Beyond the Shadows of My Mind


What is it that lurks in the shadows – do I fear what is not known

How do you reach the darkness if everything you’ve ever done is to suppress it – push it down – bury it under layers of memories that will never reach the light of your mind

Is it okay to remember?  Will I be safe or will I once again go to that place where there is no time – no sound – no color – no love – no thought – no feeling…

I walk and I climb and I want to reach the summit

I feel it there and I have faith that I am fully prepared to reach beyond the shadows of my mind

I want to see colors – I want to bath in the rainbow painted in the sky and watch as flowers bloom bursting colors from a palette made by God

I want to hear birds sing in harmony – an orchestra play a symphony of sounds that create oneness with each other and the silence stands alone

I want to be a part of my life – I want to grow old gracefully having lived in each moment knowing the precious gift that it is

I want to love – Everything!  I want the depths of that ever abundant, ever truthful faith in human emotion to show through the raw pain of humanity

I want to think in layers that create a web that reaches to every living soul and comes back to me with collective knowledge.  I want to reach the limits of all conscious mind to the awakening of one.

I want to feel.  I want to feel with my body and delight in the touch of a whisper from God.  I want to feel with my hands the earth that crumbles leaving the footprints of my ancestors with their longing desires.  I want to feel with my heart in a way that could never be described with words.  A way that engulfs the sine waves of creation and extends to the end of infinity.

These are the things that have been missing because my fear of the darkness has cemented a cavern that exists between the realm of what is real and the walls of my heart.

I feel the possibilities and I live to touch them – to be a part of the miraculous system of creation from a place of design.

I am sure of this moment and I am sure that it is ever more than safe to walk out from behind the shadow that once hid my life and that I will flourish in this dimension of mind.



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14 thoughts on “Beyond the Shadows of My Mind

  1. Oh you are flourishing alright! And bringing us right along with you, bright heart. Thank you Lorrie, for this incredible writing. I love it, every word, and how it makes me feel the longing too. This is incredible: “I want to think in layers that create a web that reaches to every living soul and comes back to me with collective knowledge. I want to reach the limits of all conscious mind to the awakening of one.” Love to you my friend, and thank you! xo Gina

    1. Gina…Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I was “working” a different poem and that just does not work for me. Suddenly I turned to a blank page and this is the result. It feels as if spirit is writing through me…The words come and I just write them down. This one came with such emotion. I am so blessed and full of gratitude! Lorrie

  2. What an incredible post Lorrie! This is amazing, the way you have described your feelings, the emotion behind, the inspiration, it is just stunning! it is deeply moving and will touch the heart of every spiritual being that reads it! Thank you so much for inspiring me Lorrie! I can feel you emanating pure Light and Love, like that blazing sunrise I talked about in my last poem 🙂 You are wonderful Lorrie! 🙂 Lots of Love to you!

    1. Line…I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are back! I really felt a longing for your connection and I sent you all good energy during your travels. Thank you, because you always inspire me and make me want to be a better soul. I am so happy that you could feel the power behind this post. It is a gift that has been given to me and I am so happy to share it…and my day will proceed with the lingering love that surrounds me. Blessitude

  3. Lorrie, it is obvious that your words are Spirit-led. You have mined the depths of your core. The more you are able to release words and vulnerability, truth emotions of this magnitude, the smaller and more transparent the shadows will become. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of perspective. When you turn your back on the sun, those shadows can loom large before you, blocking your path. If you face the sun and let its warmth permeate you and illuminate your loveliness, turning your back on the shadows, they recede because you have demonstrably communicated their insignificance.

    1. Wow…a giant heartfelt Thank You!! Your words are beautiful and they convey a truth that is real to me. I understand what you are telling me, and I KNOW this is possible. I will be so open for Spirit to move through me…I accept the love that is offered. I pray for understanding for all who are touched by the words, the message. Thanks Susan, for being such a blessing.

  4. “Feeling life” and the many emotions and tangible things around us isn’t a problem for an “empathic” personality type like yourself! It is everything and everyone who gets to “feel” the many things you share who are better people for it!

    And, as for feeling the darkness, many times it is while we muddle through the dark and sullen moments that we come across the light. It can really pay dividends to ponder and explore these thoughts. For the courage it takes to do this makes people stronger in heart, mind, and soul!

    Always enjoy your postings, Lorrie. Have a super weekend…

    The True Light

    1. I love your thoughts, your words. Thank you…for understanding.’s as if you really know me and feel what I feel. I agree. I do not think I would be half the person I am now had it not been for the darkness. I understand this process more every day…and I am thankful for every single thing in my life! Thank you so much 🙂 Have a super weekend <3

      1. I understand because I have walked in darkness at times too…I still have my “moments.” Not a one of us is perfect in thought nor action.

        What matters is the condition of the heart. I love my Lord, and will never lose my faith in Him. However, I am weak at times and I sin. But in those moments, I never lose heart. They are “teaching tools.”

        This is not an excuse to keep sinning, but it is human to “fall,” and it will always be so in this life. I love the old proverb which says:

        “If one falls seven times, get up eight…”

        Always recover and return! Make your way back to the light. And never lose your heart!!

        I know you understand trials, Lorrie, just as you know ultimate victory in returning “home.” This takes courage, an understanding of life, and a sincerity of heart…all of which you have!

        And yes, we should be thankful for all of our experiences, good and bad. For these make the insightful person wiser and perhaps stronger…

        You have a fantastic weekend too, and be uplifted by every experience you have, (even if you play tennis)!


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