Sisters in Sunrises – Shark Photobomb!!

Shark Photobomb!
Shark Photobomb!
With an arrow mark to find the shark
With an arrow mark to find the shark
Poor resolution. But he's there!
Poor resolution. But he’s there!

Imagine my surprise when I tried to photograph a flying pelican, and later realized a shark had photobombed the shot!  You have to look real close (zoom in) – the pelican is to the left of center…and the shark is to the left of that above the break line in surf.  See, I knew there were sharks of there…The chances of my dream of ocean swimming are getting smaller…and smaller…


Almost Here
Almost Here

I was so excited to get up to see the sunrise today.  A fellow blogger (who has an amazing site, Debi Bradford Photography…at…debibradford,)and I,  decided to compare the sunrise today.  (please understand she is a “real photographer” while I shot my photos with my cellphone…you get the picture…haha)


Debi urged me to spend time with the sunrise.  She said, “I highly recommend witnessing a sunrise as often as possible.  There’s just something about it – the solitude, the miracle – what it does to your soul is incredible.”  Turns out she is correct.  I feel energized and excited to walk in this day with a renewed spirit.  It did touch my soul and I am very grateful.

There it is!
There it is!

Debi said we’d be Sisters in Sunrises!  I like the way that sounds.  I like the way I feel.  I will forgive myself for the countless sunrises I have missed…I live a block away from seeing this every morning!  I have learned to accept that everything happens when…and the way it is supposed to.  So, as with many other hardships or beautiful things missed, I will not have regrets.  This is the time I am supposed to explore this.

Goodbye for now...
Goodbye for now…

Thank you Debi!  I am so happy I did this.  I have set my intentions for this beautiful day and I live in the place of love.  For those of you who can personally witness a sunrise, I too, urge you to do it.  You will not be disappointed.  And for those who are not able to be there in person, I truly hope that the energy I experienced is living in these photos and that you receive a piece of this time.  Namaste




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24 thoughts on “Sisters in Sunrises – Shark Photobomb!!

  1. Whoa!!!!!!!!! A shark!!!!! THAT I’ve not yet seen here, Lorrie! A whale, dolphins, pelicans galore but not a shark fin sticking up out of the water. I’d likely be carted off as a lunatic for enjoying the moment so vivaciously! We once saw an 8 ft. bull shark off the pier, but just his shadowy shape slipping by way under the surface. LOVE your post!!! SO happy to see your sunrise, which evolved much in the same manner as ours here in North Carolina! Thank YOU, Lorrie, for making my day! This is so fabulous that we’ll have to do it again! XO!

    1. Thank you Debi!!! You are the reason I was up there and I am so grateful :D. We did see the shark but I had no idea he photo bombed the picture until I got home and zoomed in to see the pelly. Too bad the quality isn’t better…but not too bad for a phone. Hope you could see it! Yes…we will have to do it again…Thank You For This gift!! Blessitude

      1. Blessings to you, too, Lorrie! Funny, I’m always looking for a shark and follow known great whites through Ocearch but I’ve never seen a fin! Lucky you today! I loved your post – your enthusiasm – your obvious glee in experiencing such a miracle! Have a fabulous weekend, and YES we will do this again!

    1. Hi Julie…I can’t tell if the shark is as visible as it is on my phone…A friend kidded that it was a shadow. But we saw him!! It was awesome…until I remembered that I want to swim in there!!! Have a super weekend!!

  2. Great shots with your cell phone! Excellent idea for a project too. I will have to call some buddies and take shots at the same time and compare.

    I’m not sure if we can find anything so awesome as a shark! What a surprise. I go to the beach always looking, but never seeing one. You go not looking for one, and see one. Awesome.

    1. Hi Wendy…I think there might be a lesson there!! I actually feel so blessed by the whole experience. ..and to have the shark photobomb is awesome. The crazy part is we were so mesmerized by seeing the shark in person that it never occurred to me to try to get a photo!!! And then he just sneaks in 🙂 Yes, these are the times that are divinely cherished…maybe I was rewarded for ditching the negative thought about the rain and clouds and BELIEVING there would be good things to capture! Yes…that is what I will believe!!

  3. A shark wow, sorry it bombed your photo but I think it is cool you got a shot of it. Those sunrise pictures are amazingly gorgeous! I never get to witness a sunrise because our home sits between mountains and lots and lots of trees. I thank you for sharing your sunrise in these terrific pictures. Hugs

    1. Hi Mags! Thank you! I hope you can feel the love and beautiful positive energy. I’m told it’s hard to find him…A little like where’s Waldo…? I am working on zooming him from the phone…but resolution is terrible. I may post him this way as an edit…or figure out how to put an arrow for reference. Hugs back to you!

    1. I added two photos to the post…One with an arrow for reference. ..and one that I zoomed on the phone but the resolution is poor. Thanks for looking…wish he was easier to see. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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