It’s Okay to Remember

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Quiet Stillness.

Gray sky.

Slight wind.

Thoughts project to a time when life was harder.

A time when the path was lost.

When the leader was not evident.


I am happy that those days are gone.



Melted away.

The truly worthless events they were.

Well – not exactly worthless.

It has all been a journey.

I am grateful for every last destination along the way.


A small raindrop.

No worry.

I am sitting under an umbrella.

The same umbrella that allowed me to weather every storm along the way.






No pain.

I can turn off the switch that allows me to feel it.

Go ahead –

Hit me harder.

I won’t feel it.

Not now anyway.

Maybe later.


Maybe 30 years later.

What’s that?

You say maybe you would prefer not to remember?


It is okay.

It is time to remember.

All you did by burying the pain was create the depth of it.

Embedded it.

Now is the time to take the keys to the safe.


Unlock it.

Feel it.

You are safe.

You can once and for all, be done with the lot of it!


You are safe.

Oh so safe.

So protected.

No need for worry.

There is nothing you can’t handle.

I promise I will be there for you.

I will be there for you.

I will hold you while you cry.

While you purge the ugliness from every cell of your body.

It is okay.

It is time.




Poem written 8/15/12

I apologize for the dark nature of my writings today.  I hope you can see the good that exists with the bad.  Life is balance, yin – yang, love – hate, pain – healing.  I have been very in tune with nature lately and feel that there are answers presented to us every day if we are willing to look.

This poem was written about one year into the deep healing I experienced (and continue to experience.)  I could relate my journey with the storms that occurred in nature.  A few months later, Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy struck the northeast corridor and created massive devastation to my beloved shore.

Unleashed Fury, is a poem I wrote about a week after that storm. (I will be posting it just after this one)  It seems the power of the storm that was brewing inside me somehow mirrored that of the storm that destroyed much of the coastline.  I did not see the parallel between these two poems, or the events until today…

I am very far away from the scary part of this healing, it feels a distant dream.  Blessitude

❤ Lorrie



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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

33 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Remember

  1. I’m guessing, but truly sorry to hear you had to go through the kind of past that keeps a hold of you, or can.
    For sure, it sounds like you’re on your way, and the angst has gone its way — far away, I hope.

    Uncle Tree sees a man dressed in a white cowboy suit, with white hat and boots,
    on a white horse, trying to play tennis with a florescent green racquet and ball. .;)
    How did you and your partner do yesterday, anyway?


    1. Haha…good laugh Uncle Tree! It was a very good competitive match…but we won all three sets. We are so mean…it was our girlfriend’s birthday…she would never have wanted us to “throw” it though. Tough competitors! And yes…I am very far away from those very dark times…Thank you for your words of comfort 🙂


  2. Hi Lorrie! It’s been a while, hope all is going well with you. Thanks for sharing this and for the visit to my page. Have a great weekend and tell me how you’re doing when you get the chance. Enjoy your weekend…



      1. Well as you may be able to see, I don’t think I’ll ever catch up on all the comments/replies that came in while I was on my vacation!

        I’m going to go through and reply to the comments but I’ll have to “dump” the “liked comments” and “liked your posts.” I hate to do that because it seems rude, but I’ll never catch up otherwise…

        BTW, it is good to hear you are so busy yourself and doing well Lorrie. I’ll check in for new posts with you as I have some time…Steve 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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