The sins of the elders
placed just so
in the psyche
of the offspring
destined to endure
the pain that couldn’t be felt
delivered so precisely
like a surgeon’s first cut
deep into the soul
separating truth from falsehood
one side in darkness
craving autonomy
but destined for oppression.

It’s so hard to stand back and watch someone struggle with learned behaviors from generations plagued with dysfunction.


It becomes a merry-go-round that spins, around and around. The same thoughts, the same choices, the same decisions.

You can step off the ride. You can start to walk on a different path. Everything you learned as a child does not have to be the only thing you know.

Yes, it’s easy to keep the status quo, and it may feel safer to not rock the boat. But it keeps you locked into other people’s story – to a narrative that has already been written – to an ending that is known.


Think your own thoughts. Feel your truth and set out to make your dreams come true. Try a new way, for the old and tried does not offer anything different.

If you want a better life, you can’t continue to do the same old things. You have to change. You have to believe that there is a different way, make a plan to implement it, and then follow that path.

My heart hurts for those I see who are locked in a prison and continue to follow the path that was walked by generations before.

I say a prayer for all who are locked in this pain, and I send love, light, and energy for them to see their strength – to see their value – and to always feel love!


Lorrie <3


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  1. Yes!!! It IS possible to step off that train, to think new thoughts and to let go of old fears and ways of being. But many can’t see it and feel locked into a prison of their own making. Like you I pray for and send love to all who feel they have no power to change their lives. Because we all do and can. Thank you for this beautifully inspiring post my friend. 💗🙏

    1. Thank you, Miriam 😊 It was so disconcerting to see this person act in every single way I thought they would…based on knowing the environment they grew up in!! I listened attentively, but my mind was screaming…no no no!! I so wanted to intervene…but my new mantra is to let go and let other people be and do what they need to. Haha see how long that lasts 😉
      Sending all good things to you and yours!! 😊💜

  2. Beautiful post, Lorrie! I could relate to it in so many ways. My parents meant well, but I have done things differently with my kids – especially related to religion.
    Every point you made was courageous. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion!

    1. Thanks, Judy 🙂 I did a lot of things differently, as well, my friend. I’m not saying I was a perfect mom, but I sure hope that some of the dysfunction did not carry over. It seems if there are “leaders” who have problems, it’s impossible for them not to hand down the problems to those they lead…and that works not only for families…but for leaders of all kinds.
      Thank you for always supporting me and being here…it does not go unnoticed! <3

  3. I know people who are still locked in, and honestly can’t see their way out. It’s horribly sad, but you can’t make people see what they aren’t ready to see yet. All we can do is love them, support them, and pray for them. Lovely post!!!

    1. Hi Ann…thanks for your words from your heart. It is truth! I suppose I should be happy that I see it at all. There was a time when I was locked in the same pain, and I would not have recognized it in someone else. So now, you are correct…keep them surrounded in love and pray always. And please don’t take my words to mean that I am completely healed – never to bothered again! I am walking the path and can see a few things in the rear view mirror. 😉
      Here’s to seeing…and knowing…and loving it all!!
      Have a great week, Ann <3

  4. Right on point, Lorrie! It takes a courageous heart to face the hidden pain deep within our psyche. But it can be done and when it is, little by little one gives freedom to their very self. When I see someone repeating patterns I call it “looping” for they I know are stuck on a circular neural pathway in the brain, within their cellular memory, which keeps repeating over and over again. To take a stand in front of a roaring fetid entity that wants to live forever within the temple takes strength to the which many are not willing to embrace. They are missing out on a life that could be filled with such JOY and Abundance.

    I thank you for writing about this subject. Perhaps if more of us speak of it, more seeds will be planted. Bless you, Lorrie, for spreading your Light. Much love to you! xo

    1. Oh, Amy! You know my heart reaches out to you. I know you understand this topic only too well. We have had many conversations about it!! I hope, at least I am pretty sure, that I am different from when we first started sharing about our past. I know I have come a long way, but there is more work to be done. Always more work. But the payoff for doing this hard work is that life is beautiful…and full of Joy…and yes…how about PEACE!! I didn’t realize how much I craved peace in my life until I actually had it. And now it is something I treasure!!
      What do you think is the difference between people who are ready…willing…and able to look at the hard things…and those who are not? I almost feel like for me, I just KNEW I had to change the energy…I HAD TO change my life.
      I know you work hard, Amy! I think of you often and I pray for you always. I agree, maybe we need to talk about these things more… people are just not ready and if you have fear about facing something chances are good that you will live in a made-up reality.
      I will stop rambling…and just say happy happy day…and I wish all good things for you <3

      1. “What do you think is the difference between people who are ready…willing…and able to look at the hard things…and those who are not? I almost feel like for me, I just KNEW I had to change the energy…I HAD TO change my life.”

        Answer according to me: Everyone’s journey is unique and no one can be forced to wake up and do the inner work until he or she has come to that place in the road. I KNEW in order to change that which is around me, I have to first change me. I’ve been working on myself for a LONG time, let’s just say! Some quake in fear and plunge back down inside to repeat again the loops of fear they have been taught whenever Life gives them an opportunity to change. Life however is relentless as is Spirit for they only desire what is best for the individual …. however that individual has a responsibility to do the work, no one else. Most people still do not want to wake for it is a very painful journey.

        When I come across those still locked in their own prison, I am kind, I make them laugh, I say things and take actions to plant seeds, and I love them for who they are in that moment. I do however have very healthy boundaries and will not allow anyone to hurt me deliberately or step into my space. Nope. God put a mouth on me and I do use it when I “sense” or “witness” trouble heading my way. Either that or I give that person a wide berth until I get an Inspiration or that person is through having a fear fit.

        You are not rambling, Lorrie!! There are not a lot of people who do talk about the deep issues, what really matters and when I do come across someone who is willing to be open and honest, it is such a Gift. If you want, email me where we can exchange cell numbers where we can text back and forth and/or email one another. Those of us who are awake deserve to have support around them, and I am just now recently attracting those into my life who understand me.

        My addy is:
        I’m also on Telegram if you would prefer to communicate that way. I’ll give you that info through email if you so wish.

        Sending you so much LOVE!!! I AM so proud of you!! xoxo

        1. Thanks, Amy 💜 I will email you soon.
          Your words here are filled with truth. And also gently filled with important messages…I see them clearly!! And I thank you for that 🥰
          I think the soul…the true authenticity of our being…drives the quest for healing. I grew up in a family that did not formally have religion…and yet I knew God and I wanted to be close with Spirit. How did I even have an inkling…? Because my soul knew!
          So we travel through our lives and we can be a creator or we can be a victim of circumstances. Knowing we are that powerful can be a frightening prospect for some…and maybe that is why they never get to the point where they KNOW they have to change. All I do know is that it has always been very hard for me when people can’t see what I see. I spent many of my younger years trying so hard to help them see. Now I know that every single person is on their own journey, and while I will ALWAYS help if I am asked, I need to let go of trying to help people see. So, I think my blog has become something that I just put out there whatever insights or ideas I have, and it will resonate with some…and not with others.
          It’s a beautiful thing when it resonates on a level of truth, like I feel this did with you! Thank you for sharing your soul, for sharing your wisdom, for connecting so authentically!!
          Have a beautifully blessed week (end) and keep dancing to the beat of your own drummer!!

          1. I too, Lorrie, have let go of the frustration regarding people who do not see how I do, nor do most think outside of the box as I do. It took me a very long time to just let it go and still to this day when I’ve come through a major “spiritual growth spurt” and reconnect with some who I know are on the same wavelength or at least parallel to mine, and then we don’t connect, it can become disconcerting. This in fact happened today which came as a shock as I “felt” the openness that is normally there, gone. I came home feeling drained and very quiet, which I will be until I can work through this. It is wise to understand that each journey is unique and those who were open with me will be again when it is time for them.

            It makes for such a lonely journey at times for I wish to talk about what I am learning, talk about what I am feeling, and share what I have to share and then to feel the blessed freedom of an open heart. I’ve pulled way back on blogging due to this last phase of my journey that lasted months that had me reeling and depleted. I went to depths within where I hit the Core which is the most difficult to face. I also had to come to a realization that I do not have the ability to pull others along …. they have to do the work themselves. It is so freeing to accept everyone for who they are in that very moment. At times it is nearly impossible, I know.

            I am having a blessed week, thank you!!! I took a leap into new as I allowed my hair stylist put light pink highlights in my hair. At my age? LOL I told everyone there to ignore the number and see the kid. Yep, I’m still a kid at heart. SMILE xoxo

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