“It Really Hurts”



“Ask yourself, therefore, but one simple question:  Do I want the problem or do I want the answers?”  ~ ACIM

It really hurts.

I know it shouldn’t

or rather I know if I could just 

stop thinking the thoughts

I could make it go away

But it’s big.

It’s HUGE!

It’s standing at a crossroads

or on a precipice

And deciding to turn left

or right

Or heck to just jump…

It is the cellular make up…

the learned expression

The way to tear down the facade

holding up the truth


And I know that it should not touch me

I know that I have worked so hard

to pull myself up out of the well

to honor the place inside me

where my truth has lain in wait

and I know how this truth feels

and I should never allow somebody else’s

actions and words, even if they are

The Original Assault

to cause me any doubt

to knock me off my feet

to break my beating heart

to change my mind about who I am

and/or where I am going


There is a time that is acceptable to mourn something you thought you had but in actuality you never did.

There is a time that is acceptable to let your pain be felt, because not feeling it doesn’t help.

And then it is time to pick yourself up and check your face in the mirror and when you lock eyes with yourself, you smile and say, “YOU GO GIRL!”


Lorrie ❤



I dedicate this post to anyone who mourns something they thought they had because it was too painful to acknowledge that they didn’t;

To anyone who hurts so bad because they never had what they so desperately thought they needed.

I’m here to tell you, YOU AND YOUR TRUTH are all you need!


And a huge shout out to Texas and the latest senseless mass shooting.  I send love and peace to all ❤  May the tortured souls find different ways to show their pain. 


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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

35 thoughts on ““It Really Hurts”

  1. We all travel our journeys of pain, loss and struggle to find our “it’s all right”. You are a bright light shining, Lorrie, and your journey will be a successful one. Many blessings and hugs. You go girl ❤


    1. Hi Helen! You have no idea how much your message meant to me 💗 Thank you! I have faith that I will walk through this dark patch…though it is perhaps the hardest one yet it is also one that is attached to so much and, therefore, will promote deep healing. I’m happy to have a friend in you and I send awesome energy to you on this Friday morning 💜💜

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  2. Wonderful to hear you say these words Lorrie… 🙂 We can not skip the wounds, for we came to learn and yes heal from them.. But we no longer need to keep picking at the scabs to make them bleed and be an open wound for ever.. So yes.. so wonderful to hear you say these words.. “I’m here to tell you, YOU AND YOUR TRUTH are all you need!”

    Love and Blessings ❤ Always xx

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    1. Thank you, Sue! Ahhh!
      It is becoming so clear. I am trying not to be consumed by the pain. It is like an archeological dig site…uncovering things I had no idea were there. The human mind (God!) is amazing…it (He/She) keeps us from pain that we are not ready to handle and then allows the site to be excavated… uncovered… when the time is right… when we are able to work with the results to realize our truth!
      I am not saying this is easy, but I know that I am on the verge of a great healing…and I am Blessitude!!
      Sweet blessings to you my friend 💗 Maybe one day we could talk about this…I’ve a feeling we have uncovered similar things.
      I hope this new week is full of light for you to see truth!! 💜💜

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      1. We have indeed dear Lorrie and they crop up in the most extraordinary places, that a small trigger often sets into motion.. This happened for me too only this year, when I had to re-look and revalue how my feelings were turned around upon a certain perspective view I had held onto.. But once I dug it out, the release was immense 🙂 So the process yes, is ongoing, but always forward and onward.. ❤


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