There is Peace

One Wing Dipped in Grace
One Wing Dipped in Grace

I have this feeling again. The feeling that I am supposed to be doing something. It feels like my soul is calling to me but can’t quite reach me. It is impatient and frustrated because for some reason I am not able to connect – not able to hear or see or feel what it is I should be doing.

I am happy that I have this feeling because for many years I didn’t feel anything – well, anything except physical pain. But I have stripped the layers of that pain away and it leaves the longing of my soul to be felt.

I feel it in a restless way that makes me want to be angry at myself for not being able to access it. It would be so easy to become angry and impatient because they are the old habits that are ingrained…the habits I work very hard to extinguish.

But I decide instead to sit quietly with my heart open. I decide to be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I decide that I AM doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Look at how many beautifully spirit led words come to me that I am able to share on my blog. “My blog” was inconceivable to me even a few short months ago.

I decide that I am so grateful for the world this has opened for me – the wonderful spirits I have met who continue to inspire me on a daily basis. You, sweet people who humble me with your comments of love and support.

And then it dawns on me…my soul feels happier with this pen in my hand putting words on a paper. Is it possible that writing quenches the thirst of my soul, the longing in my heart? Is this what I must do to fulfill my contract with the universe, to answer my calling from God?

I’m not sure. But for now it has quieted the longing hunger. For now I feel satiated. For now I know the words in my heart have come out and there is a release.

There is peace.



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22 thoughts on “There is Peace

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate that you took the time to visit. Did you connect to that longing that comes from the depths of your soul? It is hard to describe for me, but it is very powerful. Have a super day…Blessitude!

  1. Lovely Lorrie! I just feel that you are on the right path, I am sure of it! If writing makes you feel joyful then you should write! You have a real talent for it! Your angel poem was so beautiful! I think it is quite easy to follow the heart, we just do what makes us happy, I mean real happy, from the inside out 🙂 Take joy in exploring yourself and your talents, it is a lot of fun! Getting to know oneself is very interesting! Just do what makes you happy Lorrie, for when you are happy God smiles in heaven 🙂

    1. Thank you Line 🙂 I really appreciate the way you encourage me. You really are a beacon and your light shines…I dare to say…for EVERY SOUL to see. I am very happy writing…The time is right. I have always known I would write a book…since I was a tiny girl. I recently was guided to submit a non-fiction proposal for a book to Hay House Publishers. I had gone to a writer’s conference which allowed you to submit without an editor. My proposal was not chosen. I have put the proposal aside and have been concentrating on my blog. I never thought the book would be non-fiction, but the idea that I could help even one person was alluring. I rest in the knowledge that I will know exactly which book I am supposed to write and exactly when…because I will be divinely guided. And for now I continue to write from my heart and my soul…and as you said, “get to know myself.” Much love to you dear friend!

  2. I do LIKE your attitude, Lorrie. Writing accomplishes many things for many people.
    Catch and release; serve and volley; pitch and hit; type and delete. 😉
    When you say pain, or past pains — to what are you referring, dare I ask?

    Have a lovely day! Hugz, Keith

    1. Hi Uncle Tree. My…your power of persuasion is very good! I just wrote a small book to you in answer to your question….and my computer lost its connection and kapooey…it all vanished into thin air!!

      So being the person of faith that I am…and one who listens to signs…I took the fact that everything I had written to you was not supposed to be put into cyber space!

      How is that for a teaser? I know..that is mean. So I will tell you that I suffered a serious physical ailment….and with faith and hard work I am doing really well! <3 I may go look to see if I can find your email and tell you a little more. Have a super day!! Lorrie

      1. Gosh, I hate when kapooey happens. Makes one check
        their memory banks for updates. 😉 Sometimes it works.

        Glad to hear you’re doing well nowadays! 🙂 You play tennis, I see?
        Good exercise, no doubt. I’ve never been to Florida. Must be fun playing there when the rest of us are freezing our butts off. LoL I used to play in high school a bit.

        I see you left me a link to check out. I will do that asap. 🙂

        1. Ahhh Uncle Tree…I’ve a feeling that the “a bit” comment on playing tennis is a “a bit” understated! I bet you were (are?) A very strong player…? Yes…tennis is a passion of mine…and you are so correct…I sometimes feel guilty that I live in such a beautiful place for the winter 🙂 This was not always so. But my cut off temperature used to be 60 F. Now it is 80!!!
          Have a super weekend Keith! 🙂

          1. Okay, so I had my own racket. 😉 I passed a tennis class
            in high school my junior year, and won the end of the year tourney.
            It’s not like I was on the school team or anything. I turned back to golf
            as a young married adult. Dad’s lifetime love. For a few years,
            before we moved from Missouri to Nebraska, when I was 13 and 14, we belonged to a small country club, and I played every weekday
            during the summer, and then swam in the pool all afternoon till Dad picked me up after work.
            Fun old times. I’m a born ball player — good genes and God’s grace.
            These days for healthy fun, I take a hike for 5 to 6 miles through the country club neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday morning.
            It’s a very inexpensive enterprise.

            Well…you asked. 😉 You have a great weekend yourself, girl!

            1. I knew it!! Playing tennis is like riding a bike…you don’t forget how. But, no matter how much other exercise you do, stamina on the court would take a while to get back!! I just had a feeling you were an athlete!

              I always knew I could play tennis…but growing up we did not have the means. I had a very NON athletic girlfriend that I made try a few times at the local high school courts. But she couldn’t get the ball back once…and I’m afraid that wasn’t what I had in mind! Looking back she probably saved my life because I was game to try anything!!

              I started to play when I was 26…and I was correct…I can play tennis!! Sounds like I am bragging…and maybe I am a little 🙂 I was ranked #10 in the country in doubles…National Jr. Colleges and have competed ever since. I have learned a lot about myself through competition.

              Today, my partner and I have a doubles match against one of my favorite couples in the world!!! They are some of the best people you could ever want to meet in the world….and I will try to kick their _ _ _!!!! (Can’t help myself!) 🙂

              There you go…you got a huge glimpse into ME!
              Thanks UT…have a great weekend! Will send a post to read in a bit! Blessitude

  3. “Be still and know that I am God…” Sometimes, we thrash about looking for answers is a disturbed, even panicky state. But in some of those moments, God is saying clam down, close your eyes, breath deeply, and center your thoughts on Me! We learn to look to God first for answers in every situation. The “walk” is meant for the here and now, and the here after!


      1. If I have added anything to make the time better for you or anyone else, I have done what God expects of me. For it is His wisdom and comfort I apply, and not my own…

        TTL 🙂

  4. Lorrie,
    This is a great piece. I have been in that same place feeling the same way so many times. Thanks for sharing your experience and process.
    Thanks for following my blog and your recent attention. I so appreciate it.

    1. Hi Suzanne! Welcome 🙂 I’m so happy you stopped by and that you can relate to my writings. I’m so happy we connected and I look forward to exploring your home even more. Many blessings to you, new friend! 🙂

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