BAM! There’s The Truth!



There’s the truth

It was sitting there the whole time

I chose to ignore it

I chose not to see it

Not to hear it

Not to feel it

Not to deal with it




Standing in its nakedness 

Nowhere to hide

Sometimes it is hard to pull back the layer of disguises we use

To ease our thinking mind

To assuage our conscience

To ignore our responsibility

And to stay deep in the energies of the EGO

Which makes all things about US!

There’s the Truth



Lorrie <3


Do you ever find yourself so wrapped up in something, so involved with a situation that you lose all ability to be objective and only view it from your point of view and how it affects you?  No problems were ever solved in this energy, that’s for sure.

I have been involved in a situation that has been an enormous struggle.  And each day I seemed to go lower and lower into the selfish view of how the events affected ME!

I signed up voluntarily to do this job.  And, I had a very specific view of how it would (read~should!) be.  When things didn’t look the way I wanted them to look, each day became more stressful and I fantasized about bailing and I watched as I became the self-centered, ego driven part of myself that I had hoped was no longer available.

Fear obscurred the untainted, unconditional love from my soul, and I realized that my original motivation for taking this on WAS NOT FOR ME!  It, therefore, IS NOT ABOUT ME!

And when I wrapped my head around the idea that my heart was already holding in a giant bear hug, all of the negative energy drained out of my body.  I felt like I could breathe again.  All of my muscles and my jaw, which felt like they were in a perpetual state of tetanus…rock hard…ready to fight (or take flight) unrelenting engagement, let go.  And I felt like a normal person with a “sensible body,” and I felt LOVE.

I felt love for myself, I felt love for her, and I felt love for the original motivation which was to honor the end of her life.

I clearly see now what my job is, and while I anticipate there will be difficulty, I will do the right thing, and all the while I will remember…



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30 thoughts on “BAM! There’s The Truth!

  1. How wonderful that you were able to make this shift Lorrie! I often need to be reminded that this isn’t about me! I hope you can hold the space for love during this challenge. I know you are being of great service.
    Hugs and blessings…

    1. Ah! Brad…what a shift…you are so spot on! It speaks to all the things I read about how when we change our minds…we change our life!
      I think we all could benefit from a little ‘It’s not about me check from time to time…yes? And what’s more is I am certain I will need to be reminded also!
      Thank you for your kind words…I cherish our connection and will be over to catch up. I know you have talked about moving to take care of your Mom…as I am going through this now, don’t hesitate to contact me for anything i could gelp you with.
      Much love…many blessings 💜

    1. Thanks Michael! 😊
      I have thought of you…My Mom fell and broke her knee cap…on her “good leg.” It is so difficult…and different for her to have to count on her polio affected “little” leg. She is amazing and gives me such inspiration.
      Hope all is SUPER in your world…are you in the midst of the changing colors of fall?

  2. So beautiful! Yes. The Truth Shall Set You Free! LOVE! Thank you for your courage and willingness to see the truth, own it and share it! There’s no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends John 15:13 Honoring your original motivation and honoring the end of her life. Amazing example of how sacrificing your life gives you more life. What a gift you are!!

    1. Ok..I can barely breath!
      I love you…and I would not have come to this place if not for the love we share and the incredible insight we bring to each other in this life. God made us sisters and I thank Him every day for this incredible gift!!
      I miss you…and I so wish I could be there next week for your big milestone! But it does not matter…distance is but an illusion…we are ALWAYS together! 💜💜
      WhooHoo…we just successfully completed our first shower!!!!
      Have a blessed day and kiss and hug everyone for me!!

    1. Ah! Thanks, Kim. I appreciate your sentiment…especially after some of the struggles where I acted like a monster. Being able to walk through that and gain understanding…AND be able to forgive myself for the ugliness…let’s just say I AM BLESSITUDE! 💜
      Hope all is well.

  3. I love this Lori, it makes so much sense and yes, a self check every now and then should be in order. Peace and blessings and yay you for this enormous shift, so much energy <3

    1. Thanks, Kim 💗 I have always been sensitive to feelings…but this year has put me over the top! It is as though along with crazy weather and crazy politics my sensitivities have gone on high alert. The lessons are powerful…and I oh so wish long lasting. My past experience is that I did need reality checks from time to time to ‘remember’ all that I learned. The shifts I have been experiencing are of such magnitude that I hope they STICK! 😉
      I hope life is getting back to normal for you after Irma. We had a HUGE tree fall into our pond behind us and they have not done anything to remove it yet. And quite frankly…I don’t want them to!! There is enough of it still in the ground that the leaves are all green and flourishing. And besides, the turtles love to hang out on the branches. They must be thinking, “Hey…thanks for the nice new condo!”
      Blessings to you 💗

  4. That is a wonderful discovery, Lorrie! Sometimes the truth is right there staring at us, but we are not able to see it. Truth makes us free. Many blessings to you <3

    1. Awww, Tiny…yes! Right there looking at us. And yet we do all we can to look over and sometimes even THROUGH it!
      Thank you so much for adding your energy here. You know I think of you often and just love your new series. It is full of truth…wisdom…and healing…which is exactly what I wish for you 💜
      Sweet blessings.

    1. Hi Val!! HaHa…I love it…getting over ourselves!! Yes, I have been quite busy with that. Thanks so much for your kind heart and for always making me smile! Hope all is super in your world <3

  5. Bless you for your honesty, Lorrie. When pain strikes and circumstances keep pounding at us oh yes we can fall and once fallen, keep rolling down that cliff until we remember LOVE. I too have been in ego land just so filled with pain that the continued hits I am getting from others I have been loosing my usual calm. Your words inspired me to take a bath this evening to just chill to concentrate on getting into my Zone again. Oh yes the tension in my neck and jaw … I know only too well. There truly is no greater Love then sacrificing self for another. I walk your shoes, dear friend, and so will keep you close in Heart with me. These “tests” are getting very very difficult and at times, IMO, downright impossible. Keep shining your Light and always stay open and honest, for it is this that will carry you to the Promised Land. Much Love to you! 💞

    1. Thank you beautiful Amy! I am so grateful to receive your blessing. I know you are experiencing similar energies…stuck in a pattern of difficulty. It can be so hard to keep The smile on our face and the light shining from our heart…but that is exactly what we MUST DO!! I am here for you 💗 Keep shining and most of all keep LOVE foremost in your life 💜💜

      1. I just posted a video today, Lorrie, that proves I have not lost my laugh. Even amongst all this devastation, I’m still able to giggle. Amazing! All is Good! And there truly is a reason for what both of us are going through. ☺️

  6. It’s easy to fall into MY part in this and what I think it should be, along with all the implied “I have to’s” buzzing in my head like mosquitoes I thought I’d shoed away. Your honesty reminds me that we are all so human and we can remember to step back and let things flow. Peace to you, dear Lorrie.

    1. Thanks, Joanna 💗 Sometimes I feel a little fear exposing the not so pretty parts of me…but they are part and parcel of this whole package that is me. Learning to love all the parts has been so important in the healing journey I’ve been traveling. And when you write something like this back to me, it confirms that what is in my heart is always the ‘right’s thing. Thank you my friend…hope all is SUPER in your world 💜

    1. Hi La! Ah! Thank you for your always beautiful words and sentiment that I know comes from your heart!! 💗
      I think it is so easy to become self obsessed…to be so into how everything is affecting us that we tend to get a little lost.
      Sending you beat wishes for a wonderful week also…hope you find beauty and truth in all places 💜💜

  7. Lorrie I think many of us have been there in something similar, as our energies get wrapped up in our perspectives of something and how WE think it should be.. Learning to step back and alter that perspective is a Bam moment.. and sometimes it hits us hard, When we see it is not about us.. But we fall into that trap of Ego, oh so often..
    Love and Hugs my friend xx

    1. Yes, Sue! I think I really get bogged down when I feel like I have this breakthrough and then I stop and think…hey! I’ve had this breakthrough before!!! That is the time to be gentle and to know that the ego is very strong and very sneaky and will try to rise…always!!
      Thanks my friend…we help each other remember and that is a beautiful thing!!
      Much love 💜💜💜

  8. I had a similar epiphany recently about a situation I am involved with….when I came to the same realization you did, I was disappointed in myself and then had the same epiphany about that reaction….it is so freeing to realize it’s not about you!!

    1. Haha…I had to laugh because I understand what you did completely!! It is freeing…to let it all go…and to just BE…and to be okay with that!
      Sending wonderful wishes to you, Kirt!

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