I Think My Head Might EXPLODE!

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It can’t move

it is all stuck

the energy that once was flowing from an open heart

has become



I can’t breathe

It hurts

my mind is confused and my body is tired

I try to remember what it felt like to thrive in love

to let the light of God flow through my veins

but my head feels like it is going to


the pressure cooker

I need to release

my head has tripled in size

I know the answer comes from my heart

what is there?

what is missing?

what is going on?

I’ve been working so hard

and I’m tired

I know that my body is trying to show me something

for there is always an emotional reason

for any physical illness

I know my energy has been impacted

my mood not so…


And then a light bulb goes off

and I wonder whose energy is this?

I ponder whether it is possible that I have allowed

another’s energy to invade my walls

allowed another’s energy to inflate a balloon in my head

to the point where it feels it might


and then I decide


it’s very possible

and I get back down to the business of

Loving Me

of taking care of my needs

because I am no help to anyone






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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

58 thoughts on “I Think My Head Might EXPLODE!

  1. That’s not good condition, and it has to be treated for sure since infections from sinuses are able to spread out, that’s why they need to be stopped right there. Not sure whether your sinuses require antibiotics (you know you have to take antibiotics when you feel like hammer hits in the front of the forehead, really strong pain if you look down or tilt head towards the chest or make eye movements). We always need to strengthen the immune system in such cases, and the herbal medicine which is really good for this condition is echinacea. There are even special formulations for cold and/or sinuses. Available as tinctures, herbal tea helps in milder cases. Feel good soon and hopefully your head will stop giving you hard times!


    1. Hi Inese…thank you so much for the information. Yes…I started antibiotics and it seems the pain has gotten worse…maybe it is a get worse before it gets better kind of thing…? I have an appointment with an ENT on Wednesday…which I believe I will keep even if I start to feel better. I will look into the tincture of Echinacea. I believe in using natural “medicines” as I really do not like prescription drugs…but I know there are times when you have to use them (like now!) I really appreciate your caring and commenting here! I am positive I will feel much better very soon. I hope all is super in your world, Inese!! ❤ ❤


  2. Dear Lorrie: A perfect post for me. How often I feel like this. My head “exploding” worrying about everyone else instead of my own peace. So hard for me to let go of others, especially family who seem to need my care or insight nearly on a daily basis. My husband often tugs at me to get me ‘away,’ and indeed we soon are taking a bit of a vacation. Surely, it will be good for my soul, to reconnect with my inner-self together with the Lord around me. Thank you, Lorrie.


    1. Oh, Kim! Yes! I cherish your words because there are so many times that I am so busy tending to others that I end up not taking care of me! I’m not sure if that is what happened here…I still need to reflect on this a little. I say bravo to your husband…listen to him…he sounds like a smart man!!! (if you tell him I said that he will probably love it!!) I know you have had a lot going on lately too…so my best advice is to make sure you nurture your own soul…and then you will be good to go to help everyone else!!! ❤ ❤


      1. So right you are, Lorrie! We are do to leave for a vacation this Saturday, and already I’m feeling ‘guilty.’ My husband would be kissing you on the cheek right now to read your words. He’ll be dragging me out of the house one way or another. 🙂

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