31 thoughts on “Longing ~ Haiku 2 ~ 1/13/16

    1. Thank you Sue!! I am amazed at what a little camera phone can accomplish!! When I was young I was so interested in photography. We didn’t have much money, but I babysat…and I used my money for a camera…and then developing photographs. The only photos from that time are photos I had taken. I think I would love to one day get a “real” camera…and edit…but I’ve got so much going right now…I think I’ll stick to my phone camera 😉

      Wish you beautiful peace…and Love to fall from the sky!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. And that love shines through every word you write my friend!! So you love Palm trees too? 😉 I have ALWAYS been in love with them from the first moment I saw them!! 😉 ♡

  1. Lorrie, I found this poignant and highly relateable – however, I was able to just sit with it and be with it. Thank you for the gift of mindfulness and self-love you foster. Peace, Harlon

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