The Love Zone

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Oh how I love this day

The sun is a brilliant orb in the sky filled with smiles on Mother’s Earth

Delight in the beauty

Feel warmth on your skin

These are the days that will be memories tomorrow


Oh how I love this day

The sky is so blue

Makes a backdrop for birds to fly and be seen by those whose feet touch the ground

Look up and smile

See formations as they paint a picture in the sky


Oh how I love this day

People look so happy

Stuck in the grey of last week their hearts are renewed

They seek joy to make up for the black and white lack of technicolor

Flowers are happy

For they have been fed a constant stream of Mother’s liquid to quench their thirst

They burst with their color and they are strikingly beautiful


Oh how I love this day

I saw the first firefly of the season last night

Friday the 13th – during a strawberry moon

It made me remember some very happy times from childhood

So…Oh how I love this day

The day that I recognize the healing of my hurt soul

The day that I can remember the good – there was some – my heart just got mired in the depths of drama and pain


Oh how I love this day

I’m vibrating so high and my love is in full bloom

I am astounded by the beauty of life

So much so – that when I am attacked I am literally shocked!

And then I am so grateful because my energy was so high

Your words lowered it for sure

But I was still in the love zone!


Oh how I love this day

For I also realize that your assault had nothing to do with me

And everything to do with you

And so I will say a blessing that you can deal with the tortured part of your soul

And that you too will find healing.

Oh how I love this day!!


I wasn’t sure I was going to keep this ending to the poem.  But then I knew that it was truth and that the lesson I learned that day was important.  I was so happy and I was in the middle of writing this poem when someone I love literally attacked me with words (this is probably evident in the poem but I wanted you to know that it happened WHILE I was writing.)

It was disturbing to be taken out of the beautiful peace I was immersed in.  But I had a lightening bolt understanding that I believe, as fundamental as it is, will have lasting effects on my journey.

Life will always have an impact on us.  We can not always control the AMOUNT of the impact….but we can control WHERE WE ARE WHEN THE ASSAULT OCCURS.  What I mean is, in this particular instance I was in such a state of peace and beauty that when the unprovoked attack occurred my energy was lowered, but it did not send me to the depths of despair.

If my energy had been in a much lower state when the attack came, I would have been plunged into dark areas and the energy that comes from there is not anything I want to deal with any longer.

So the resolution of the conflict came much sooner…and much easier…because MY ENERGY wasn’t lowered to a place that matched my attacker.

Make sense?…  I hope so.

Moral to that story….Try to keep your energy in the highest zone possible…THE LOVE ZONE…every day…all day…Live a life of conscious awareness!



Poem written 6/14/14


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25 thoughts on “The Love Zone

  1. I so know what you mean Lorrie!! That energy level is so important! That is why we need to put so much effort into self-Love and creating happiness for ourselves. Finding that source of unconditional Love within, that will hold us up and prevent us from losing our way again 🙂 Beautifully written! 🙂

    1. Thanks Line…I know…I shouldn’t question what I write because it really does come from the heart! It’s just that darn doubt sneaks in every once in a while. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Line…you always add something beautiful and something positive here. It is so true…because when we are vibrating high with love we can impact people and hopefully raise their level! Much love to you <3 <3

  3. I love your term to be in the “Love Zone!” Yes, our energy and choices are important. I really like the practice of offering silent blessings to anyone and anything that is not what we think we want/ enjoy. It’s based on the teachings of Matt Kahn and the idea that spirit is bringing up energies to be blessed and released with love and blessings. Or like a Course in Miracles teaches, everything is either Love or a call for Love. blessings to you and the Love Zone Lorrie!

    1. Thanks Brad! I have not heard of Matt Kahn…but it sounds like I need to look him up! Offering silent blessings to things could never hurt and it seems could go a long way to freeing our resistance. I love what you added here Brad. And yes, ACIM, has taught me so much. Leaning in to the weekend I hope yours is blessed with many wonderful things 🙂

  4. The Love Zone! I love this expression Lorrie! And you are so right, we should repeat as many time as necessary “how I love this day”…and be grateful for it.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Much love to you 🙂

    1. Hello Dear Frédéric! ! Thank you!! I had originally titled the poem something else and after I typed it in and saw “the love zone” I knew I had to change it!! Yes…gratitude for each day…Blessitude!! Love right back to you dear friend! 🙂

      1. Thank you Lorrie. The energy of this beautiful gateway weekend started on Monday for me. Now I am truly flying beneath Love Wings.. Wishing you exactly the same if that is your wish. Pretty Hugs❤️

  5. I am utterly in LOVE with this! And can relate soo much! I feel that the devil can use our most precious treasures RIGHT when we are in the middle of a blessing. he (see how I won’t even capitalize ANY thing referring to him?) he is a snake that wants to slither into our moments of gratitude and rob us of them. But YOU didn’t let it happen! 🙂

    1. Yes Di! It was disconcerting for sure…and a couple of years ago I may have gone to the darkness. I’m so grateful for the things I’ve learned that allow me to stay in love!! 🙂

        1. I’m sure I’ll need them too 🙂 Have a great weekend! ! Glad to see you are immersed in your writing (even if you take little detours…I do the same!! 🙂 )

  6. I didn’t expect that ending, but when I read your explanation it all made sense! Very beautiful. Good for you not letting someone else drag you down!! Bravo!

  7. It is so encouraging in our spiritual journey when we realize acceptance and compassion of pain in such situations, rather than reactions of anger and retribution. Just the awareness of Love alone IS PRICELESS. Beautiful post.

    1. Oh Laurie…that is beautiful! ! And true. You put it so eloquently. And I love “just the awareness of love IS PRICELESS! ” Thank you ♡♡♡

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