The Soundless Voice


Can you hear me?

I am swirling in the white abyss of thoughts turned to words of expression

My lips move and I feel the vibrations pass my vocal chords

I hear my words reverberate into the air waves and I wait for recognition

I wait for you to take a break from your own thoughts long enough to indicate that the sounds of my voice have reached you

That the sounds of my voice actually mean something to you

That the sounds of my voice prove that I am part of the landscape of this moment

There are times when it makes me think that I am vapor hanging on to the fabric of the images in my mind

Something invisible to others but a part of itself

I turn inward and try not to feel alone

I turn inward and try not to feel abandoned

I turn inward and try not to cry

What do I gain by forcing my voice to those who are so busy listening to their own that they don’t even see me?

Must I be socially validated by being heard?

Are you there?

Maybe neither one of us are

Time to regroup and realize that you can’t validate my space in my mind

Is it possible that I can not hear myself?

Is it possible that I have created the lack of attention?

That I have created a voice that is not heard?





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10 thoughts on “The Soundless Voice

  1. Sadly people are becoming more and more self-absorbed. Everyone wants to be a celebrity in their own life. People use, abuse and lose, more than ever before. You know, I many times think, that we have got it all wrong, the time we have freed by not having to work so hard to find food, to keep clean, to cook, that time was supposed to help us turn inwards and explore ourselves, it was supposed to be used for spiritual development and growth, but instead, it has been turned outwards to the material world. People are so centered around gaining, that they have forgotten how to give. And with give I mean give for the sake of giving and not receiving. I think self-absorbed people are actually people how need to spend more time on themselves, on looking inwards and finding inner peace and self-love, because when we have that, when we are centered in love within, we do not have the same need for fame, for “likes” for status and all the outside things that make us successful in the eyes of the modern world. So many people today give only to receive, and love only to be loved. It is sad really. This time that the modern world with all its machines and fast-solutions, have given us, is being misused and abused. I just hope this shift of consciousness that we are seeing will happen fast, before it is too late. The world needs to change. You are not alone in feeling these things Lorrie, know that, you are not alone, and find companionship in kindred spirits, who will see you and listen to you, with genuine love and care. Lots of Love to you sweet Lorrie! Look for Joy always, and if you cannot find it, create it, even if you are alone 🙂

    1. Wiping the tears from my eyes Line. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy. For you always get right to the heart of my world. Yes, one hundred percent, I agree with all you have written. And I thank you for seeing and hearing me, even though we have never formally met. I understand that I don’t need validation from humans. And I know that I must first lose my insecurities and always come from a place of self love. But, yesterday was so strange. There was more than one occasion where I was speaking and people just spoke right over me…I am sure they did not mean to be rude…I believe everything you said in your response was correct…they are just so concerned with their own world that they probably didn’t even hear me. I am the one who turned it into insecurity. These people have been very patient with me through my healing and transformation. And while they support me, I am not certain they “see” things the same way…including me. While it may cause some sadness, it does not deter me from continuing on my path…the unfolding of my authentic self. I thank you so for your love and support. Blessitude 🙂

  2. Love the line” what do I gain by forcing my voice to those who are so busy listening to their own that they don’t even see me?”
    You ask some provocative questions. Communication can’t be one way, but who is responsible for making it two way? Why is it so tempting to keep trying when your position, voice, or plea isn’t being heard?

    Great post, it really has me thinking of situations in my life. Thanks!

    1. You bring up some great questions Wendy. In particular, the one about it being so tempting to keep trying. I have asked this question many times and have yet to realize the answer that fits. Thanks for adding Wendy…I appreciate your view. Blessitude

  3. I read this earlier and was interrupted before I could leave a comment. I could relate to so much of what you said sweet Lorrie, I have experienced these feelings a couple of times in the last week. I hope I am never guilty of not listening to someone that is speaking to me. It is hurtful to see that someone is not listening when you are talking directly to them. You really have a way with words, great talent. Hugs

    1. Hi Mags. I am sorry that you witnessed this first hand this week. It sure is not something that has a good feeling attached to it. And I love that you turned it around and thought about how you listen to other people. I’m with you…I try very hard to give someone my undivided attention when they are speaking to me. It’s just common courtesy. ..isn’t it?? Thank you so much for the very kind compliment 🙂 Lorrie

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