Beautiful Angels


Beautiful Angels who fly overhead
I feel your wings flutter as a breeze raises my skin

Cover me with your story
I remain a human with many thoughts
but I long to be ethereal
I long to feel the call that guides me
the call that gives credence to a life
the call that helps my fellow beings

Beautiful Angels who dive to the darkness
you come out brighter than when you went in
teach me to laugh at the demons
no one can touch me
teach me to cry from my belly
humanity feels me
teach me to love from my mind
to match the erupting well of love from my heart

Beautiful Angels who carry me with them
flying over purple mountains
diving to the depths of the seas
I feel your essence
I drink from the timeless wisdom you are aching to show me

Beautiful Angels


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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Angels

  1. Oh, this poem is amazing Lorrie!! It is simply gorgeous! So full of Love and Light, just like you! You know that I love angels, so I especially adored this beautiful poem! It is so touching and full of pure emotion. Thank you for sharing this angelic poem with me! 🙂


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