My Fellow Passengers

Hello jet plane!
Hello jet plane!


I went on a business trip this weekend. I flew from Florida to Texas and finally to Arizona. It seemed to take forever and the first leg of the flight was great. The second one…not so great. It was a terribly hard landing and then we crashed into the gate!! It makes you wonder exactly who is sitting up there in the pilot’s seat.

I had the strangest thing happen, and it happened the entire trip. At least fifty percent of the people I came in contact with, from ticket agents to flight attendants to fellow passengers, appeared to be people I knew.

I mean I looked at them and I tried to remember their name. Everything about them was familiar. I really felt a connection, and believed that I had at some time in the past had a relationship with each and every one of them.

It felt a little scary at first because I could almost have believed that I did know them all and had forgotten their names. It was like a science fiction movie where suddenly I knew everyone but no one knew me.

I became more comfortable on the second day. If I saw a man with a round face and kind eyes who looked like I knew him, I would smile at him with a question in my eye, “Do you know me?”
To the lady in the green sweater and a coffee stain on her pants, “Have we met before?”

I tried really hard to be aware of every person I felt connected to. I looked for clues to see if they felt the same.

Then I thought that maybe I really do know them all. Maybe, just maybe, they were people who were on the same path that I am on. Maybe they were my fellow passengers. It made me want to call a meeting, say the secret word to get their attention and let them know that I was there and I was ready to communicate!

In the middle of an expo center surrounded by jewels and hundreds of people, I had an epiphany. I knew deep in my soul at that very moment that I DID know all those people. I also knew all the others.

I knew them all because they are a part of me and I am a part of them. We are connected by a life force that allows our energy to flow through one another, and my fellow passengers, while distinctly physically different, couldn’t be more like me.

This experience has caused me to view every individual I meet with eyes of love for our oneness. We are energy and that energy performs a beautiful dance that includes every person on this planet. I will honor us all and marvel at the creation of life. I will offer compassion and love and assistance in the same way that I would wish it to be offered to me.

I will find something in everyone, and then I will find it in me…because we are all connected…all one.

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9 thoughts on “My Fellow Passengers

  1. This was GREAT! Where are all the likes? ?
    I understand and wish that we all grasped that attitude. There would be a ltimatums less accidents from everyone trying to be first! Just think how great it would be if everyone was waving everyone else IN in traffic and everyone stopped cutting everyone OFF cuz you just don’t do that to people you know♡

  2. Amazing! Your wonderful writing shares your loving epiphany so well that I too feel connected with everyone. You’ve given me an idea, when I meet anyone to inwardly ponder the questions with a smile, ‘Do you know me? Do I know you?’ and from that place I imagine we can all FEEL the connection with all our ‘fellow passengers’. Well done!
    Love and Light, your fellow passenger Gina

    1. Hi Gina…do I know you? I think that I do!! 🙂 I am amazed at how much better it feels to be connected to everyone, than to view ourselves as separate. Once we learn we are one we also learn how to treat one another…and ourselves!!! Blessitude

  3. This is so funny, I see that I read this under my keri blog and reread it today again. And got something completely different out of it! Both of us know one thing.. lol…
    YOU my dear are a great writer! I really understand what you meant though… we are all connected. I mean even when we are annoyed by people.. God created them too. Just like a family. Hopefully most give us warm fuzzies but when it comes down to it, the best way to understand this world is we all came from the same God. Whether or not others believe in our God. You pretty much had God moment! Who knows… maybe God was there with you that day in ways you didn’t even know… I mean the guy did crash into the gate… who knows what HE protected you from?!

    1. Ah! Great point, Di!! One can only wonder…and I do…often. When things don’t go as I planned or hoped, I lime to make up reasons…I try to guess what I was prevented from experiencing…what event didn’t happen because I was in a different place than I intended. I love that you read it two times and had a different perspective. That happens sometimes when I read my own words!! Yes…we are all connected…and also sometimes act like one big dysfunctional family! I’m so happy you are a part of mine <3

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