CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

This past week has been a very trying time for Americans as we all must come to terms with the results of our Presidential Election.

The energy created by this event is volatile and has far-reaching tentacles, I suspect.  People come down hard on one side or the other and the chasm that is created is “HUGE.”

The following is the first post in a small series I have written called, “Consequences.”  It chronicles my thoughts, feelings, and revelations about the events that occurred, nationally as well as personally, this past week.

I don’t profess to understand how we could become a country that is so divided, but I pray for us all to unite in the energy of love…never has it been more imperative!


CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

The line was cast

I picked it up

The intent was obvious

I kept my integrity and tried to stay in the energy of love

My face was pushed into your line of crap and I politely lifted my head and wiped with my sleeve

They talk about a straw that breaks the camel’s back – in fact I remember the game well

You reached down as low as you could go and you threw it in my face

And then a giant can of whoop ass was opened and a foul mouth to boot

Knowing you hated it I did it more and I have to say there was a moment during which I heard the voice of reason and my response was, “**** the voice of reason!”

Your only reason for calling was so full of mal intent and I base this information on the fact that you NEVER call and you didn’t call one short month ago to see if we were impacted by the hurricane

Yes, the bait was loaded

The line was cast

And lines were crossed

When you saw what you “caught” you wanted to throw it back

But I wasn’t coming off the hook that easy for it would be letting you off the hook as well

No!  In that moment I crossed the lines it felt GREAT!

Not so much now

As I realize you went low and I went right down there with you

Some habits die hard

And most times people show you who they are

And there is confirmation

Confirmation of who you are

And confirmation of who I don’t want to be

So I have to go now and work through my shame and get to a place of forgiveness…for MYSELF

As for you…I’ve already done that

And maybe it’s just best that we leave that at that and not make it possible for you to get into that kind of trouble again, because you just can’t help yourself.


Lorrie ❤



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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

58 thoughts on “CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

  1. Dear Lorrie, I’ve been waiting a bit for the dust to settle and to also make sure I have the time for reading your reflections on the election. I think my entire nation (Canada) is scratching its head and thinking did that really happen. I keep expecting to wake up and think that it was just a bad dream about a bad reality TV show, and in essence, that is what it turned into, a really bad reality show that played on the lowest level imaginable. Your posting allowed me to find some hope in this, because honestly I am scared. Your writing was particularly profound and intense, yet you took the high road; forgiveness. I hope you find yourself on that road surrounded by a multitude of others who are looking and living for hope and not stuck with those that remain in the “locker room”. Much love and admiration, Harlon


    1. Ah! Yes…yes…and yes!! And yes that I am finally able to respond from my phone 🙂 Thanks my friend for adding your energy here. It helps to hear that people from other countries have similar feelings about the reality show that just played out. It seems to get kookier every day. I find I need to disconnect from it all and concentrate on much higher energies. Hope you are well my friend 🙂 Sending lots of love!

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