In the Palm of My Hand


Sweet Baby
Sweet Baby

Oh little one

Lost and all alone

Have no fear

For I hold you in the palm of my hand


The world looks scary

and you feel small…insignificant

But I promise you have a place…you have a role to play


Every being is here by divine order


Go out…be brave…explore

Come to being with the place in your heart

With the soul of your being

With the Master of Creation


Go out…be strong…learn

Spread your gift to the world of your dreams

Take control of the space you occupy

For it’s all there in your mind

In your control

In your creation

In your universe


Oh little one in the palm of my hand

You are loved…protected…alive!




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25 thoughts on “In the Palm of My Hand

    1. Thank you (Bec..?)!! I found this baby turtle outside our door’ My first thought was, “Oh, poor baby…lost and all alone.” Then I banished my fear, put him near our pond, and knew he would have a great adventure!! Have a super weekend… Blessitude!

  1. Sweet little turtle! We found a baby that small once before. A little pond slider. My daughter begged me to keep the little guy so $200 later (tank, food, book, etc.) we had a new “pet.” She tired of him early but his time with us allowed him to grow larger. When he began to make little whoopie-signs to his reflection we figured (rightly!) it was time to release him into the pond. A simply ceremony ensued, she released him and he swam away. We spotted him for years before we moved, all happy … and no doubt happily creating new turtles!!! Love your poem – thank you for bringing forth that fond memory!

    1. Debi…thanks for sharing your story!! That is the first thought I had…to keep the little fellow as a pet! But considering I have a new puppy that I didn’t plan to have, I envisioned the menagerie of homeless animals I had as a child and knew what was to follow!! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. I love, love, love this Lovely Lorrie!! It is just so angelic, so pure, so full of divine love and compassion! Your poetry is amazing!! You are a true poetess in every way…! If I may say……more of that please!! 🙂 🙂 Poetry I mean 🙂

    1. Hello Dear Friend Line! Thank you so for your super wonderful words. I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. I am so inspired by YOU…and to have you say such beautiful words about my writings is such a blessing to me. 🙂 I am humbled…Lorrie

  3. Aww, this little guy keep popping up for me. I am going to have to look him up in my Animal Spirit Guide and see what he is trying to tell me! What a motivating & courageous poem you have shared, thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa. Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting. Isn’t this little guy the cutest! If you find out what he means please share…He was literally at my doorstep.

      1. Lorrie, I consulted my Animal Spirits Guide by the amazing Steven D. Farmer PH.D. Often you need three sightings to indicate this animal is a messenger for you, but when a turtle shows up like that at your doorstep it is a direct message for you! One of these should resonate strongly with you: 1) you need to slow things down a bit, 2) be less dependant on others, 3) you are becoming more sensitive & will feel reactions physically before they manifest emotionally, 4) spend a few hours in solitude away from people & usual noises, 5) you are entering a VERY creative time so shield yourself from distractions. Whew, I hope that is beneficial to you Lorrie. I love learning more about animal guides. Once I dialled into these guides I started meeting all sorts of people & clients who had them as well. Never before had I heard people talking so freely about their guides & I find it fascinating. Be well sweet bella!!

        1. Oh WOW!!! You are so awesome to have sent this to me..I really, really appreciate you!!!
          #2….this very week I have had these thoughts!!
          #5….Yes…I also know this to be true. I can feel the creativity ramping up and I know that I am on the verge of creating something that has lain dormant inside me for a very long time!!!
          This is so exciting. Thank you Thank you Lisa…I would not have thought to look that little guy up…and to tell you the truth…he is the SECOND little turtle to show up at my door in the last month!!!!
          You are amazing….I just love how I can feel your energy through your writing. 😀

          1. Yeah!! It really was my pleasure. You provide an opportunity for me to learn and I get to turn someone else onto the powerful messages of the animal kingdom. A win-win situation don’t you think? Have a wonderful day Lorrie.

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