The Beauty of My Life


Jane and Art
Jane and Art

You can set it in front of me

I don’t have to partake

You can tell me it’s mine

I don’t have to take ownership

You can bring it into my house

I don’t have to accept it

You can tell me lies and made up stories

I don’t have to believe you

You can tell me it’s my fault

I don’t have to take blame

You can show me darkness

I can stay in the light

This is the beauty of my life


I have come to a place where I believe

the voice that comes from my soul…

the voice that lives in my heart…

the voice that connects me to spirit…

the voice that shows me the way…

the voice that has my back…

the voice that wants me to succeed…

the voice that believes in me…

the voice that protects me…nourishes me…fills me with love

This is the beauty of my life





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19 thoughts on “The Beauty of My Life

  1. Lovely poem. This reminds me of an analogy I heard Marianne Williamson say about how to deal with someone being unkind to you. She said, “If someone offers you a gift, and you define to accept it, who then does it belong to?” I am starting to feel like we are dating, haha. Have a great day!

    1. I am so glad I found both of your blogs and can follow the many insights your journeys have taken you on… I started my blog March 30th …only 5 weeks ago.. and I am so thrilled to connect to others in the light… Hear to Heart Robyn

      1. Hi Robin…welcome! So glad you stopped by. I am only a few months ahead of you in the blogging world and it has turned out to be an awesome venture. I am sure you will love it. It’s so great to connect with people who vibrate at your level. Blessitude 🙂

  2. Your poems are so full of strenght and wisdom Lorrie, they come from a deep and honest place, and they become fuel for those who are looking for self-love. You are inspiring so many with these powerful poems Lorrie! I feel so proud of you! I just want to give you a big loving hug! You have such a beautiful strong and loving Light around you, a light that is powerful in a very gentle and soft way! Just keep shining my dear sister, I can see your light all over here in Singapore!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Line! Thank you dear friend for your encouragement…you give the highest praise and I know it comes from your heart. I feel so good when these words come through me, and the fact that I can share them is such a blessing. Have a blast in Singapore…Line, you live and visit such exotic places…I hope they are all aware an angel is among them 🙂 Much love to you#

  3. Excellent poem, and so very true — we don’t own other people’s stories, and their negativity is their problem! Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been making an effort to keep this useful fact in mind, whenever my thoughts start to wander into a place where I don’t want them to be.

    1. Hi Di! Wow! That is a GREAT name. I love your message..yes, every young girl should have this in her head!! It’s funny, I didn’t really think know about it as strength…but for sure that is what it is. I like the sound of it..yes…The Sound of Strength!!! Blessitude…Lorrie

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