I am Closed for Business!


It took me a long time to figure out that I attract people who are not good for me.  It took me longer to realize that it is okay to wish them well and move on.  I believed that we are all connected and it somehow reflected poorly on me if I didn’t stay embroiled in the drama and emotional blackmail. How could I turn my back on someone who needs me?

But then I realized we are all energy.  I must be vibrating at a level that allows those people to be attracted to me.  If I could change my energy those people might still come shopping, but when they saw the “Closed for Business” sign – they might knock for a little while – but eventually they turn around and look for another person to do their business with.

It is all a matter of self care.  I learned to love myself and respect myself enough to number one: recognize the emotional vampires, and number two:  send them love and well wishes – but ultimately, send them on their way.

The real blessing here is that some of those people have stayed in my life.  When they realized I wasn’t open for business, they changed the way they do business!!  What a blessing to be an impetus for change simply by changing myself.

I can’t say that I have a perfect record.  But I can tell you that my radar looks a lot like air traffic control, and I have averted some near disasters!

How do you conduct your business?

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8 thoughts on “I am Closed for Business!

  1. I love when I can find blsog that I can relate to.
    I totally just had that happen to me.
    I caught myself hanging out on a blog that consumed a lot of my time…. all the back and forth chatting and all…
    and even though your point may have been totally different here today This post helped me make my choice to move on♥

  2. A wise saying I’ve kept in mind: “There’s never a need to accept an invitation to an argument.”
    I work to keep my physical, emotional and spiritual space free of anger, gossip and hatred. That includes thoughts, words, actions…and sometimes people. Every so often you have to clear out the clutter. I guess it’s like spring cleaning. Life on this planet is too short, and my purpose too focused to be derailed by the drama or distractions.

  3. Something Louise Haye wrote in her book, “You Can Heal Your Life,” resonated with me (loosely quoted): “You didn’t have a choice of which family you were born into, but you have a choice now of which family is in your life.” I’ve been estranged from my huge, huge Mormon (mom) and Catholic (dad) family for 20 years. I got tired of trying to be what they thought I should be, so I said good-bye and went off to find myself. Here I am!

    1. Russel, isn’t it sad that what I wrote also pertains to family? But you are so correct (and quoted one of my favorites. ..Louise Hay) that you can build a family who loves, respects and supports you in all that you do. I believe you have done that and I am so happy for you! My healing was accelerated when I felt safe in a cocoon of love from the family I created. It also gave me the strength to wade back into the waters of my biological family to heal some old wounds…not for everyone, I know, but so far I am safe. I wish you peace and love…and keep creating! Blessitude – Lorrie

  4. Wonderful advice! Be ‘closed for business’ for those who come calling looking for a doormat, victim, sounding board for verbal abuse – we’re having none of it! Hooray! I recently discovered Pinterest and added the ‘button’ on my blog FYI. One of my boards is called Friendship that is REAL because I too had to learn to release toxicity from life: thoughts, foods, habits, AND people. There are energy vampires who try to drag others down, or simply drain them of energy. No longer in my world! I choose to associate with delightful people who shine their light and raise my spirits. People like You! Hugs, Gina

    1. Thanks Gina!!! Thanks for making my day. I am so happy that we found each other. I so treasure the people who bring light and joy and happiness to the world…and I have a sneaky suspicion that you are one of them!!!! Enjoy this beautiful day and spread your love in the world! Blessitude – Lorrie

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