For Though the Trek is Hard

The Summit
The Summit

I have climbed the mountain

many years before

I saw pain and humiliation as others were not able to do what they set out to do

The journey was hard and the summit was high

Full of ferocious dangers

and yet full of enlightenment if one was able to reach it

The voice within whispered just put one foot in front of the other

get a solid footing and then reach

There were times I thought I might turn back

when the terrain became so hard

the best of the Sherpas were even afraid

I could sense it

I could smell it

But then in the sky up above

a divinely placed Angel beckoned me with her wings and her smile


“Come with me if you dare, for though the trek is hard and you are now afraid, you won’t believe what it is like when you get here.   It is more than you as a human could ever imagine and it is more than what you have read.  This is something you feel not to the skin of your body, but to the essence of your being – to the very soul that connects you to the universe…the stars…it connects you to creation.  Come if you want, for though the trek is hard and fearsome, the summit is divine.”


The sun struck a glistening ray to my eye and the beautiful one was gone

But once touched by her I have never felt alone again

Once touched by her I felt love in my soul and I banished the fear

I don’t think the others on our journey saw her but it did not matter

For she left her undeniable mark in the landscape of life

And her mark on me was so profound that all the others felt the shift in the energy

Climb on we did

And we had our share of struggles

And we had our share of pain

We even lost one or two to the questions in their own minds

But I was changed that day

And I continue to climb to the summit

I won’t say that I never have fear – it sneaks back in every once in a while

But I understand the journey now

and I know where I want to go

and I pick up my feet and I put one in front of the other

and I walk…

and I climb…

and I love…

and I am…





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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

24 thoughts on “For Though the Trek is Hard

  1. Hello Line!! I thought you were missing!! 🙂 I had trouble with my phone last weekend..beginning of week. I lost most of my contacts, which was upsetting (maybe it was ok to lose some of them…lol) but I use the phone a lot for my internet…I felt a little “lost.” So I hope you are back soon…the world needs your light!! Blessitude 🙂


  2. This is certainly an inspiring little story. Well done, Lorrie! 🙂
    “We even lost one or two to the questions in their own minds” My favorite line!

    Much unexpectedly, I lost a little brother almost two years ago now. Rich was but 46.
    He treks with me now, I feel. Earlier in the year, a vivid dream awakened me.
    Rich was standing beside me in my bathroom, and we were both looking in the mirror
    like we were getting ready to go somewhere casual. I turned to look at him beside me,
    and when I saw him that close, I guess I freaked, because it woke me up.

    Much luvz to you, girl! You’re a prize and a winner!


    1. Hi UT….that was one of my favorites too! Thank you for taking your time to read and comment 🙂

      I’m so sorry to hear about your brother…I can’t imagine that hurt …I could only guess at it. But I completely believe that your dream was a true visit from your brother. I have experienced these kind of “dreams” a few times so I know how astounding it can be. I wonder if you ever figured out what he was trying to reveal to you…because I believe when this happens there is a reason for it!

      I was in a very special place when I wrote this one…transformed in many ways…glad you enjoyed it. So happy we connected Keith!! Super blessed weekend 🙂


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