The Fall (Autumn Collaboration)


The time of beauty

before the big sleep

The colors astound

a feast for the eyes

Each one dresses for 

the big fall

A choreographed dance

a chosen partner

Dance with me love

each step we take

Together in a dream

a dream in the big sleep

May we meet again

in the prime of your youth

Reborn in Spring

experience a summer love

And leave before the clock

strikes winter




I wrote this poem for Neha’s Autumn Collaboration over at FORGOTTENMEADOWS. If you are not familiar with Neha’s site, I highly recommend it. 🙂  She so graciously supports her fellow bloggers and showcases them on her collaborations.  And by all means, if the photo prompts a response in you…go post it at FORGOTTENMEADOWS!!  â¤  Lorrie

*free google image of fall

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52 thoughts on “The Fall (Autumn Collaboration)

  1. “The big sleep” dropped in yesterday to cover the city in a winter white blanket! The trees are heavy with fruit and snow and leaves that have not yet begun to turn.

    Your poem gives me release from the snow! 🙂 thank you. Love it.

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  2. One of these days
    When I’m feeling spry
    I’ll write you a poem
    I’m not gonna lie.
    It might not be pretty
    It might seem so lame
    But fun is fun
    And I have no shame!
    You make pretty pictures
    Appear in my head
    Your words on Autumn
    Are very well said.
    Keep penning your verse
    Lorrie the bard
    I’ll write my blog
    Bout losing my lard!

    Have a happy day, friend!


    1. Lol!! Can I say I almost…ahhhh…probably not!! But you get my drift!! So so funny…I LOVE IT!!! You really should consider adding a page of poetry!! 🙂 Thanks for the giant smile, Sarah!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. All credit for the photo goes to Neha…it was her prompt for the collaboration! I found it exquisite!!! And the poem was born immediately after viewing it 🙂 Thanks, Brad!! I love the line you added …see you are on your way to a collaboration. ..I just know it!! ❤

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  3. …Together in a dream
    a dream in the big sleep
    It’s BEAUTIFUL Lorrie! The time of beauty… I especially like the light of september, yet we are still in summer, it is very “autumnal”…
    Do you know that Verlaine, a famous French poet has written a “fall song” that is very beautiful, I’ve found a translation:

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem, I also wrote something, I think Neha’s blog is just wonderful…

    I would like to offer you a Fall Bouquet:

    a branch of yellow ginkgo
    a purple rose and its golden dreams
    red maple, and my love forever

    Much love to you 🙂



    1. Hello dearest! Thank you so much for my beautiful fall bouquet!! It is lovely. ..and the colors are just perfect!! As soon as I write this I will check out the link you left me…it is like another wonderful present I am sure! 🙂 I love Neha…and she is so wonderful to bring such beauty together for these collaborations. Thank you as always…my wonderful soul mate!! ❤ ❤

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    1. I wish I could paint a picture like this!! Thank you so much…I really appreciate your very kind words 🙂 The poem is mine but I can’t take credit for the beautiful photo…Neha found it and used it for the prompt. It is beautiful! ! ❤

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      1. You and Neha did very well on this, Lorrie. But only God can make the beauty which the two of you discovered.

        We have an amazing and loving Lord! Only He can make such marvels in heaven and on earth, and then help you two to find a way to express the allure we see!

        The True Light


          1. You have a Godly understanding of things and a very big heart, Lorrie! We can all see a great example of true heavenly spirit in you and your works.

            The True Light


    1. Thanks Trini <3. I hope that everything is going really well for you. You have been on my mind. I hope you get settled and get back on WP really soon…everyone got used to reading your beautiful messages…I am sure you are missed!! Much love to you 🙂 ❤


  4. This is very beautiful. I live in the southern hemisphere so we’re going into our spring. We don’t get the beautiful autumns that Canada (my birth home) and the US get. I do appreciate the North American autumn though. The leaves changing color and the slight cool. It’s really an amazing season.
    I love how you referred to winter as the big sleep and the playfulness of the last line, “before the clock strikes winter”.
    Bless you. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It really is a beautiful time of year …a feast for our eyes. Sorry you miss it where you live now. I also find it a little sad, knowing the leaves are changing colors due to their death…not to mention, like the last lines :), winter is on its way!! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂 ❤


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