31 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 2/13/15

  1. Wow — the photo is beautiful! And your words calming and inspiring. Thank you Lorrie!

    So…. you took the photo yesterday, as in, outside? Like…. it was outside? πŸ™‚ We are still brown and snowy — though much is melted as it’s been unseasonably warm here. Thank you for adding colour to my morning!

    1. I’m sorry! Yes, Louise…as in yesterday πŸ™‚ as in outside. It is spring here in south Florida…although we are in for a cold front for the next week. Sorry to rub it in!! <3. You will enjoy when your weather breaks so much more because it has been away for so long!! <3

  2. Exquisite flower, Lorrie. Nature in all her glory. And I love your thoughts on eternal love. It is the answer to all the earth’s woes. Thank you, dear friend. Love and Light Always as we journey onwards and upwards. β™₯

  3. Such a beautiful flower.. And your words enhance its beauty all the more.. Wishing you a lovely weekend Lorrie, and thank you dear friend for you kindness of visits.. Much love your way xxx

    1. Hi Sue…it is my pleasure to visit πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I wish you an awesome weekend filled with fun things and lots of love <3

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