined a course that felt Divinely placed in my path. It has everything to do with having a breakthrough and becoming bold and visible.

Yesterday morning I was wavering and decided to ASK God/my guides/my angels a question before I pulled one of my IF THEN AMEN cards from the digital Deckible App on my phone.

I asked:

And this is the card that I drew:

Amen Card

Immediately, I thought “YES!” And I felt so supported by Spirit and loved that the inspiration came from something I created (or I should say that Spirit created through me!)

Then I picked up a book that has daily inspirational messages. It is not one I usually use, but something told me to look at that day’s message. I turned to August 12th and this is what it said:

Your Breakthrough Is on Its Way

A man’s mind plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure. ~ Proverbs 16:9

When I read these words, it felt like a giant gift to my waffling mind. I thought about it all day. I decided to sit tight and have faith that all I need is being offered to me and if I indeed do possess a gift that can help others, then I will be all too happy to share it.

So, my week went from “walking with the fishes” to having Spirit reach out and touch me. A pretty darn good week!

As we move into the middle of the eighth month of the year, I hope you all are blessed with this kind of love and support. I send beautiful healing energy to those who need it. And if you can use a little message from Spirit, here’s a card pull just for you:

Have a great week!!


Lorrie <3


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  1. “off the beach for two years!” Holy cow, Lorrie! I’m happy to see you are able to walk the precious sands again and that good energy is already bursting forth! Huzzah!

    1. Thanks so much, John! Yes…it was a LOOOOONNNNGGGG injury, that every time I tried to walk barefoot on the beach would tweak it and cause lots of pain again. I am so happy to report that I’ve been able to walk and take in all the beauty and the glory of the beautiful sea.
      Sure hope things are going well for you and Cyndie and all the aminals!! <3

  2. I’m amazed that you haven’t walked the beach for two years and delighted that you have that special connection again Lorrie! To walk with fishes and feel supported by life is a precious gift indeed. Yay!

    1. Hi Brad! You cross my mind so often…
      Thank you. I know you love the sea as much as I do. It was hard to not walk on the beach and feel my feet in the sand and the water lapping my ankles! I am Blessitude to be back.
      Hope things are going as well as they can for you Brad <3

  3. I seem to remember you having another connection with water a while ago, Lorrie. It was a while ago, and I’m sure it was you (but I could be wrong… I often am! 🤣)
    It’s great you can walk on the beach again… and you are also taking great steps forward, it seems! 😀

    1. Hi Tom 😊 You are spot on! It was a lake and I saw a shiny object there too 😉
      Thanks for stopping by…and yes…I am moving in the forward direction. Hope all is super in your world!

  4. What beautiful timing Lorrie. I too am now living on the beach, for the next three months. Yesterday I pulled an Angel Card and it was the exact one I pulled the day before. What are the odds? It was all about an idea/creation that will come to me while living here, and future abundance as I was questioning my path. So amazing!
    I love the story about you walking on the beach with fishes. Clearly you’re on the right path and in tune with our natural world. Sending you a bunch of love and a big warm hug from downunder. Enjoy being back on the beach my friend. You deserve it! xx ❤️🙏

    1. Thanks, Miriam. It is when I am able to connect to nature and be outdoors living in the beauty that I am able to feel my most creative juices flowing! And how wonderful that you will be living on the beach for the next three months!! I swear, I NEVER take it for granted! And I know you won’t either. EnJOY your time there…can’t wait to see the photos and read your stories! Sweet Blessings my friend <3

  5. It is a beautiful thing when we are touched like that Lorrie. And we know that we have been touched by the love of Spirit in our hearts. Enjoy that love dear lady, it is ever guiding us within to find us, find a beauty through those many doubts so that we will appreciate truly that love when we find it. Great post, thank you for the share 😀❤️🙏

    1. Hi Mark 🙂 I know you know exactly how I felt! I have a very strong faith and yet to have such a communication still rocks my heart <3 It is a journey...back to us...isn't it? That's what it feels like. I uncover layers of things that don't belong and then I see what is left and if it feels right...it gets to stay.
      Sure hope all is well in your world. Thank you for always showing such beautiful support and understanding. It means a lot! Have a wonderful week, Mark 🙂 _/\_ <3

  6. Lorrie, your post is absolutely inspirational! I am thrilled you are walking on the beach again. I was mesmerized by your description of the fishes following you as you walked. What a beautiful sign! Everything about this post hit home for me. Your “If, Then, Amen” cards hit the spirit for me – incredible. They were perfect!
    Much love to you and keep up that beach walking!

    1. Yaayyyy, Judy!! I love to hear that…it makes my heart smile 🙂 It was a whole lot of fun and so hard to believe that the fish would stop when I stopped!! It was such a beautiful day and I am so thrilled to be able to walk barefoot on the beach again. Honestly, the heat and humidity have been so high that it is the only comfortable place to walk these days. And I can’t believe that tear in my plantar fascia took soooooo long to really heal (that is probably because I kept trying to do things too soon 🙁
      Thanks for being here and always showing such love!! Have a super week, Judy! <3

    1. Ah, Ka!! Thank you my beautiful friend 💜 I am blessed in so many ways…and meeting you is one of them! I hope you are living life in your fullest expression. Your words touch my heart 💜🙏😁

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