CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

This past week has been a very trying time for Americans as we all must come to terms with the results of our Presidential Election.

The energy created by this event is volatile and has far-reaching tentacles, I suspect.  People come down hard on one side or the other and the chasm that is created is “HUGE.”

The following is the first post in a small series I have written called, “Consequences.”  It chronicles my thoughts, feelings, and revelations about the events that occurred, nationally as well as personally, this past week.

I don’t profess to understand how we could become a country that is so divided, but I pray for us all to unite in the energy of love…never has it been more imperative!


CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

The line was cast

I picked it up

The intent was obvious

I kept my integrity and tried to stay in the energy of love

My face was pushed into your line of crap and I politely lifted my head and wiped with my sleeve

They talk about a straw that breaks the camel’s back – in fact I remember the game well

You reached down as low as you could go and you threw it in my face

And then a giant can of whoop ass was opened and a foul mouth to boot

Knowing you hated it I did it more and I have to say there was a moment during which I heard the voice of reason and my response was, “**** the voice of reason!”

Your only reason for calling was so full of mal intent and I base this information on the fact that you NEVER call and you didn’t call one short month ago to see if we were impacted by the hurricane

Yes, the bait was loaded

The line was cast

And lines were crossed

When you saw what you “caught” you wanted to throw it back

But I wasn’t coming off the hook that easy for it would be letting you off the hook as well

No!  In that moment I crossed the lines it felt GREAT!

Not so much now

As I realize you went low and I went right down there with you

Some habits die hard

And most times people show you who they are

And there is confirmation

Confirmation of who you are

And confirmation of who I don’t want to be

So I have to go now and work through my shame and get to a place of forgiveness…for MYSELF

As for you…I’ve already done that

And maybe it’s just best that we leave that at that and not make it possible for you to get into that kind of trouble again, because you just can’t help yourself.


Lorrie <3



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58 thoughts on “CONSEQUENCES ~ The Fishing Expedition

  1. Many of us have been pushed and pulled upon pretty hard by current events it seems, Lorrie! It’s like an invisible weather pattern passing through, and we’re on edge. I look forward to the rest of the series–to what I’m sure is continuum of healing such times are sure to bring! Not easy for sure, but so much arising for us to look at within.


    1. Thanks, Michael! Yes…it has been a hard time for so many. This was an unexpected personal time and one I am not proud of…but it is truth…it happened…and I am left to deal with the “consequences.” Thank you for your beautiful light! It is people like you who inspire me to continue on this journey to light and love! I send beautiful blessings, my friend <3

    1. Ah! Yes, Lorrie…at least one of us did so! 😉 I just hated that I was able to be hooked…like a big fat fish who knows that the dangling bait is exactly that!! I’m working through it!!
      Hope all is super in your neck of the woods…getting cool up there…eh?

    1. Thank you!! What a lovely phrase, “where to place my eyes,” I love it! It is hard to reconcile what I feel lives inside my soul to what I see with my eyes…but perhaps I am looking in the wrong place! <3 <3 Blessings on this beautiful Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I really appreciate your comment as I struggled with whether I would post the series at all. I have, in the past, not posted very personal series of writing as the voice of doubt took over and I thought “who cares?” I know that writing is a form of therapy for me…and when a series forms like this…organically…it helps me. So I pray you are correct and it helps someone else!! Much love to you <3

  2. The fact you have forgiven ‘the other’ is powerful — if you can forgive ‘them’, and them is also you, is it not possible to choose to forgive yourself — and to let the shame go. The shame would be in not forgiving yourself. We all have given into the lure of ‘going down’ — you inspire when you give up shame and fall into love.

    Much love to you Lorrie — thank you for sharing your journey and blessing all of us with your light. Many blessings.

    1. Oh…Louise…thank you dear soul!! Yes…that is where the shame would be…wouldn’t it? I have been on a fantastic journey of learning to love myself and I am so grateful at the strides I have made. Being pulled into the lower energies is a step up from living in them!!! I am good. I forgive myself for doing it…and for enjoying it…and little.
      Many blessings to you…thank you for your beautiful support ♡♡

  3. I agree with you 100%. As an African-American racism, discrimination and bigotry for me is a way of life. The sume total of my experience as an African-American College Educated, Christian US Army Veteran. Especially at my job. In the 8 years I’ve worked there I’ve been physically attacked by a white male employee (he got fired when he threatened to kill another white male staff person), propositioned and accused of being of either being a whore or a drug dealer by visitors to the museum and sometimes white male staff, propositioned by a white male supervisor who thank God retired a couple of years ago (he was protected), there was another while male guard who threatened to kill all the Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims at work (he finally was fired this year) and yesterday a white male supervisor who told another employee that all Blacks who wear their hair loced must be on drugs. I wore my hair loced for several years and at No time have I even been on or taken any illegal drugs nor am I a drug dealer. However because of my skin color I have already been judged, tried and convicted.

    Since we will have a Republican President, Congress, Senate and Supreme Court there will be no where for People of Color or Non-Christians to turn to when we are attacked. Yes it is going to be a long 4 to 8 years because this nutcase might very well be re-elected.

    God Save America from itself!!

    1. Oh, DeBorah…your words chill me to the bone. I think I am still in shock. I just watched Saturday Night Live from last night and I think they did a fantastic job with the show. The skit with Dave Chappell and Chris Rock, while humorous, was disturbing in a very real way. I can’t imagine the oppression you have dealt with and it may not be much for one person to say I’m sorry…but I am sorry.

      I believe now, more than ever before, that light workers must come together in a strong United fashion and SHINE…SHINE…SHINE…
      Blessitude ♡

  4. wow Lorrie…this post is a great revolution and important aspect. It brings for us to learn many more alternatives and better understand respect and values…

  5. Thank you Lorrie for the courage to share your process, being vulnerable and imperfect, as we all are. I look forward to seeing your unfolding and continued evolution toward the radiant, loving being you are. I hope we find a way, personally and collectively, to embrace the light and dark, pain and joy, find our common humanness, celebrating both diversity and unity to find a better way forward for all.
    Peace to all. hugs my friend.

    1. Brad…thanks for the beautiful words that brought tears to my eyes! I question whether to share these kind of writings sometimes. And then I always think that maybe it could help even one person and I push the button!!! I pray for everything you wrote so eloquently above!! Loving energy ♡

      1. You are most welcome Lorrie. I find sharing our imperfections makes us more human, and helps us connect. And I feel more alive and in integrity when I share my vulnerability without getting lost in it. Being both human and working to become more loving/ spirit in action.

            1. I can tell, Brad!! :)::) There’s is a newfound peace and gentleness that exudes from your words and makes me feel like your soul is expanding. That happens when we are heading in the right direction and I am ecstatic for you!!! Much much love and happiness to you, Brad. Can’t wait to hear about it!

              1. Wow. Thank you Lorrie! Your words washed over me like a soothing rain. I hope to embody peace and gentleness as I crusade for a kinder world in which we include everyone, especially our enemies. hugs to you <3

  6. Those of us who trust the best in others will get always get caught as we go through life, (unless we live in a cave). The retaliation that comes from a place of unexpected hurt and humiliation is so human….
    When we experience it and meet the worst part of ourselves with an open heart and mind, we can forgive and move on. 💛
    I look forward to your series my friend!

  7. We are all human. We can all get caught up in the craziness. Sending gentle hugs and looking forward to your series. I have a feeling it will help as this post does. It’s good to know we are not alone.

    1. Thank you, JoAnna. It helped me to write it, and I am by no means “completely healed.” But the big news is I immediately went to work on the healing process instead of staying in those lower energies and allowing harm to my psyche and my body. I pray for this transition time to even out and for our fellow humans to recognize that the hate and prejudice hurts us all.
      I hope that things are going well with your book and your art. I just adore the beautiful Angel I saw in a recent post. Will you have a booth to show your work this year? I know you learned a lot from your last one…just wondered if you were ready to do it again.
      Happy blessings dear friend ♡♡

    1. Thank you, Irene! Such sage words you have written here. Yes…we all make choices…so many every day. That is what this life is all about. The key is knowing ourselves…or learning about ourselves…to make the choices that are right for us and then being able to live with them. Sending beautiful blessings to you Irene ♡

  8. Lorrie.. firstly there is no shame in telling the truth.. Often that is our weakness..
    We agree with others perhaps too much in order for us to keep the peace as we take on unnecessary blame all too often.. I know personally I did this all through my childhood and often in my career path..
    Saying it like it is… often comes unexpected especially when we voice our truth.. and say it like it is.. ( this is what happened in part to my mother whom I would always try to please ) you know the history I think here ..
    Sometimes we have to tell it like it is.. and tough.. others tell it like it is often and we are supposed to smile and nod and thank them in return.. Well this is not just about us being encompassed in Love and Light.. Its about Waking Up..
    And when we wake up and get to grips with who we are.. We see we ALL of us have these base emotions that our Ego’s shouting out.. And the Ego is wanting often to gain control over us..
    At the end of the day we are Human upon our Human experience and we are here to learn from and let go of our egos.. but that often means we go to battle with them.. And the ego too will want you to feel shameful.. as it controls our emotions..

    See this as letting rip to the emotional self.. Showing that we are no mean push over.. That we have feelings yes.. but that we are wise too.. And we are waking up to those who would manipulate and use us..
    This too is happening globally.. We are All of us part of the whole Lorrie.. And the mass consciousness around the world is saying .Hey.. We know your game.. and we are not happy with it and we want change..’
    Look at Seoul in Korea and the protest going on there too.. They are not happy.. Its Change on a Global as well as personal scale..
    Our thoughts create our Actions and our Actions create Consequences.. And it all of it has a ripple effect .. As one thought affects another and each action affects another and so on..
    The energies are building..
    Like a storm.. it has to come to a head.. We are seeing this storm brewing.. bubbling.. but with those who are seeing further than the lightning strike.. We can also see the rainbows which will eventually shine..
    And it is people like us Lorrie who see how energy works and Like attracts like and how we can all of us get pulled into it.. it is people like your good self who calm those vibrations down.. And who send Peace into the mix, and who help bring about the rainbows

    Remember we are the Rainbow Warriors.. and warriors at times have to stand up for what they think is right.. <3 xxx Love and hugs xx

    1. Wow…Sue. I have to catch my breath as I feel your energy and read your words. I am so grateful for our connection and what you have written here means so much to me. Thank you for stating it the way you did because prior to reading this I was in a place that “accepted” how I reacted…and I understand…and could even come to a place of peaceful coexistence with the part of the ego who actually enjoyed my blow up. But I feel more empowered by your words…and stronger in my conviction that I am walking my path and I KNOW THAT I AM ON THE RIGHT ONE!! I am in a place of beautiful growth and I am following my passion and even though there are struggles in my life I am better equipped to deal with them now…than I have ever in my lifetime. So it actually came as a surprise (although maybe it should not have) that while I was minding my own business I would suddenly be attacked by two people who tried their hardest throughout my life to squash the being…to turn out the light. It is time for distancing…from the lower energies…and from the sick dysfunction that keeps me connected just because of blood and what I think is supposed to be.
      Ah! I have to take a breath…is it possible to get out of breath while I am ranting with my fingers? HeHe…Thank you, Sue! So much love I send to you ♡♡♡

      1. You are most welcome dear Lorrie.. I am posting a video today. You may have seen it before because I have posted it often.. But feel it time I reposted it again.. Love and Light xx <3

    2. Sue, this is so well expressed. It’s a fine line between the love we naturally embody and the Warrior who must advocate for the rights of all, especially those whose voices (for whatever reason) are still/ed. These are tough, tough times. And while it’s important to remain energized and focused on peace, it is likewise time to awaken from society’s slumber. We women are stronger than we know. Aloha, dear <3

      1. WE are indeed Bela.. and thank you for the compliment.. I just let my fingers type as I let my head run with the flow of words, which is often the best way when I need to get out a few truths which I often know someone at my shoulder is offering up support in those invisible realms.. 🙂
        We may well be seeing changes we do not like, but around the world right now people are finding their voices and in Unity we can and do move mountains.. 🙂 xxx Love and Hugs Bela xxx

  9. These recent times it has been too easy to be “hooked” and when that happens, we just need to forgive ourselves and go high from there. Looking forward to the rest of your series. Sending hugs and love <3

    1. Thank you, Helen! Yes it is trying times where energy can be very volatile. You are correct…forgiveness is key and going higher ALWAYS the better option. Hope your week is full of brilliant sunshine and lots of love ♡

  10. Dear Lorrie, I’ve been waiting a bit for the dust to settle and to also make sure I have the time for reading your reflections on the election. I think my entire nation (Canada) is scratching its head and thinking did that really happen. I keep expecting to wake up and think that it was just a bad dream about a bad reality TV show, and in essence, that is what it turned into, a really bad reality show that played on the lowest level imaginable. Your posting allowed me to find some hope in this, because honestly I am scared. Your writing was particularly profound and intense, yet you took the high road; forgiveness. I hope you find yourself on that road surrounded by a multitude of others who are looking and living for hope and not stuck with those that remain in the “locker room”. Much love and admiration, Harlon

    1. Ah! Yes…yes…and yes!! And yes that I am finally able to respond from my phone 🙂 Thanks my friend for adding your energy here. It helps to hear that people from other countries have similar feelings about the reality show that just played out. It seems to get kookier every day. I find I need to disconnect from it all and concentrate on much higher energies. Hope you are well my friend 🙂 Sending lots of love!

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