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In that space

all by yourself

I try to reach your hand

Left alone to ponder life

Locked away


In a small room

With a small doorway

You cry

And your tears hit the ground

One by one

They splash into the pond

Created by the depths of your despair

I call out your name

And try to break the reverie

Of your mind playing tricks

Telling you secrets you thought were yours

But in fact they belonged to someone else

I tell you

You are not alone

I jump

And I shake

I create a nuisance

In my attempt to get you to see me

To recognize me

To pay attention to the words

That I string together

That I paint on a canvas

That I lay down on a page

A page that is white and crisp


Ready to accept the truth

You are not alone

You were never alone

Not one single moment of your life…

Of any life


Remember the feeling of love

Of connectedness

Of protection

Of life

Reach for my hand

I will take you

I’ve been here before

And I know the way

I won’t leave you alone

We shall walk through the small door

Out of the small room

Hand in hand

And the journey we take

Will be guided by love

The most awe-inspiring love

The kind of love

That will take you



Lorrie <3


Written 10/17/14

The photograph was taken in the Lobby of the Ritz Carlton, Marana Az.  I don’t know the artist to give credit…it was 3D…made out of silk fabric…almost quilt-like….Absolutely Stunning!!

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37 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. Beautiful words, my friend! Reverie is an apt title too! The art does justice to your words while contrasting it at the same time as in the imagery is so clean and stellar, my favourite lines were
    “In a small room
    With a small doorway
    You cry
    And your tears hit the ground
    One by one
    They splash into the pond”
    I can not ‘almost’ but very much see the picture in my eyes! Love for you, Lorrie! Hope you’re feeling healthy and happy! <3 <3 🙂

    1. Oh my friend…thank you so much for your beautiful words and heart felt support! Yes…doesn’t it feel like a small room with a small doorway? No room for expansion…stifled by fear. But we can walk out of that small room…through that small doorway! Much love to you <3

    1. It was soooo beautiful!! The photograph barely does it justice. I wish I knew the artist to give credit to…maybe they will somehow see this post and respond! Thanks <3 Hope your day is full of love!

    1. What you do with words and angles and colors and configurations and all that beauty stored up in your heart, Frederic… blows my mind. Just had to interject. My apologies, Lorrie.


    1. Thank you Julie 🙂 When I thought about what photo to include this one just jumped into my brain…I don’t know how I knew…and I can’t tell you WHY I think it is so…but it just felt right. I’m glad you thought so too 🙂 I was so shocked when I got up close to it and saw that it was fabric…I had thought it was a painting! Hope your week is wonderful <3

  2. A touching and heartfelt piece, Lorrie. I found myself hoping the person would reach back for you… It is obvious you have something important to tell them… 🙂


    1. Thank you Michael <3. You are very astute…I was praying for this person to reach back for me for I felt their pain and I knew I could help ease it. Now I read the poem and see others I could easily be speaking to…perhaps myself included 😉 Thank you for your warm support…I appreciate you!

  3. The picture reminds me of reflections in a pond seen by some one through a blur of tears as they fall. Re-blogging to spread this message of hope and comfort.

    1. Oh, JoAnne! I don’t know if that is a universal “vision” but It Is one that is etched in my memory! I have seen myself reflected in a quiet pond many times…and I know of the ripples created by the tears. I am certain tears were falling as this poem was written. I didn’t understand why the photo went with the poem…now I do! Thank you so much for your kind heart and beautiful words! <3 <3

  4. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    I’d like to go back in time to the beginning of this century and give these words to the me who despaired so deeply. Re-blogging Lorrie’s beautiful poem to spread the comfort and knowledge that you are not alone and there is someone who knows the way out offering a hand.

    1. Dear JoAnne…how I wish I was there to offer my hand. What a beautiful community we have…I am sure we all have this wish…and now we are here and my hand and heart will always be open!! Thank you for sharing my love!! <3

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