Cold Hard Dead Exterior


Are you dead on the outside only…I wonder

You stand alone

No one else in sight

You don’t need anyone

At least that’s what you tell yourself

Never let your defenses down

Don’t let anyone in

Put on the cold hard dead exterior and maybe they will walk by

For who would want to touch a dead one

2014-06-29 15.41.54

Yet in your isolation the dead part is really on the inside

You are creating an illness that is robbing you of your life

Robbing you of your light

Robbing you of your soul

In your attempt to stand alone and look dead you are drawing darkness to you

Every inconceivable violation

All matters of disrespect

Every piece of your soul that is taken

They step over



For you are dead on the outside but you feel it on the inside

2014-06-29 15.42.26

I know it is scary to feel things that you haven’t given your authorization to feel

The funny part is we authorize everything we feel

From emotions

To the sore muscles that won’t work

To the joints that swell with sadness


Become a willing participant in life

Authorize the feelings that are in your mind

I assure you your fear to have them is way worse than letting go and living it

Trade that cold hard dead exterior

To just an inkling of what you want to feel

And one by one the walls begin to crumble

And love starts to flow

And you don’t have to be the one left standing all alone

Hoping and praying that no one comes near you

That no one cares for you

Because you can’t stand to care about one more person

Because they will be just like every other person

They will let you down

And hurt you!


Rub your dead exterior with the anointment of love

Go inside and hold the hand of the scared part of you

Reassure that part with love

Unconditional love

No strings

No condemnation for any thought


Or deed

Melt the hurt with the warmth of joy

Take the chains and throw them off

Unlock the melody of your heart’s song

It is there

I assure you

It is there

You have this light of love


And Joy

And you


The only one

Who can










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35 thoughts on “Cold Hard Dead Exterior

    1. Thanks so much Richard. I saw this tree while playing tennis….the poem was swirling in my head…I could barely wait to be done so I could write it!! Have a super weekend 🙂

  1. Very touching Lorrie.
    I felt such sadness looking at the dead tree. I sometimes wish we could bring them back to life with love as well.
    Val x

    1. Yes Val…I know. But that was the funny part….I really felt like it was only dead on the outside. I know that isn’t true…but it reminded me of myself when I was so sick and it reminded me of others who are suffering and don’t know how to heal. I wish I had the answers for them all…including that tree. Much love to you Val…have a super 4th of July weekend!! <3 Lorrie

  2. “Become a willing participant in life
    Authorize the feelings that are in your mind”

    “Unlock the melody of your heart’s song
    It is there
    I assure you
    It is there
    You have this light of love
    And Joy”
    Thank you for such encourarging and powerful pieces of precious advice.

    and (I love these lines)
    “Unconditional love
    No strings
    No condemnation for any thought
    Or deed YES!!!
    Melt the hurt with the warmth of joy
    Take the chains and throw them off
    Unlock the melody of your heart’s song”

    You’re so right! I know why we are on the same wavelength… if interested just have a look at my videos (on by blog, page “videos”, especially “the Spring”, “Treasures”, and “the Secret”) and about my ebook, “Rise!, 365 spiritual tweets”, and its book trailer (see my “Ebook” page… I think our fight is the same… a fight for love, confidence and light. Much love to you dearest Lorrie!

  3. Hello Fre’de’ric!!! I can’t wait to explore all of the above dearest!!! My baby is coming to visit in just a little bit and I will spend the day with him 🙂 I’m so excited!!!! I have not seen him for a few months and I miss him. So dearest…I will explore what you highlighted here…as soon as I am able to!!! I’m excited to do that also….what a beautiful day…full of so many exciting things. I wish you the most beautiful weekend Fre’de’ric, full of exciting things to look forward to. And yes….we do fight for the same…and it is a pleasure to share this with you!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Aww…Thanks Kimberly! The tree seemed so proud…no matter it’s state. Maybe it has a lesson for us all! Love to you…have a great 4th weekend! ! <3

  4. Lorrie, you’ve captured beautifully how we can choose the feelings… We choose. That’s one of the major themes I write about. It’s all in the choice, isn’t it? Love your zeal to write the poetry as it comes to you!

    1. Hi Heather…yes! We have choices 🙂 The amazing thing is how I tried to control every aspect of my life (and couldn’t) but the one thing that is totally within our control…was so elusive to me for so long!!! Thank you so much.. and have a beautiful 4th of July weekend <3

  5. Beautiful and poignant Lorrie. In fact, it stirred up deep sadness for me because I have lived much of my life that way, and still do in many ways. I’m outgoing here online, but in my personal life, I’ve become rather withdrawn. Thanks for the love and reminders. Have a wonderful weekend/ holiday, sounds like you’re spending it with family. blessings, Brad

    1. Hi Brad…my tears are warm as they trickle down my face. I feel what you said…really feel it. My hope was not to cause you pain…for I only wish you joy & happiness. I think many, if not all of us, feel this way at some time during our lives. The key to releasing this sadness is to reach out…rub off the dead part…the protection part. You know this…you give to others. That is the key…In giving and loving. Dear friend…I am sending a giant hug filled with laughter that I hope you feel to your soul!! <3 <3

      1. Thanks Lorrie, I feel uplifted by your loving response.:) I know your post was to uplift. Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck with my financial challenges. Other days, I can let that go and simply live as best I can. Thanks for the hug. <3

        1. Oh Brad, I will send you good energy to work through your financial issues! I know these times are hard …I pray for a resolution to come swiftly. Much love to you <3 <3 <3

  6. “I know it is scary to feel things that you haven’t given your authorization to feel”.
    What a great description for the way my mind used to bottle up all the feelings I didn’t want to feel, and even worse, I didn’t even know I didn’t want to feel. Result-horrible insomnia. Ancient history now, but the lessons remain a daily part of my life. Stop pushing away feelings with Falsified Urgent Agendas……and acknowledge and accept both the pain and joy of life’s passing experiences.

    1. Oh!
      I’m so touched by all of the comments here. I can’t tell you how much I think this comment will help anyone who is feeling this way!!! “Falsified Urgent Agendas!” WOW!! I think we sometimes feel so alone when we are in this energy that we think we are the only person to ever feel this way. Having confirmation of other beautiful souls who have been in the trenches and found their way out with love is the most beautiful, empowering feeling!! Thank you…I have received a wonderful gift! <3 <3 <3

  7. So poignant! This touched my heart so deeply. As I read, I could remember the time when I weighed 280 lbs. The obesity kept me invisible so that nobody would want to look to closely at me and my life. I was only hurting myself by hiding my beauty from the world. I have tears streaming down my face from the gratitude I feel at finding a kindred spirit like you!
    God Bless.

    1. Oh Melanie…your heart is touching mine right now!! I also have the tears…we share a teardrop that glistens with the light of love…it rolls and gathers momentum…and it spreads a blanket of warm love and gratitude to the planet! Thank you, my friend. Have a beautifully blessed weekend! <3 <3

    1. Hi Wendy!! Thank you so much for honoring my post! And yes!…let’s all focus on living inside and out! Have a super blessed 4th of July weekend! ! 🙂

  8. Stunning words, Lorrie. Ah, yes, LOVE truly is the answer, is it not? With every one of your words you plant Seeds of Love, Seeds of Truth and they shall grow, my friend, into Beauty that will leave you breathless. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for what you do here. Bless you! Love, Amy

    1. Thank you Amy…Thank you! This is what it is all are so correct! It starts with love…and we have to feel it for ourselves…As we are all connected. Then we give it away…from the deepest most sincere part of our heart and soul…and miraculously…it comes back bursting with beauty and billowing with more love than we ever thought possible!! Thank you for your support…for your very kind words…and for all the beauty you bestow from your love!! <3 <3. Have a super blessed 4th of July weekend 🙂

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