A “Hot Mess”

Hot Sauce...Hot Mess
Hot Sauce…Hot Mess

That’s hot sauce!  Crashed to the floor…glass and sauce spattered across my tiles.  The scary part is I immediately thought, “I need to take a photo of that…I can probably write a post about it!”

The other reason I took a photo is because I was really stumped as to how to clean it up.  I was so happy that the puppy was in his crate.  Poor baby would have gotten the surprise of his life if he had gotten into that!

This was not the first fall and crash on the tiles in this kitchen.  I was brought back to a time when what had fallen out of the grocery bag was olive oil…yuk!  While both proved equally icky to clean up, I had to marvel at the difference in my reaction to the mess.

Years ago my first reaction was self-abuse.  I called myself a stupid idiot and probably a few other choice words.  I was yelling and berating myself and was so full of anger.  I can remember that when I finally cooled down and thought about it, it actually scared me.  It was such an overreaction to what had happened that I knew something else had to be going on.

I remember when I realized that I continued to abuse myself long after I left the abusive relationships that had plagued me.  The beauty of being able to remember is that it means you are no longer doing it!

Yes, this time my reaction was, “Oh, look at that…it’s kind of cool.  Almost looks like an art project.”  Then I thought I should take a picture…and then I started to clean it up.  No harm, no foul.  Well, except for the fact that I needed the hot sauce for my recipe!

I truly am blessed and full of gratitude for the transformative healing that I have gone through.  It was hard work but completely worth the time, pain, and effort.

Sometimes it is the little things in life that shine a light on progress.  Who would think that my “hot mess” would show me mine?



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18 thoughts on “A “Hot Mess”

  1. I would have taken a picture too. I do it all the time. My kids think I’m crazy. LOL.
    So I guess I’ve come a long way too. Thank you for this post. <3

    1. Thanks Teela 🙂 It does make me laugh. And yes, you’ve come a long way…soooo happy for you too! It is good to guage that progress from time to time. Blessitude

  2. Your “Hot Mess” looks like a fine piece of art to me sweet Lorrie. And it had a purpose, glad you took the time to take the picture and share this great post. Hugs

    1. Hi Mags. I’m never really sure what a “hot mess” means nowadays…but I am thankful for mine! It is kind of funny to think of it as art…remember when people threw paint on a canvas…I can start a new art form crashing hot sauce on tiles! Thanks for always being there 🙂

  3. Oh, Lorrie, I have ‘been’ there. Like you, I used to get sooo upset. Not anymore. Life, I guess. Love your post today!

    1. Thanks so much Kim. It is a little sad that I wasted so many years in that energy. But I know that is how I got here, and I am so grateful for my life! 😀

  4. What a wonderful thing, Lorrie! Being able to feel such a difference and even look back and chuckle, is a blessing! And yes, that’s rather pretty, eh? Great post.

    1. I love the word “chuckle!” It is a really beautiful thing for which I am so grateful 🙂 I hate to say that I was a very results oriented personality…now its nice to just kind of notice and be happy with whatever the result is. And I wish YOU were the photographer of my pretty little art project!! Thanks Debi 🙂

      1. LOL! I’ve been through a lot of counseling to get my head on straight and know how much personal work that is involved. I say Good For You! You are doing great! 🙂

  5. I love how from this ‘middle ground’ our messes are really just creative expressions worth capturing so we can share their teachings — like you, I see how far I’ve come and am grateful for each step, and mess, on the journey.

    My daughters always say at our dinner gatherings…. watch out! You might just end up in my mom’s blog. 🙂

  6. Oh…”the middle ground”… I like it! Yes…it is a place to watch and to be present …to acknowledge everything…notice everything! Then we must realize that it is our energy that ultimately decides what we see there. Thanks Louise…I just love how you think! And yes, I feel I walk a fine line with what I can share about other people here …so far so good 🙂

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