Haiku ~ 8/21/15 ~ Octy


There are times I wish

I had more than just two hands

Oh! What I’d get done!!


Lorrie ❤


Then I think of the mental ability it would take to coordinate 8 arms and hands…ugh!  I’m good with the two beautiful hands I have!  I’m good with EVERYTHING I have 🙂

I’ve been a little obsessed with octopi lately…so I decided to draw one.  I may not be done with them in the form of art…

Hope you all are vibrating in the energy of love ❤

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44 thoughts on “Haiku ~ 8/21/15 ~ Octy

    1. Hi Beautiful Trini!! Thank you dear Angel…I’m so happy you like it! and I miss you too…I know you have a few posts that I will get to this weekend!! My life has been a little “full” of many things so I am way behind visiting my dear friends here on WP. Know you are always in my heart…and I think of you often ❤ ❤

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    1. Ah! Sue…digging in the earth…yes, very tiring I am sure…but also very satisfying. Take the six you need and have rest, my friend! Thank you so much for your love!! ❤ ❤ And a hug with 8 arms back to you!

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  1. Oh Lorrie…next you’ll want four feet so you can run faster! God gave us the number of hands and feet we should have to do all we need to do. With those alone, I get tired enough!!! haha…

    Love to see you posting again, my dear! Enjoy your day…
    Steve 🙂


    1. HaHa…Steve…no…no. You are spot on…if I can’t get it done with all God gave me, maybe I’m trying to do too much!! I have to admit that one eyebrow did raise at the thought of being faster on the tennis court!!! Have a super weekend! ❤

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      1. I’ll bet the is a rule which prevents the use of more than one racquet per player! Besides, can you imagine who it would look with one in each of your eight hands and tripping over the two extra feet…LOL!

        You enjoy your weekend too…
        Steve 🙂

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    1. Thank you, JoAnne!! I remember years ago seeing a video where the octopus would sneak out of his tank every night and slink over to the next tank. I can’t remember what he did…but they finally got him on video and everyone was amazed!! Yes…l think they are very intelligent…and pretty cool to look at!! Have a super weekend! ❤


  2. AWESOME! What a great zentangle/drawing Lorrie. Is that why you’ve been missing in action, my friend. I’ve been thinking of you lately.
    I had to smile at your haiku and the comment about having 8 arms. Hahaha. Makes me think of how women are multi-taskers. I think men would still remain the same. They don’t have that multi-tasking ability that we do. Hahahahaha.
    Have a wonderful weekend Lorrie.
    🙂 ❤


    1. Hi Staci!! Thanks for thinking of me 😉 I actually started ‘Octy’ a while ago and finally got to finish him…I see how he could have been better…but I was done…if you know what I mean. But he was not…for he came to me in a meditation with some powerful understanding…and a poem that I hope to post soon!! I have been involved in so many things dear Staci, so it has been hard to find the time to be here. I’ve thought about sleeping less…but I’m one of those people who really needs my good sleep!! Love your comment about multitasking….love you!! ♡♡

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  3. That’s a very beautiful piece of art, Lorrie! I’m happy with my two hands too, they get me in enough trouble 😀 Have a beautiful weekend ❤


  4. Love your Octy Lorrie … and the haiku is spot on.
    I’m imagining what I’d knock over if I had eight limbs … or what I could get up to in yoga!
    The mind boggles 😉
    Have a fun weekend my friend 🐙


    1. Ah! Val…you found a little ‘Octy!’ Oh my…I didn’t even contemplate what could be done in yoga!! Just wondered how we’d ever play ‘Twister!’ Wish you an awesome weekend as well!! 🙂 ♡

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  5. I always thought that mothers didn’t have enough arms but somehow we seem to make good use of the two we have. Loved the drawing. Wonder what’s causing the octopus obsession? Too much to do and not enough of you to do it? If I had 8 arms, I might get the house and fencing painted before the rains. That’s when I need more arms. :))


    1. Oh, Marlene!! I can see it now…8 arms slapping paint on…a synchronous dance!! 🙂 I looked up ‘Octopus totems’ and there is a lot of information there. I had a meditation which I wrote about…I may just post it today 😉 Love you dear soul ❤ ❤

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  6. I love your whimsicle yet very practical observation…oh to be an octopus with more than two hands, and if I could somehow interfere with evolution, and have two brains, one for the good days and one for the good days, then I think it would be safe to say “I’m good to go”. Love you, Harlon


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