The Peace that Exists in My Mind

Tranquility Defined
Tranquility Defined

The angels sing the chorus

together they circle and sing with joy

I sing the parts in between

Oh yes, I walk in the life where anger and fear used to live

and I recognize how it happened

I walk along flowers that bloom along waterways filled with God’s creatures

I’ve been to the place where it lies stagnant and there is no movement

I walk along in this life and the beautiful gift of love is presented in a child’s smile, the wag of a puppy’s tail

I see the pain in others and I want to help them

I want to show them that the way to love is mapped out from their heart to their mind; from their mind to their heart

It is within their control to see the beautiful white light that holds the brilliant warmth of self-love


The angels sing harmony to the melody in my mind

All is good

All is balanced

I am free

I am love

I am the beautiful peace that exists in my mind

That is my world





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Once a broken soul who only reacted to what life handed me, I am now in charge of my life. Garden of Blessitude is a safe space to explore a past filled with pain and abuse. Read my words and let the healing energy touch you as I shine a light on the possibility of healing. Claim your power! You have the ability to overcome your past and finally live the life of your dreams. Go to the ASK◇SEEK◇KNOCK page (above) on the blog ( if you would like to go deeper in your own journey with me. Move from 'It's all wrong' toward 'It's all right,' and you will HEAL AND FREE YOUR SOUL!

13 thoughts on “The Peace that Exists in My Mind

  1. I just adore this poem Lorrie! You have this beautiful and honest way of expressing yourself, you don’t hide, you don’t try to cover up. There is an innocense in your writing that I love. It is so pure and heartfelt 🙂


  2. Hi dearest Line:) Thank you so much for always encouraging me. You light the path so others, myself included, can follow in love and in truth. Thank you for seeing me…my soul. For, you are correct, these words come through me and I have no desire to hide them…only to share them. You make me so happy that you are a part of my world 🙂 Much love and many blessings to you. Lorrie


  3. I read your poem and I feel as if I was meant to. Our energies feel in-line, I love the way you see the world and express your honesty in your writing. Sweet dreams earth angel and be well!


  4. Lorrie, when we experience that saving grace and freedom, we desire to be the light so others can see it and grasp it, too. The more seeds we plant, the more the Gardener is able to harvest. Bless you for the light you are. ❤


    1. Thank you Susan! Your words are so beautiful and your truth is so real. It excites me to think that I am planting seeds…wow! Thank you for brightening the light!! Blessitude


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