Guardian Angel ~ Collaboration with Fre’de’ric


I couldn’t be more excited!!!  Fre’de’ric, from Poems and Poemes, and I have worked together and written the following poem.  I have followed him and seen that he often co-wrote.  I wondered how it was done, and if I would ever get the chance to work with someone as wonderful as my dear friend Fre’de’ric.  Sit back and relax…as I present my very first collaboration…Guardian Angel…

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Guardian Angel


My heart stood still when I recognized you

For I had been searching


The deep-blue tone of your melodious voice

The sweet smile of your gentle fraternal soul


It touched me like dew drops on a flowers petal;

gentle yet necessary

I saw a reflection of the magnificent aura of your heart


You, I sometimes had forgotten

You, I so often had dreamt of

You, my guardian Angel!


You surround me with perfect love

Wrapped in your wings I find refuge

Take flight to the corners of my mystical abode


Wherever I’m lost you find me

However I pray you hear me

Whatever I do you forgive me


Out of the confines of my shadow

I can see your beautiful essence

Your spirit lifts me upward

I no longer feel alone


You take my hand, by me you stand,

You’re my confidant, you’re so patient,

And my soul you’ll never disavow

Grows up like a child of light


From the first morning star,

till the moon rests its glow

I am protected, guided, and loved without fail

My beautiful Guardian Angel



Lorrie & Fre’de’ric


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32 thoughts on “Guardian Angel ~ Collaboration with Fre’de’ric

  1. Thank you for kind words dearest Lorrie! It was my pleasure to co-write with you. Your energy, your kindness, your generosity.. and your humor inspire me! I’m proud to be your friend. I smile each time I see the way you write my first name…
    And I wonder, would you be a guardian Angel? 🙂 Love to you!

    1. Hi Dearest Fre’de’ric!!! I had so much fun and such a feeling of being connected to spirit by our words that seemed to effortlessly dance together. I, too, am proud to be your friend…Merci’…Bon Jour
      (Sorry dearest…that is about all I know of your beautiful language!!!) <3 <3 <3

    2. I’m sure you will be, since your have all the requested skills 🙂 bien affectueusement à toi – much love to you 🙂

    1. Hi Line….thank you so much!!! I had so much fun with my first collaboration. Fre’de’ric is so wonderful!

      Line…what is Trini? A nickname?

      Much <3 to you. Have a beautiful day!!

      1. Trini is my pet name in my family. Those who have known me a long time and who love me call me that 🙂 When I was a baby my parents felt that I looked like a Trini 🙂 I am little bit tired of all the misunderstandings with my name outside of Scandinavia, so I changed it to Trini which is more International 🙂

        1. It is beautiful…and being that people who love you call you this…that is what I shall call you!!! Can you help me with pronunciation….is it “Tree Nee” ?

            1. I think both names suit you…the beautiful Angel that you are!! I will be over to your home in a few minutes…I always look forward to your posts!!! 🙂

              1. I really hope you will like the one I have published today, someone in my family loved it and wanted me to publish it 🙂

  2. How lovely! I’ve never co-written anything with anyone but I am very impressed by your combined efforts, Lorrie! Now I simply must go check out Fre’de’ric’s blog! XO!

    1. Oh Debi…you will not be disappointed. Fre’de’ric is wonderful…so full of passion. It was so easy to write with him…I am sure we will do it again. It is a really neat experience. I eagerly looked forward to his emails with his next words. Thank you so much for reading…and for commenting. Let me know when you are ready for another Sisters in Sunrises!! (that was like a picture collaboration!! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Louise. What a beautiful thing to say…that we sounded like one voice!!! We felt so connected with it…I think our energies did come together. What a beautiful tribute to the idea that “we are all one!”

    1. Hi Andrea! Thank you sooooo much! It feels so nice to create with another… I love Fre’de’ric!! I was just over visiting you 🙂 Your blog is amazing…so are you:) Have a super blessed day!!!

  3. Thank you Laurie!!! I’m so happy that our poem could give you joy!!! It was a joy to create it…so I assume the energy that created it lives in it!!! 🙂

  4. OH it’s beautiful Lorrie and Fre’de’ric! Just absolutely beautiful! Thank you for collaborating and sharing your talents. 🙂

  5. Wow, you two! Who wouldn’t want an angel like that?
    Your thoughts took flight, and on the wings of love
    you took us all for a ride; a fanciful treat. Nice work!

    Cheerz! 🙂 UT

    1. Thank you for your beautiful response Uncle Tree!!! It was so much fun to co-create with a beautiful soul. I had no idea how the process would work…and I assume there was always a small possibility that it would not work…but I don’t like to think like that 🙂

      I am happy you read that one because it was a departure from the norm. I will be back with a lead…but it seems you are exploring yourself…and that is fine. You will probably pick the post that will have the most meaning for you. <3 Lorrie

    1. Hi Pepper! Thank you so much…it was a delight to write this poem with Frédéric! Today is his birthday!! He is a wonderful friend…so kind and loving. I am so happy that you enjoyed it…and that you are here!! 🙂

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