thinking, planning, showing, doing

prying, looking, catching, throwing

starting, stopping, feeling, sinking

swimming, running, walking, falling

acting, crying, chasing, fearing

grabbing, forcing, kicking, screaming

packing, waiting, playing, aching

giving, feeding, cleaning, missing

cheering, seeing, hearing, fixing

jumping, swearing, ranting, raving

rowing, swinging, turning, training

guessing, wishing, talking, drowning

bearing, growing, digging, checking

fighting, filling, washing, sinking

glancing, harming, grabbing, beating

healing, helping, joining, meeting

napping, owning, pausing, quitting

riding, ruling, thanking, seeking

sending, teaching, saving, choosing

warning, yielding, weighing, using



Lorrie <3


I have been so caught up in DOING that I haven’t had enough BEING in my life.

I remember the first time I heard the saying, “She’s a human DOING, not a human BEING!”

It’s easy to get caught up in life and its challenges, and all the tasks we need to do. We can get so busy DOING we forget about our dreams and they take a back seat for so long we almost forget about them!

If you have been so enmeshed in the responsibilities of life and have forgotten your soul’s purpose, then This Blessing’s for You!

May you feel a gentle breeze cross your skin

Under the canopy of an azure sky

Hear a bird’s song carried gently on the wind

As it brings your mind to the vast possibilities 

Of the dreams that live in your soul

May you meet each day with a smile in your heart

As you fulfill obligations to self and others

Always knowing it is not selfish to take care of yourself first

May you have integration of mind, body, and spirit

And be attuned to healing at the highest level

And in the process of unveiling your truth

And following your dreams

May you always have the courage

To explore the depths of your own BEING



Sweet Blessings on this beautiful Sunday.


For further reading and encouragement to follow your dreams, read “The Essence of Your Dreams” HERE.

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40 thoughts on “Just BEING

        1. Thanks, Ka! It was funny how they just came spewing out…I pretty much left them that way without much editing.
          Enjoy BEING and DOING…It sounds like you have mastered the ability to do both!! 😉
          Thank you!!!

  1. I like your thinking here, Lorrie, and very good timing with summer coming to the end ~ along with the changes autumn brings. This is a very Daoist saying 🙂 Wishing you well.

    1. Ah! I’m so happy you feel the energy Randall! And thanks for adding your peaceful vibes here. I am well and looking forward to some deep relaxation and BEING as I have a wonderful vacation pending 😁
      Sending love and light and wishes of peace💜

  2. I can relate to a lot of what you say in this post. Love the tree photo and love your writing. What a wonderful, sweet blessing…thank you sweet Lorrie. Love, hugs and blessings to you hoping the new week and new season drawing near brings you much happiness and joy.

    1. Thank you so much, Maggie! 🙂 I look forward to this week…as it is a vacation week…and I really like vacations!
      I’m happy you felt the blessing and thank you for your kind words. I have to write…and I never know when or what…it just sort of comes over me.
      Historically the Fall and ensuing Winter used to make me feel a little sad…I’m working on that.
      I hope that you are better than terrific and that you, too, have a blessed week!

  3. Such a revelation… When we stop Do-ing and start BE-ing..
    Loved your thoughts and poem..
    And the last poem took to that place of stillness..
    I hope you remain in that BE-ing of stillness and Peace too Lorrie..
    Loved reading this post…

    Take care my friend and have a beautiful week Just BEING YOU… <3

    1. Hi Sue…sorry for the late reply. Life had a giant detour and I am just beginning to uncover myself and try to get back to some kind of normal.
      I’m happy you saw this one…it is obvious to me now that intuitively I knew there was going to be a crash. The best thing that has happened during this time is that I truly am living in the moment. I don’t have the ability to look into the future…the best I can do is walk through today with a possibility of minor plans for tomorrow. I walk in faith that no matter how hard this time is, that I am holding the hand of our Creator and there is peace knowing that I am doing what I am doing because it resonates with my soul.

      I can’t thank you enough because you are, and have always been, such a huge inspiration to me. I will be over this week to catch up, but until then I pray that you are well and enjoying all that is presented to you. Much love <3 <3

      1. Sorry to hear Lorrie that you have had a set back.. Keep walking in that faith my friend.. And yes, sometimes what we do may well not suit others, but we Must listen to what is right for our soul..
        Our Soul journey is about to be tested my friend, as All of us will be perhaps shocked at what the future is looming up to be.. But at all costs keep your balance, and your inner calm..
        Know ALL is as it is.. Remember too, we are Eternal BE-ings who chose to be here at this time.. And just keep raising your vibration and rise above the negativity that unfolds from which ever quarter you are receiving it.
        And remember to LOVE yourself.

        Love and Hugs, <3 <3

        1. Sue, your words are so prophetic. I am holding on to my faith with both hands. It feels there is a firestorm of adversity coming from many angles. I am doing my best to follow my soul, but this energy is all consuming.
          Sending you love and peace and of course many thanks for your beautiful, caring soul!💜💜

          1. Just keep yourself balanced Lorrie, don’t take sides and remain within your centre of your own Peace.. Even if you take yourself away from it all for a while.. You need to regain again that inner balance you were working so hard to create.. <3 LOVE right back <3

            1. Thank you, Sue💜 I think the good thing about this kind of challenge is it gives us the opportunity to work constantly, throughout the days/weeks, on acknowledging and creating our own energies.
              Hope you have a blessed week!

    1. Hi Helen!! So sorry for the delay in responding…I have been a human in fog lately. Big life changing matters over here on this side…dealing with it all the best that I can.
      I hope that you are well…and that you have been able to get a little BEING lately 😉 I need some BEING…but can’t even go up to the ocean as the red tide is here! ugh!!
      Sending much love <3

  4. I enjoyed a respite from the world today with a little, “just being” time. It was long overdue. I easily slide into the doing mode. Thanks for the reminder to keep a balance.

    1. You bet, Ali 😁 I think it is a reminder that will never get old. I just wrote it right before a planned vacation where I thought I would get to do a lot of BEing…and life happened, ended my vacation, and all I’ve been doing is Doing!
      Thanks for stopping by…and for commenting😁
      Sweet blessings for a wonderful week💜

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