Thanks For All Things


As I can not see into the future,

or “plan” a perfect life

The best I can do is give thanks,

for everything I see

Ban judgment on the superlatives

Walk the path that is guided by love

Revel in the beauty that surrounds me

and find a silver lining in every struggle

For it will exist if you shine a light on it

If you train your brain to frame it with purpose

See it with eyes that are accustomed to the light

And hold your faith close to your heart

If you can believe that every event,

every thought,

every struggle,

every victory,

walks you forward

You will see that in the light of acceptance 

the soul delivers its best work.


Lorrie <3


On this eve of Thanksgiving, I am humbled and I am Blessitude!

Life has been full of pain and struggle of late, and yet I feel an energy of renewal, a transformation, a breaking free from the chrysalis of pain from the past.

Standing on the brink of once again going silent in my life, I felt my soul struggling to break free as it begged me not to succumb to old stories that felt embedded in my DNA.

I am not yet sure what it means, or where it will lead me, but I am excited to find out!

I send the warmest Thanksgiving Greetings your way and wish you all a Holiday Season filled with light, love, peace, and harmony! <3


I looked back at a poem I had written on 8/15/12 called, “It’s Okay to Remember.”  I can feel the healing I have experienced over the past 6 years and it strengthens my resolve that I am on the right path!  Sweet Blessings my friends!

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33 thoughts on “Thanks For All Things

  1. Dear Lorrie, this is absolutely beautiful and the words connected and uplifted me. In particular you reminded me to see the silver lining in any struggle. And then you said many more magical ideas and a wow moment for me: You will see that in the light of acceptance the soul delivers its best work. Thanks for reminding me and expanding on how I can think about things. Wishing you the best of things, much love, Harlon

    1. Ah! Harlon!! What a wonderful gift to see you here and to read your words which made my heart smile! It has been a difficult time, one I know you understand too well, and I have been struggling with how to process it all. I have never been so silent here on my blog and I was worried that my soul writing would continue a long term absence. I am Blessitude that I “needed” to write today and share it here…and I am so grateful for your words and our connection <3 I know "Thanksgiving Day" is traditionally an American holiday…but I don't see a problem wishing it to the world! So, Happy Thanksgiving, Harlon. I pray you have continued healing…much love <3

    1. Thank you so much, Ka!!! I’m so grateful for your loving heart and kind soul…I can feel the love you send 🙂 It is a beautiful feeling to have this connection and I am grateful for your support.

      Many Sweet Blessings to you on this wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!!! Peace & Light to you, Ka! <3 <3

  2. Beautiful words Lorrie. Thank you. They gave me much to think about too. I too love the quote,
    “You will see in the light of acceptance the soul delivers its best work.” Wow. That really means something to me today as I’m spending Thanksgiving without family for the first time this year. I’m grateful for your insights and I will pray about this. Seems like I need to. Thank you.

    1. You are so welcome and I’m happy that you felt a message delivered here, Linda. Isn’t it funny how we can touch each other’s lives this way…

      I send you peace as you navigate the holiday without family. The holidays seem to hold a melancholy place if they can’t be shared with those we love. I am certain you have special memories that will warm your heart. Many blessings to you…thanks for reaching out <3

  3. In the light of acceptance the soul delivers its best work. What an honor to be on such a similar wave today! I’m glad you are listening to your soul and I envision you creating new stories of hope and happiness. Wishing you peace and deep love, dear Lorrie. Many thanks for your blessed journey as it crosses paths with my own.

    1. It’s a beautiful thing, JoAnna 🙂 I am so grateful to have this connection…and I have missed being here. It feels a lot like coming home and I hope to be more present. Thanks so much for the good wishes…and the thoughts of ‘new stories of hope and happiness!’
      Hope that you are well and that your Thanksgiving will be spent with loved ones and good times!

    1. Hi dear Maggie 🙂 I visited today and wanted to write to you…but I didn’t see a place for comments so I am so happy to be able to wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving!!! I just loved your photos, too!
      Thanks so much for always being a source of great love and support <3

      1. Thank you sweet Lorrie for the visit and wish. I don’t have comments open on my picture blog. I do allow comments on my other blog though. There is a link to that blog at the bottom of the picture blog. Love and hugs

  4. I’m glad you’ve found your inner strength in the midst of challenges Lorrie. You and your attitude inspire me. May you thrive and flourish with spirals of gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Brad! How are you my friend? Awww…thanks so much for such kind sentiments. I am grateful to be back and it is so nice to see you. I hope that things are going well for you and that you have a super wonderful Thanksgiving! Here’s to good energy around the holidays 😁
      Blessings 💜

    1. Hi Marlene😁 It is the only way!!
      Thanks so much…I just wrote to you on your blog😉 I spent Thanksgiving driving 12 hours in a car…and a homemade meal in a hotel room (nothing was open!) And it WAS AWESOME!! Many blessings…I hope you are well. Hard to believe we are full into this holiday season…went so fast…and even though I have learned so much cant say I will be sad to see 2018 be ushered out!

      1. I’m not sure why you had to spend hrs driving on Thanksgiving but glad you were safe wherever you were headed. The holidays cause time to contract rather than expand so the rush is on. I don’t shop but make things from what I have here. Time gets away from me a bit. Hope you are doing well, also. Hugs.

        1. Thanks Marlene😁
          I had to drive 2400 miles…1200 each way…in less than a week! It was exhausting, but the trip was successful. Life has delivered quite a few challenges for me to walk through. I’ve been wandering around in a cloud reacting to what is in front of me and I have lost a bit of connection. I hear what you are saying about the holidays causing time to contract so it feels a little more urgent that I find the connection with my soul.
          Awareness is the first step…yes? It does not surprise me that I find myself here as we wrap up another year…a time of reflection…a time of change.
          Many blessings to you…and I hope you will post photos of all that you create😁
          Much love and a big hug!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂
      It’s a theme I have been working on for some time now. It is easy to get bogged down in the negative events…much harder to be grateful during the tough times.
      I send you many blessings and will stop by soon. From your name, it seems we have much in common 😉

  5. Dear Lorrie,
    This is a beautiful read. As always, your words speaks to me and it lifts my spirits. Keep writing, my friend, as you touch many more with your sincerity and love. x

    1. I’m so grateful for your kind words this morning, Georgina! You remind me that kind words can touch a person right smack in the middle of their heart!!

      I hope this holiday weekend finds your surrounded by the beautiful energy of love <3

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