Collateral Damage


Storm Front Coming
Storm Front Coming


I read a blog today that reminded me of Hurricane / Super Storm Sandy.  The storm touched my life in two places that I live, and it touched my life by pounding my heart the way her waves pounded the shore.

I wrote a few poems at the time, and as I am usually guided in the way that I show you things, it seems like a good time to present them.

The storm was raging a battle and hurt many people.  I was personally raging my own battle and, I am sure, hurt many people.  It is unfortunate that there is collateral damage when a person ventures on the path of healing.

This poem was written 11/7/12



And the fury of hell was unleashed by her

Nothing in her path was safe

Years of hurt welled up inside her

The only place it could go was out

Out and through, tearing buildings and boards and walls and homes

The force was so great no man could have stopped her

No thought could have held her

No promise could have tamed her

She sought relief

She held it all back so long her own power within scared her too

She just let it go

And maybe she feels sorry for the devastation she caused

But she couldn’t help it

She couldn’t hold it

She couldn’t feel it

She just let go

Now she is beautiful again

She tries not to think about it anymore

She is sorry that her own pain was more important than that of all others

She weeps a little

Her friends look different to her

Because they are

They could never

Will never, be the same

She doesn’t make excuses

How could there possibly be one that could explain what happened

She owns it

Possibly puts back a little of what was taken

But knows deep down that

 No one

No thing

Will ever be the same



Demolished Sea Wall
Demolished Sea Wall


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7 thoughts on “Collateral Damage

  1. Lorrie, this poem touched me deeply, and I understand it so well. Growth breaks new ground as roots spread and stalks grow strong. It’s for the health of the plant that it does so. Surrounding plants must stretch to seek firmer ground or be swept away by the wind.

  2. Thank you Susan. I love what you have written. You get exactly what I felt when I wrote this (when I reread this.) Yes, some of my surrounding plants were swept away by the wind. And while it is sad, it is so. I am so grateful for my healing, and I wish I could fix the broken plants…but that is their journey. Many blessings to you 🙂

  3. What a beautiful poem about healing and letting go! When we have kept things bottled up for a long time then it can sometimes come out like that, it just boils over. Some people cry some people rage, some people do both. What I love the most about the poem is how much self-love and self-acceptance it carries. There is no self-blame in the poem, and no hiding away, I love that. It is a very powerful poem. And I think, when a hurricane has swept through someplace and wiped out everything, then we should decide to build the place up to be even more beautiful, and with an even stronger foundation so it can withstand heavier blows in the future 🙂 In this way, the hurricane has not left a trace of sadness and loss, but a trace of renewal, strength and beauty. 🙂

    1. So beautiful Line. I love that you recognized the self love, and lack of self blame. The poem started out in reference to the storm but I immediately saw that it was about me too. All of it was very emotional…but I learned a lot about myself. I agree about rebuilding…isn’t that what we do with ourselves, as well, after an emotional storm? Thank you for always going to the depths of my writing! 🙂

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