A full moon rising

Lifting possibilities out of the earth

Hanging by a chord

Swinging to and fro

Sizing up the opportunity

And holding it to your heart center


It’s all been laid out so perfectly

For you to reach and hold

And dream and live

And make the most of the answers

To the questions that were hid


Leave your fear at the door

Take a ticket if you think you’ll need it

But take the step

Make the leap

Have the guts to stand in your power

And fulfill your destiny with Grace


It awaits

Every dream

Every possibility

Every wish you ever wished

Every thought you ever had

As to the completion of your soul’s dance here

In the time you were given

And the role you were destined to play


Knock on the door and believe with all your heart

That the answers to your questions

And the solutions to your problems

And the beauty of your dreams

And the necessity of your purpose

Shall all be waiting

On the other side of the door

The door that stands between truth and reality

The door that keeps your sacred destiny hidden from view

The door that opens wide and lets love free…



Lorrie <3


Knock.  You have to knock.  You have to have the courage, or at least the lack of fear, to grab the opportunities when presented and pull them to your chest and embrace them!

How many times do you think the answers to your questions, the answers to your problems, the WAY OUT have been sitting right in front of you but you didn’t have the guts to take that chance? Or, how many opportunities do you think have been presented that drifted right past your awareness without an inkling of their presence?

I know that during some of the darkest times of my life I have prayed, asked, begged for an answer (ASK).  Then I woke the next morning and rifled through the possibilities that seemed to float through my mind on an endless ticker (SEEK).  And the final step was to have the courage to take action (KNOCK!) and implement a plan.  And if that plan didn’t work then it was time to try the next one on the list.

What I am saying is that we are equipped with free will, but also with an incredibly powerful system to navigate this thing called life.  If we ASK (pray), and SEEK the answers (opportunities) and then have the courage to KNOCK on the door, we move forward and eventually realize we can handle, and DO ANYTHING!!

Sending sweet blessings on this Sunday morning.  I wish you all the realization of how powerful you are! <3

P.S.  I took the photograph of the beautiful white orchids right outside my back door.  On Valentine’s Day I looked outside and thought, “Who put plastic flowers in that tree?” I went out to investigate and they were not plastic.  And they had never been there before…and they were not there the day before!! 

Nature astounds me.  And if this beautiful plant can spring to life out of a tree, I am empowered to think of what I am capable!!



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48 thoughts on “KNOCK

    1. Hi John! Hope you are well! Is it close to spring yet???? I doubt it for you 😉
      Yes…the overnight appearance of this beauty was quite stunning and just what I needed in my life! It is still flowering…though very close to the end. I hope it comes back every year. I was told that someone very special to me used to plant them in the trees and try to get them to grow. He passed away almost 5 years ago…I miss him. I told his wife that the orchids appeared on Valentine’s Day and I thought it was for her! She cried…I cried…and we both stood in the parking lot feeling his presence.
      Thanks, John. Truly hope all is well with you and yours <3

  1. I love, love, love you! Speak it, scream it, yell it, feel it, write it girl! You just wrote so much truth. We all know that truth (well most do), but far too often we don’t follow it. How many times I’ve woken up the next day, or even realized it later in the same day … UGH, that was an answer, that was an opportunity, that was the step I was supposed to take! Thankfully, that list does exist, and the next item on it will appear.

    Loved what you wrote, how you wrote it and the enormous transparency and inspiration you wrote under it. Now, let’s read it over and over and over and over and over again until we’ve memorized it and act on it without thought. 🙂 Love you so.

    I just posted to, but mine was a bit of a different sort, though still the theme of pushing forward … a bit less bright and light, and a bit more fire and fight. 😉

    Big hugs and blessings to you … ENJOY your Sunday, do something for yourself, no matter what it is is, be it outside, inside, standing up, moving, or napping, whatever it is that’s for you, do it.

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Kimba 😁 Love your passion…and thanks for getting it…for seeing it. I think when we write we do so from a place that has to do it. It a not FOR anyone…I suppose it is for me in that there is always healing. And I share it because I so wish to add a little nugget along the path to healing. So when someone says they get it…really get it…it brings a smile to my heart!!
      Yes…thank you! And I am having a few moments here…to do what I want and that is very nice. Then I have to go to a party tonight sponsored by the local theatre I volunteer at…it is in honor of all the volunteers. And to be honest…I would just like to stay home! But that wouldn’t be very nice…and I know I will have fun once I get there!
      Sweet blessings to you, my friend. (I have not been able to respond to your email yet…but soon!)

    1. I know what it’s like to live like that DeBorah…as I did for most of my life. And I will be honest and say that once you feel that way…and keep having that energy confirmed by circumstances…it is hard to change it. I think more than counting on humans to be the one to help I’m looking more towards the Divine energy…the miracles that have occurred in my life…right when I needed them!
      I pray that you feel that kind of support…but I also know enough not to preach to anyone what can…or could be. But I send my love…and supportive healing energy to you…always 💜

      1. Many times I’ve wished to shift my responsibility, to lessen the burden. I’ve spent many hours crying out for help. But sadly there’s no one and no where to turn. I could use an extended break but I dry my tears and keep marching.

  2. Inspiring post and thank you. Orchids are special and such a blessing. Love works in miraculous ways. Strong energies with the forthcoming Full Moon big shifts on the horizon. Blessings

    1. Thank you 💜 I do believe the orchids a huge blessing. They came at a time that I really needed something beautiful…something special 😁
      Yes…I can feel an expectancy in the air…very strong emotions.
      Hope you are well…feeling good! 💜

  3. Yay Lorrie! I’m so glad you’ve found your way back to joy, trust, beauty and love. Keep on praying, seeking, and asking. Whatever works to keep you thriving and sharing your joy my friend. Hugs and blessings from the heartland. 🙂

    1. Hi Brad! 😁😁😁
      Can’t stop smiling at your response! Thanks my friend. The journey is not always full of surprise flowers…sometimes it gets much ickier than that. But it is always worthwhile…always mindful…and always comes back to love.
      Wishing you a new week filled with lots of little surprises that make you smile from your heart 😁
      Sweet blessings, Brad!

      1. And you also Lorrie, I’ve a desert rose gifted to me two years ago from my neighbor who just passed. It hadn’t bloomed since the first year and suddenly I’ve two lovely flowers, I think she’s shining her light on me, Angel gifts💐🌷🌸🌹

  4. So true, Lorrie. It’s important to shed the fear and gather the courage to ‘knock’, to take some appropriate action. Such situations appear in each of our lives and we must remember that it’s only the inner courage and determination that can help us find the right path of life. Wonderful post and the orchid is stunningly beautiful! <3 Mother Nature has so many magic up her sleeve… 🙂

    1. Ah! Thanks, my friend. Your words ring with such truth. And we all do…each and every one of us…have to find these answers…knock on the door of possibility for ourselves.
      Thanks for leaving your mark here 💜
      Many blessings for a beautiful week

    1. Hi Tiny! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting 😁
      I don’t think I ever realized just how fearful I am until lately! Yes…working on this 😉
      Hope that you are well. I think of you often…always with a smile and a hug!

  5. How exciting! I feel the energy in this: It awaits/Every dream/Every possibility/Every wish you ever wished…… It sure doesn’t hurt to knock, to take a step, or a leap or to simply and profoundly STAND IN YOUR POWER. I love that phrase, and I love what you’re doing here, Lorrie. Knock on! 🙂 <3

    1. Hi JoAnna…thanks for the big smile 😁 And thanks for the nod! I feel this so strongly…and it is all coming together…and it feels right 😊
      I hope you have a super week…so hard to believe that half of March is gone…but spring is on the way…yaayyyy!!! 🌻🌼🌻🌼

  6. Great post, Lorrie. Fear is a huge 4 letter word. I’ve always been a fearful person but very often I just feel the fear and do it anyway. I’ve done a lot of things that scared the stuffings out of me. It was always worth it. I have never seen an orchid outside. But I live in the PNW so I wouldn’t expect that to happen here. What a wonderful thing.

    1. Ah! Thanks, Marlene 😁 And no…I wouldn’t suspect a wild orchids in the PNW!! I was shocked…and delighted!!
      Yes…the dreaded fear…it IS a four letter word!! Trying to get to the place of DOING IT ANYWAY!! Thanks for stopping by, Marlene…have a great week 💜

  7. Lorrie, your writing brings such ease and clarity: asking for assistance, discovering miracles, and showing willingness to open the opportunity 🚪 door. Each step along the way takes courage and a good bit of surrender. The orchids that showed up really provided a deeper message of connection and transcendence of time. Very beautiful my friend 💗 Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Ka

    1. Ah! Ka! 😁😁 Yes…I felt the orchids had to have a very clear message…and they were white as snow!
      Thanks for reiterating the process…I really do think that it works miracles. When we know our strength, our power, it feels so amazing!
      Much love to you. I hope your week sparkles 💜

  8. Hey lady! It has been a LONG time since I logged into my WordPress reader and the first thing I did was search you!! Of course you have a photo of a gorgeous white orchid on your post, as I took a photo of mine this morning marvelling in its beauty as it final perfect white flower bloomed. As always, your words touch my heart..beautiful prose Lorrie. Love + hugs Bella.

    1. WhooHoo!! Wow…its great to see you, Lisa! Long time. And OF COURSE you were looking at a white orchids 😁😁 It is near the end of its bloom time…I hope it comes back….but I will never forget It!
      I hope that you are super awesome…that life is treating you with kindness 😁 I will be over to check up on you and see what you have been up to 💜

  9. Well said, Lorrie. The way is always held open to us I think, but we do have our parts to play… Transformation comes in mysterious ways. Sometimes loud, sometimes subtle. Certainty is of the heart, and when it comes enfolds all that we are and all that we offer…

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Thank you, Michael. Love to see your ideas. Yes, there are mysterious ways that transformation can take place, that is for sure!
      I hope life is back to “normal” for you. I wonder if the weather men ever got the snowfall correct 😉 I do not miss snow…not even a little.
      Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Michael. Sending love and light ☀️

    1. Ah! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your beautiful energy here 😁 I’m happy you enjoyed it and I hope your Easter Sunday is filled with blessings 💜

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and sifting through my writings. It’s always so nice to meet someone new and to share moments!
      I appreciate your kind words. Have a super week!!

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